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No matter how the old Count Longley thought of the people, unwilling to spend excessively, he was still a noble in the end and couldnt avoid certain things.

For example……having a large manor as a noble……

“Chairman Xu, please come in.” Count Longley warmly invited Xu Yi in, calling several servants to entertain the Frestech Chamber of Commerce members in the Magic Cars, “This manor isnt that good, so I hope chairman Xu doesnt mind.”

Xu Yi shook his head and said with a smile, “No matter what, this is better than camping outside, right” After pausing, Xu Yi softly added, “Not to mention that in this manor, I dont have to worry about encountering any danger.”

Count Longley stopped and looked at Xu Yi. After hesitating a bit, he looked around and signaled for Xu Yi to follow him.

The two came to a side hall alone and after the servants served hot tea, Count Longley waved them off. After being silent for a bit, he said in a deep voice, “Chairman Xu, the ones ambushed really were you last night”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Why do you say really”

“Because starting yesterday, I had been following your motorcade the entire time. In the end, in the morning, I saw some…..” Count Longley knit his brows, “Scenes that really makes one fill with regret……”

“Its just regret Xu Yi seriously looked at Count Longleys expression, trying to see if he was related to this matter at all.

Although Count Longleys expression was complicated, it was mostly helplessness and a bit of concern that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was attacked.

“Chairman Xu, I understand. You might suspect me because of Basaru Citys attitude before, but please believe me that I only feel deep regret and anger in this matter.” Count Longley paused before changing the topic, “Chairman Xu, your losses last night…..were they serious”

“Very serious.” Xu Yis face sunk as he revealed a bit of pain, “In the ambush last night, our company lost three loyal guards. I am very saddened and angry about this. When I return to Anvilmar City, I will definitely report this matter to the Royal Parliament and get proper compensation for those three guards.”

Count Longley was shocked, “You only lost three guards”

Xu Yi gave him a look of light warning, “Only Count Longley, in my opinion, all the guards are our companys precious employees, so even losing one is a loss we cant sustain.”

“Ah, no, chairman Xu, youve misunderstood, I didnt mean that. Only……” Count Longley waved his hand as he revealed a look of disbelief, “In that situation, you actually only lost three guards…..I have to say, your Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards really are strong.”

“What Count Longley, you know what happened last night”

Count Longley quickly shook his head, “No, no, I just calculated it based on the marks of battle I saw this morning. If Im not wrong, the ones that attacked you were a group of elite cavalry…..”

“Was this just your calculations” Xu Yi looked at Count Longley with a ghost of a smile.

Seeing Xu Yi always doubting him, Count Longley gave a helpless smile. He didnt know how to continue.

He didnt speak and Xu Yi also didnt speak, so the room fell into silence.

After a bit of awkwardness, Count Longley gave a cough and revealed a smile again as he asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, are you heading to Sowell City this time”

“Yes.” Xu Yi nodded.

“Last time I went to Sowell City and met Count Sean, he mentioned that he invited your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invest in Sowell City. If Im not wrong, your motorcade this time is related to this”

“Thats right.” Xu Yi put down his teacup. He looked at Count Longley and thought that if he took the initiative to ask this, could it be that his guesses were right and he had some special thoughts”

Count Longley hesitated a bit before asking, “Then chairman Xu, can you tell much how much your company is planning on investing in Sowell City”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile as he stretched out one finger, “Right now were planning on investing one million gold coins.”

“One million gold coins” Count Longleys eyes popped out, as his breathing became a bit fast. It seemed that even with his identity as a City Lord, he was shocked by this amount, “Its only in the beginning”

“Right, our final goal is to build a production base in Sowell City, treating it as our companys headquarters in the northeast. We will use it to trade in the northeast province and even the surrounding countries. One million gold coins is just the initial investment, with our final estimates, the investment should be no lower than five million gold coins.” Xu Yi said.

“Five million gold coins…..” Count Longley gave a soft sigh, as his tone was filled with shock and praise, “Chairman Xu, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce really is rich. This is just a single Sowell City and youre willing to invest five million gold coins already.”

Xu Yi said with a laugh, “I am a merchant, investments naturally are for earning money. I believe that investing five million gold coins in Sowell City will definitely earn more than five million back.”

“I believe that chairman Xu can definitely do it.” Count Longley nodded before asking, “But chairman Xu, can I ask another question”

“Please ask.”

“Your company has decided to invest five million in Sowell City. Although I believe that chairman Xu is capable of gaining more than you invested, where are you planning on investing this five million Can Sowell City develop as quickly as Banta City with your companys investments” Count Longley asked with a serious look.

“That isnt certain. A city being able to develop, other than needing investments, the most important thing is that the person making decisions is strong enough. Of course, when Count Sean was the City Lord of Banta City, I had a good experience cooperating with him. I believe that for Sowell City this time, we should be able to have another good cooperation. As long as we take care of a few details, Sowell City should be able to develop quickly.”

Hearing Xu Yis response, Count Longley fell into deep thought.

Although his expression didnt really change, based on the look changing in his eyes and his unconscious tapping of his finger on the table, it could be seen that his heart was filled with struggle.

After a while, when Xu Yis cup of tea had cooled down, Count Longley stopped tapping his finger. His eyes gradually became firm as he said to Xu Yi with a faint smile, “Chairman Xu, since you have passed by our Basaru City, can you stay an extra day and let me entertain a rare guest like you”

Xu Yi looked at Count Longley with a profound gaze, “Count Longley, it wouldnt be convenient for you to have me as a guest, right”

Count Longley revealed a faint smile, “Havent you already decided to be a guest, what is inconvenient about it Moreover, I have many things to consult with chairman Xu, so I hope that chairman Xu can stay for an extra day.”

Xu Yi pretended like he gave it thought. After thinking for a bit, he gave a nod, “Alright, since Count Longley is kind enough to invite me, me and my subordinates will disturb you for another day. As for consulting, Count Longley is too polite. You can discuss whatever you want with me freely.”

Count Longleys smile became even brighter, “Definitely.”



The beautiful amber jade bottle that was made by master Panda that was sold at the auction for thirteen thousand gold coins in Anvilmar City last time fell to the ground, shattering to pieces.

The surrounding servants were shocked, but they didnt dare reveal anything on their faces. They just lowered their heads, not even daring to breathe too loudly.

They knew that when Count Will was angry, it was best not to attract his attention or it would be hard to guess the consequences.

Lamarte Citys City Lord Manors clerk Levan knit his brows as he looked at the pieces on the ground. He waved his hand and it was like the servants were pardoned, as they quickly left the room.

Seeing the final servant close the door after leaving, Levan waited for a bit before saying to Count Will, “Lord Count, you should make your decision.”

“Decision Decide my butt!” Count Will angrily roared, “An ambush on the Frestech Chamber of Commerces motorcade on my territory They actually dared bring in those brats from the SacK Kingdom! Its clearly him trying to bring me down! That damn Michelle, this was definitely down by that old fox! I wont let this end!”

Levan tightly knit his brows. After thinking for a bit, he said with a sigh, “Lord City Lord, if this matter really was done by Count Michelle, I think we definitely wont be able to find any evidence. Moreover……” Levan gave a bitter laugh before continuing, “I suspect that it was the prince who instructed him to do this.”

“The prince instructed him” Count Will was stunned. After thinking about it, he revealed a cold glow in his eyes, “Why would his highness want to harm me What benefit is there to him”

“No, it is likely his highness ordered for the removal of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Count Michelle doing this in our Lamarte City was his own decision.” Levan made an analysis, “Count Michelle has always been trying to take the position of the leader of the northeast province from Lord City Lord, so if he could topple you through this matter, he would have achieved his goals. Even if he couldnt topple you, as long as the Royal Parliament became vigilant towards you over this matter, it would also achieve his goal.”

“In his dreams!” Count Will gave a cold snort. He walked in circles in deep thought for a bit before waving his hand at Levan.

Levan immediately came closer.

Count Will came to his ear and softly said, “Listen well, this time……”

After hearing Count Wills orders, Levan looked at him in shock.

If he really followed Count Wills orders, wouldnt it mean Lamarte City was completely breaking off relations with Dulaketon City

But seeing the dark look on Count Wills face and the fierce look in his eyes, Levan didnt dare say anything.

He knew that Count Will in this condition was at his most dangerous.

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