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“Then you just escaped like this”

Count Michelle narrowed his eyes as he looked at the two people in front of him who looked very distressed with burnt hair and a dangerous cold glow appeared in his eyes.

Magician Delars black magic robe had turned into several pieces of rags, but he didnt avoid Count Michelles look and couldnt help giving a cold snort.

“Count Michelle, the reason we became like this was all because your information was wrong. The Frestech Chamber of Commerces motorcade was hiding a weapon that surpassed our expectations and their chairman Xu isnt just a trivial Seventh Grade Magician. Im certain that he is at least a Ninth Grade Magician!”

Count Michelle gave a cold snort as he narrowed his eyes to look at magician Delar, “So what Are you accusing me”

Magician Delar was filled with rage and wanted to say something, but Everton on the side whose armour had been turned black by the Fire and Lightning Magic stopped him.

“No, Count Michelle, we didnt mean to blame you, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerces motorcade was indeed far beyond what we expected. I led an elite team of two hundred cavalry, but we couldnt even approach their camp. I think…..that this was not something you expected, right”

Count Michelle was silent for a bit before slowly nodding.

“Thats right, I also never thought that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces motorcade would be this terrifying.” Count Michelle looked at their sad appearances and knit his brows, “Youre saying that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed a new Magic Arrow And they can be launched consecutively with the Repeating Magic Crossbow”

Everton nodded, “Yes. Magician Delar could keep off the normal arrows by himself, but these Magic Arrows are a great threat to magicians. I think that even if Xu Yi didnt act, we wouldnt have been able to break through the defenses of these Magic Arrays and charged into the camp.”

“Magic Arrows……” Count Michell tapped his finger on the table. After thinking for a bit, he took a deep breath and stood up. He stretched his hand out towards the two of them, “Alright, magician Delar, general Everton, my information wasnt accurate enough this time and you suffered losses, causing you to be defeated. But through this, weve discovered the important information that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce secretly developed Magic Arrows. I think that commander Linear will attach great importance to this information, so I hope that you can tell him clearly once you head back.”

“Of course.”

Half an hour later, after this secret meeting was over, magician Delar and Everton left Count Michelles private manor outside Dulaketon City without a sound.

Watching those two leave into the darkness, Count Michelle tightly knit his brows and fell into though.

This wasnt his first time cooperating with the Sack Kingdoms Hungry Wolf Regiment, but Count Michelle knew the dangers hidden in this cooperation, so he was very cautious every time.

If it wasnt for the threat the Frestech Chamber of Commerce brought, Count Michelle wouldnt have chosen to use the Sack Kingdom to deal with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He secretly lured the Hungry Wolf Regiment to act and induced Count Will to intentionally keep the Frestech Chamber of Commerce outside the city, creating a good chance for a night attack.

According to Count Michelles thoughts, as long as he killed Xu Yi, he would get rid of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces core power. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce would naturally disintegrate and it would weaken the support of her highness Seveni, creating a heavy loss to the side supporting her highness Seveni. It would further reduce her threat towards his highness Eric.

Although Count Michelle also favoured the prospect of the magic machine industry advocated by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, right now he couldnt support them.

Rather even if he got rid of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, as long as his highness Eric received the throne, there would be the chance to develop the magic machine industry in the future.

But right now the strength the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had now far surpassed Count Michelles expectations.

According to magician Delars descriptions, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only had fifty guards, but they had forcefully opened magician Delars Deep Blue Barrier with their Magic Repeating Crossbows.

What shocked Count Michelle even more was that with the newly developed Magic Arrows, normal guards could force back a powerful Eighth Grade Magician like Delar, forcing him to escape.

If they compared the strength of the two sides, it would be the well equipped and well trained two hundred cavalry from the Hungry Wolf Regiment with an Eighth Grade Magician against the fifty normal guards from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, with Xu Yi whose strength was unknown, but Delar said that he was at least a powerful Ninth Grade Magician.

If the magicians cancelled each other out, there was no doubt that the Hungry Wolf Regiment who launched a sneak attack was stronger.

But other than taking care of three guards in charge of scouting in the beginning, they didnt even touch the Frestech Chamber of Commerces motorcade. As for their two hundred cavalry, not a single one escaped other than the powerful magician Delar and Everton.

The result in the end made Count Michelle have to reassess the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

To most people, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had used the new magic machines to earn quite a bit of money, but their backing and strength couldnt compare to the old companies of the kingdom.

But through tonights surprise attack, Count Michelle found that while the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have the same background as those old companies, their strength couldnt be underestimated.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce could develop these Magic Arrows that could even threaten a powerful magician, if they were given time to develop, what other kinds of new things would they develop

Thinking of this, Count Michelle suddenly realized that his assessment of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a bit wrong.

This company that always created miracles, it might not be a small company he could take out at any time like he had thought.

Count Michelle fell into thought before taking a piece of paper and started writing a letter.

“Dear, your highness Eric, when it comes to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I have a new suggestion…..”


The next morning, everyone crawled out of their tents as soon as the sun came up.

There was no need for Xu Yi to give the order, everyone quickly put away their stuff and ate a few dry rations. Then they packed onto the Magic Cars and sped off towards Sowell City.

After what happened last night, no one was willing to stay here any longer.

In this unfamiliar place, perhaps they could only feel safe in Count Seans territory.

When the motorcade set off, Hart chose five guards to escort the three prisoners from yesterday. They would be driving a cargo Magic Car back to Banta City based on the old route.

According to Xu Yis orders, they wouldnt stop at any city on the way and would try to remain as secretive as possible. They would return to Banta City as quickly as possible to report what happened yesterday to her highness Seveni.

Xu Yi was worried that the three captives would cause trouble on the way, but Isos gave each of the three prisoners a bowl of medicine. The three prisoners fell asleep like they were dead, making it impossible for them to move, so it made Hart and the others much more relaxed.

After the motorcade split, Xu Yi led the Magic Cars along the road at their maximum speed, using only the morning to leave Lamarte City and return to the cement road once again.

What surprised Xu Yi was that after driving on the road for two hours, they suddenly discovered a break in the road in front of them.

Although the road looked spacious, it was an old road made of dirt and crushed stones.

Although this road looked rough, it was considered smooth and the condition of the road wasnt bad. But the sudden split between concrete road and dirt road had really surprised Xu Yi.

“I know, this should be because we entered Basaru City.” A human researcher from the magic machine development center was a native of a northeastern city. Seeing that Xu Yi was confused, he explained, “Basaru City is the poorest city in the northeast.”

“They cant even afford to build a road” Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice.

“This…..If they really want to build it, they should be able to build it.” This researcher said in a somewhat sad voice, “But the old Basaru City City Lord had a very good reputation. Its said he wasnt willing to increase the burden on his people to build roads, so he refused to gather capital to build roads like the other cities.”

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows. This decision could be considered caring for the citizens from the viewpoint of the citizens, but it was very dumb when it came to the viewpoint of the City Lord.

This road would cost a few hundred gold coins at most. Although it would bring some financial burden to the city, once the road was finished, the income to the city would far surpass the investment.

The best examples were the cities around Banta City. Based on the long run, this investment was very effective no matter how one looked at it.

This Count Longley had such short vision, Xu Yi looked down on him.

“Right, you saidold City Lord That means that Basaru City has a new City Lord” Xu Yi noticed something.

“Un, actually the old City Lord is the old Count Longley. He passed away at the beginning of the year because of his illness and now his son has inherited his title as a Count and as the City Lord.”

“Its like this……” Xu Yi nodded. He thought of information he received on the three northeastern cities that supported his highness Eric. They were Lamarte City which they had been blocked out of yesterday, this Basaru City in front of them, and Dulaketon City.

If the old Count Longley that supported his highness Eric had already passed, then would the young Count Longley who inherited his title and his position as the City Lord change his attitude

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