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Xu Yi jumped up and rushed out of the tent.

There were the sounds of horse hooves coming from the wild in the northwest which reverberated through the camp, waking up everyone who had already fallen asleep.

The guards that were in charge of the night shift showed the efficiency of their daily training. They immediately reacted and put on their equipment, gathering to form defenses around the camp.

There was Harts shouts from the camp. He ran over and saluted Xu Yi before saying in a deep voice, “Sir chairman, theres an enemy trying to sneak attack us.”

Seeing the calm look on Harts face, Xu Yi said with a nod, “You can take care of the defenses, I wont meddle with it. If you need me to do something, you can tell me.”

Hart looked at Xu Yi in surprise, but then he remembered that sir chairman was actually a High Grade Magician.

For guards, if they could have a High Grade Magician, it would greatly increase their battle strength.

But because of Xu Yis identity as the chairman, Hart had always neglected having Xu Yi fight, making him forget Xu Yis identity as a magician.

After hesitating a bit, Hart said with a serious look, “Since its like this, sir chairman, I hope that you can join in at any moment.”

Watching Hart leave after he was finished, Xu Yi slightly knit his brows.

Hart didnt reject having him participate, which meant that the situation wasnt good.

“Chairman, are there enemies ambushing us” Cambys voice came from behind Xu Yi, “Who dares to attack our Frestech Chamber of Commerce Are they courting death”

Xu Yi turned back and found that Camby and the dwarves didnt look worried at all, rather they looked quite excited. He couldnt help smiling at this.

These dwarves, they really were worthy of being called the “battle race” by the other races of the Sines Continent.

But these dwarves were the magic mechanical engineers of the magic machine development center, so they could be considered treasures of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Even if Xu Yi believed that they were very strong, he didnt dare make them take the risk of entering the battlefield.

After thinking for a bit, Xu Yi stopped the eager Camby and the others. He made them stay in the camp with the other staff who couldnt fight before he walked out of the camp.

Although they were rushed when pitching the camp, Hart and the other guards had used the surrounding Magic Cars to make a small barricade. Currently they were gathered behind this crude fortification and focusing on the direction of the horse hooves.

“What is the situation” Xu Yi came over and focused on where the sound came from, but it was all dark and he couldnt see a thing.

“The situation isnt too good.” Compared to earlier, Harts current expression was even more serious, “The three guards I sent in that direction havent come back yet, I can only assume that the situation is worse. Based on the horse hooves, there are at least two hundred riders attacking us.”

“Two hundred riders” Xu Yi deeply knit his brows, “With so many mounts, they definitely arent normal bandits.

Hart nodded. He looked at Xu Yi and hesitated to speak.

Xu Yi patted his shoulder, “Well talk later. First lets deal with this, otherwise it might become a problem whether well survive this or not.”


Hart gave a heavy nod. He looked at the trees near the camp and shouted, “Isos, what is the situation”

With the rustle of leaves, an elven guard jumped down and nodded at Xu Yi, but his expression was also serious.

“Theyre within four hundred meters.”

“Very good, they are in our firing range. Theres no need to greet them, everyone prepare your bows!”

Hart gave an order and the guards all touched their Magic Repeating Crossbows.


Harts right hand heavily fell and the sounds of arrows flying through the air sounded by Xu Yis ear.

After a while, countless arrows filled the dark night and the pitiful screams came as humans and horses fell to the ground.

Xu Yi had provided the Magic Repeating Crossbow to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards in the beginning of the year, using the new improved Magic Repeating Crossbow. Not only did it fire much faster, there were more arrows stored in the chest, so it shot close to 30% more arrows compared to the previous Magic Repeating Crossbows.

Although there were only forty guards right now, with each person holding a Magic Repeating Crossbow, they were shooting even faster than five hundred archers in the royal army.

The continuous arrows filled the darkness and the sounds of people and horses crying came out, it was clear that the enemies had been seriously injured.

When Xu Yi though that the enemies might not even reach the camp if it continued like this, there was a pale blue light that came from the darkness in front and created a semicircle in the wild.

“Deep Blue Barrier”

Seeing this light blue barrier, Xu Yi was surprised.

This light blue barrier was the Eighth Grade Water Spell Deep Blue Barrier!

This meant that the enemies attacking them actually had a High Grade Magician that could use Eighth Grade Spells

The rain of arrows slammed down on this light blue barrier and like a wall keeping out water, they just created ripples on the barrier, but they couldnt penetrate it at all, falling down outside the barrier.

Seeing this scene, Harts face sunk. He turned to Xu Yi and after hesitating a bit, he said, “Sir chairman, it seems like we need you to make a move.”

Xu Yi looked at the enemy cavalry that was clearly illuminated under the light barrier and he found that there were over a hundred riders that had survived, instantly knitting his brows.

Such a large cavalry unit, they definitely werent normal bandits, they seemed more like a proper army.

Even based on their complete equipment and their uniformed motions, it seemed like they had undertaken coordination training. Even the normal city guards couldnt compare to them.

Where did these fellows come from Why did they launch a sudden ambush on the Frestech Chamber of Commerces motorcade at night

However, it wasnt the time to think about this. Hearing Harts request, Xu Yi shook his head, “Its not the best time for me to make a move yet. Hart, change and use the Magic Arrow Boxes.”

Harts eyes popped out, “It cant be, right Sir chairman, were really using them”

“Nonsense, if we dont use them now, should we leave them for our children” Xu Yi refuted.

Hart swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty before giving a hand signal to the surrounding guards.

The guards had looks of disbelief as they looked at each other. After hesitating, they changed the arrow boxes of their Magic Repeating Crossbows, changing to an arrow box that seemed very special.

Seeing that the guards had all changed them, Hart looked at Xu Yi with a difficult look.

“Sir chairman, are we really using them”

“Stop wasting words, cant you see that the enemies are already this close” Xu Yi pointed at the cavalry that had slowed down under the Deep Blue Barrier.


Hart looked at the enemies who werent far away and took a deep breath before shouting, “Fire!”

It was different from when the sky was filled with countless arrows. Although the firing of the arrows were still grating to the ears, it was much softer, like it had suddenly become more gentle.

Moreover, when these arrows crossed the sky, there were red lines behind them, like there were tails behind each arrow.

The Magic Repeating Crossbows kept firing countless arrows into the sky, instantly filling it with countless fine fire red lines that lit up the entire sky.


When the first arrow hit the blue light barrier, it didnt bounce off like those other arrows and directly exploded.

With the flash of red light, a deafening explosion sound rang into the wilderness.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong, hong……”

Following the first arrow, countless arrows hit the light barrier and created countless powerful explosions.

The light blue barrier rippled under the countless explosions and it continued to dim, as if the light barrier became much less unstable, like it would disappear at any moment.

But after a while, the light barrier stabilized again. It became even brighter as it covered the cavalry once again.

“Hei, this fellow is quite strong.” Xu Yi gave a cold laugh before saying to Hart, “Keep firing, I want to see how long he can last.”

Hart gave a bitter laugh, “Sir chairman, why bother Didnt you tell us last time that a single Flame Magic Arrow costs thirty silver coins and to have us use them sparingly But weve already fired over forty Flame Magic Arrow boxes, which is close to eight hundred Flame Magic Arrays. The total costs…..is around two hundred and forty gold coins!”

“Oh, thats not considered much. If you can take care of a magician with only two hundred gold coins, I think thats rather cheap.” Xu Yi said in an uncaring voice, “Alright, stop talking and just keep firing. Could it be that you want those fellows to charge into the camp Dont forget, the things in the camp are more expensive. If they charge into the camp, the cost will be more than ten times two hundred and forty gold coins.”

“But sir chairman, you can clearly make a move and take care of that magician, that way it would be no problem for us to take care of the cavalry. Why do we need to waste this much money”

“First, if I can not make a move, of course I wont make my move. Being able to solve problems with money, why would I personally do it” Xu Yi looked at the cavalry that was a hundred meters away and said with a cold laugh, “Second, this is to give certain people a warning. I want to tell them that the power of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has already surpassed their expectations.”

Hart knit his brows, “Sir chairman, shouldnt we keep this matter a secret”

Xu Yi laughed, “You dont understand. Even if its something like this, it also needs to be advertised.”

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