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As an Eighth Grade Magician, it was the fundamental requirement to grasp High Grade Spells.

Because he studied magic machines, Xu Yi excelled in Wind Magic, so what he demonstrated to Great Magician Telucci was the high grade version of Wind Magic, Lightning Magic.

Lightning Magics essence was speed.

Not only was the magic as fast as lightning, it also increased the speed of the spell.

To pass the Eighth Grade Exam, one had to display an Eighth Grade Lightning Spell without any hindrances at all.

Not only did Xu Yi demonstrate the “Chain Lightning Spell”, the “Explosive Thunder Spell”, and the “Purgatory Lightning Net” in front of everyone, his speed was incredibly quick and he didnt pause at all in the middle.

Seeing him demonstrate these three spells, the surrounding magicians all had shocked and natural looks on their faces.

They were shocked because Xu Yi had such good control of Eighth Grade Lightning Spells. They were natural because Xu Yi was at the Eight Grade like everyone had guessed.

Only Bucares was stunned looking at Xu Yi, only showing shock on his face.

This young kid that didnt seem like a magician was actually an Eighth Grade Magician!

Bucares was fifty two this year and he didnt have confidence that he would pass the Eighth Grade exam this year.

Compared to Xu Yi, he was simply living like a dog at his old age!

Thinking of this, Bucares gave a sigh and silently left the crowd. He was prepared to depart while no one noticed him.

But Xu Yi had already noticed him. Seeing that he was leaving, he loudly called out to stop him.

With Xu Yis call, the other magicians noticed what Bucares was doing and understood what he was thinking.

Thinking of everything Bucares had said, the other magicians immediately began taunting him without any mercy.

Bucares was dejected, but he didnt have the mood to refute them. He looked at Xu Yi and shook his head, preparing to leave without caring about anything.

Xu Yi pulled him back.

“Magician Bucares, its hard to make this trip. If you go back now, wouldnt you be wasting this chance” Xu Yi said.

Bucares saw the honest expression on Xu Yis face and thought that after this fellow acted as a magician for too long, did his acting become this good

Could it be that he didnt know that the reason he was suffering today was because of him

“Its embarrassing to stay here, let it be a wasted chance.” Bucares shook his head. He waved his arm, wanting to throw Xu Yi off.

Xu Yi firmly held his arm and wasnt willing to let go. He even took a step forward and said in a low voice, “Its fine if you waste your own chance, but do you want to waste the chance of the Mirando Duchy”

Bucares looked at Xu Yi with a stunned look.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “After the exam, I want to have a talk with you. Im very interested in the Mirando Duchy. If possible, perhaps our company can cooperate with the Mirando Duchy, changing the lives of the citizens living there.”

Bucares looked over Xu Yi with knit brows. He really couldnt see any fakeness in his actions, so he turned around after hesitating a bit.

Seeing that he changed his idea, Xu Yi let go of his arm with a smile.

Xu Yi and Bucares had been talking in a low voice and Xu Yi had used Wind Magic to form an insulating barrier, so the magicians around naturally couldnt hear what they said. They just saw that Bucares had changed his mind after Xu Yi had said a few words, deciding to stay at the exam, so they couldnt help expressing their admiration.

Because Xu Yi had kept Bucares here, the other magicians couldnt just keep insulting him, so the exam proceeded very smoothly.

After half an hour, everyone finished their exams. Bucares wasnt very familiar with the three Eighth Grade Spells he used, but Great Magician Telucci gave him a “barely passed” grade, allowing him to pass the exam. Bucares mood became much better and when he talked to Xu Yi, it was his first time revealing a smile.

“Chairman Xu, I just talked to a few other magicians and understand a bit more about your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. I have to say that Im sorry, I underestimated your company before.” Bucares said in a sincere voice.

Xu Yi was a bit surprised, but he quickly waved his hand, “This isnt anything big, theres no need to worry.”

Bucares nodded before asking, “But chairman Xu, although based on the introductions of others, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce really is capable of changing the lives of the people of our Mirando Duchy, I still have a question. Since you are a merchant, you must be trying to gain some benefit from our Mirando Duchy, right But our duchy is very small and doesnt have anything special, what benefits will you be gaining”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Everybody and every place has their special value, just no one has noticed it yet. Perhaps the Mirando Duchy has no value to other people, but I know that the Mirando Duchy has a very unique precious resource.”

“Really” Bucares looked at Xu Yi with a confused gaze, “Ive lived in the Mirando Duchy for over fifty years, why have I never heard of this before”

“That is because no one noticed it before.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “But from the various samples brought to me by the caravans that came from the Mirando Duchy, Ive found this precious resource, which gave me the idea of cooperating with the Mirando Duchy, but I never had a chance before. Now that magician Bucares has appeared, you have granted me this opportunity.”

“What does that mean” Bucares knit his brows, “Im not the duke, I cant decide anything in the Mirando Duchy, theres no use in finding me. If you want to cooperate with the duchy, you should just find the duke. I think that the duke should welcome you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Those words are correct, but it is very important to have a breakthrough point. Magician Bucares, you are the most outstanding magician in the Mirando Duchy, this is the most appropriate breakthrough point.”

“I still dont understand what you mean, I dont know anything about business.” Bucares shook his head, “But if you want to contract our duchys duke through me, I would be glad to help you.”

“That is enough.” Xu Yi paused before pointing at Bucares, “Other than this rare resource, magician Bucares, you are also a kind of very precious resource.”

Bucares knit his brows, feeling a bit unhappy, “Chairman Xu, I dont like this kind of joke.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Alright, I wont kid. Magician Bucares, with my identity as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invite you to work for our magic research facility. May I ask if youre willing to accept”

“Ah” Bucares looked at Xu Yi in a daze.

“You just said that the level of magic in our Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines werent that great, right Then with your strength as an Eighth Grade Magician, you must have some other ideas. So I want to invite you to our company, helping our researchers conduct relevant magic machine research.”

Bucares face turned red, “Chairman Xu, youre still bearing a grudge”

“No, no, no, Im sincerely inviting you.” Xu Yi quickly shook his head, “For a magician as strong as you, our company is always needing people like you. If you dont believe me, I can sign a contract with you now.”

Bucares looked over Xu Yi doubtfully. After thinking about it, he hesitantly asked, “That……I heard that your Frestech Chamber of Commerces researchers have high wages……”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “If you choose to work for our company, I think that with your strength, you will quickly become a senior researcher. At that time, your monthly wage wouldnt be less than fifty gold coins.”

“Fifty gold coins!” Bucares eyes popped out. After taking a deep breath, he calmed down and gave a slow nod, “Alright, I will seriously consider it.”

Watching Bucares leave with his head down in deep thought, Xu Yi revealed a smile.

Based on Bucares reaction, he definitely must have been moved by the monthly wage.

If he really decided to join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi would naturally be very happy.

In the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility, other than Great Magician Camilla who was in charge, the strongest researcher was only a Seventh Grade Magician. Most of the other magicians were Fourth or Fifth Grade Magicians like Evita or Akali.

There was a large gap between them and Great Magician Camilla, so this made many projects hard to assign.

When things were related to high grade Magic Arrays, only Great Magician Camilla could study them. But no matter how strong he was, his time was limited, so it was impossible for him to finish many projects at once.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was planning on developing large magic machines, they needed to research high grade Magic Arrays, so now the research power of the magic research facility was a bit weak.

If Bucares joined the magic research facility, it would definitely fill this space.

The more important thing was that Bucares was a sign, attracting other magicians who were close to becoming a Great Magician to join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Thinking of how he talked to the other High Grade magicians and they all rejected him when he invited them. Then thinking of how moved Bucares was, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling emotional.

Just how poor was the Mirando Duchy that an Eighth Grade Magician like Bucares was moved by a wage of only fifty gold coins a month……

If the Mirando Duchy understood the value of the resources they had, they definitely wouldnt have become this poor.

Because this previous resource was even rare on earth, they were called rare earth elements.

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