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Volume 3 Great Magician Camilla watched as Great Magician Telucci disappeared into the dark before giving a sigh and shaking his head.

“Ive known Telucci all these years and only today did I learn that he came from Caraska Island, while also shouldering the pressure of supporting everyone on the island. This really is……”

Xu Yi looked at Great Magician Camilla who didnt know what to say. He thought that even the conservative Great Magician Camilla wouldnt approve of Great Magician Teluccis approach.

Even if the idea of changing the living conditions of his hometown wasnt wrong, to Xu Yi, Great Magician Telucci using the approach of gold coins was wrong. He was even a bit too naive.

Xu Yi deeply understood that if one wanted to change a persons life, first you had to change their thoughts. Directly giving them money could change them for a while, but it was the most inefficient method for changing people.

So after an in depth talk with Great Magician Telucci, Xu Yi completely denied Great Magician Teluccis idea of sending forty to fifty thousand gold coins back a year.

Although to Xu Yi, Great Magician Telucci was worth forty to fifty thousand or even more, it was fine for him to give this money to Great Magician Telucci, but giving it to the lazy people of Caraska Island was not something Xu Yi could do.

But Great Magician Telucci indicated that as long as Xu Yi could help him solve this problem, he wouldnt need to give him a single cent and he would happily join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If he couldnt he could only find help elsewhere.

Xu Yi naturally would let a chance to recruit a Great Magician go, so he made a proposition to Great Magician Telucci. He would find some time to make an inspection of Caraska Island and determine how to invest to improve the living conditions there.

Before this, Xu Yi would first donate some daily necessities to Caraska Island in the name of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, improving their living conditions temporarily.

Great Magician Telucci happily accepted this proposition and he said that he would seriously consider working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As for the final decision, it would depend on if Xu Yi could accomplish his goal.

“Actually……Xu Yi, although Telucci is a Great Magician, for you to do so much for him, I feel it isnt worth it.” Great Magician Camilla suddenly said this.

Xu Yi looked at him and laughed, “What Grandfather, are you jealous”

Great Magician Camilla glared at Xu Yi, “What am I jealous of”

“Jealous that I dont as much for you as I do for him.”

“Pei! You are Stills husband, we are a family, do you still need to say things like this I just feel…..even if you can recruit a Great Magician, it wouldnt help to increase the level of magic research of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce by that much, right

“No, it would greatly help.” Xu Yi shook his head, “When our company makes more and more magic machines, there will be more and more projects to study. Grandfather, you cant take care of all these projects, right”

Great Magician Camilla gave a cold snort, “That is because it is too low level and I dont care about them.”

Xu Yi laughed and ignored Great Magician Camillas forceful boasts as he continued, “No matter what, another Great Magician level researcher is always good. At least it will let others know that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has recruited two Great Magicians. I think that like this, our company will have a great attraction to other magicians.”

“Nonsense. If you can recruit all five Great Magicians in the Lampuri Kingdom into our company, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will not only be the largest company in the Lampuri Kingdom, it would also be first class on the Sines Continent.”

“Hei, hei, if this was possible, I would even recruit several Arch Magi. Grandfather, do you know any Arch Magi Can you introduce me to them” Xu Yi said with a greedy look.

Great Magician Camilla rolled his eyes at Xu Yi, “Stop dreaming. Any Arch Magus is an important character in their country. Such an important person, how could they work for a company”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, knowing in his heart that this was wishful thinking.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce being able to recruit Great Magician Camilla was because of Still, otherwise why would Great Magician Camilla choose to join a weak company like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Now that there was a chance to recruit Great Magician Telucci, Xu Yi naturally would do his best not to miss this opportunity.

After Great Magician Camilla left, Xu Yi thought for a bit before heading to meet the representatives from the two companies and the West Hack Kingdom.

As he expected, the representatives of the two companies were here to discuss transferring technology with him.

These two companies were small companies and they couldnt swallow the technology alone, so the two wanted to work together to buy the technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They had come to ask Xu Yi if this was feasible.

Naturally Xu Yi didnt reject them. Instead he told them that selling the technology was to release it, making the companies in the Lampuri Kingdom interested in magic machines, further promoting the creation of the magic machine industry of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Making money was secondary. Anyway, these two companies working with each other wasnt related to him, as long as they could bring enough gold coins to buy the technology, it was enough.

As for how they would divide the benefits after receiving the technology, that wasnt related to Xu Yi.

As for the guests from the West Hack Kingdom, they were here on behalf of the West Hack Kingdoms ambassador in the Lampuri Kingdom to invite Xu Yi. They were inviting him to a feast at the West Hack Kingdoms embassy tomorrow evening, it was an invitation that personally came from the West Hack Kingdoms ambassador.

It was different from Banta City, Xu Yi didnt reject this invitation and said that he would be there on time, politely sending off the guests from the embassy.

It was already night time when he finished meeting these two groups of guests. After sending off the guests from the West Hack Kingdom, he talked to Housekeeper Lahm before coming to a small room in the residence.

Seeing the guest from the Stantine Duchy who had waited patiently, Xu Yi asked, “Anklo had you come”

That person didnt say anything and vigilantly looked at Xu Yi.

“You are quite discrete, it seems like Anklo at least has a bit of strength.” Xu Yi smiled. He took out the half jade pendant from his chest and put it with the half jade pendant Housekeeper Lahm gave him, perfectly coming together.

Seeing this, that person became a bit less vigilant and said with a nod, “Yes, chairman Xu, sir Anklo sent me to bring you some news.”

“Hes finally prepared to take action” Xu Yi asked.

“Yes, but sir Anklo said that he still needs chairman Xus help.”

“Oh It isnt that I cant help him, but did he say what he would give me in return”

“Sir Anklo said that as long as youre willing to help him, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can enjoy any kind of privilege in the Stantine Duchy in the future.”

“This repayment is too vague.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “But you can tell Anklo for me that Im willing to go all in to support his actions in the Stantine Duchy because he is the only hope for the Stantine Duchy. To our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, working with a smart person is much better than a group of greedy insects.”

“Good, I will pass these words to Sir Anklo.”

“Alright, then tell me, what help does Anklo need”

“Mainly weapons. Sir Anklo said that he hopes that he can buy some special uniform alloy weapons from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“He is quite anxious.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Alright, no problem. Anything else”

“Sir Anklo said that if you could provide some Magic Trebuchets or military magic machines, he would be deeply grateful.”

“Military magic machines” Xu Yi knit his brows and pinched his forehead. After seriously considering it, he shook his head, “I cant agree to this for now. Tell him that weapons arent a problem, but there are too many factors related to the military magic machines, I cant just give them to him.”

The person had a disappointed look, but he wasnt willing to give up, “Sir Anklo said that if you agree to this request, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce will receive greater benefits in the Stantine Duchy in the future.”

Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “Tell him that well discuss this when he can speak for the Stantine Duchy. As for right now, theres no need to consider this.”

The person was silent before giving a slow nod.

“Chairman Xu, sir Anklo also hopes that you can make a trip to the Stantine Duchy to discuss this with him. There are many things that arent convenient for me to say.”

“This isnt a problem. Tell him that Ill make a trip to the Stantine Duchy in the later half of the year.”


After talking about a few things with Xu Yi, the person immediately said goodbye to Xu Yi.

When he opened the door, Xu Yi called out to him.

“Theres something you need to tell Anklo for me.”

“Please speak.”

“Tell Anklo that since hes made up his mind, he cant hesitate at all. Otherwise, the one that will be harmed isnt him, but rather the entire Stantine Duchy.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

That person narrowed his eyes and looked at Xu Yi for a while before slowly nodding, “Sir Anklo already knows this.”

“Thats good. Give my blessings to him, I hope that he can accomplish his dream.”

“Thank you.”

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