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Xu Yi and Great Magician Camilla were surprised at the same time.

Great Magician Camilla looked at Great Magician Telucci in surprise before he couldnt help saying with a smile, “Hey, Telucci, I always thought that you were the one who cared the least about money among us old fogies, but I never thought that you would change so much and care about money more than me! Ten thousand gold coins a year isnt enough for you Then how much do you want”

Seeing Great Magician Teluccis embarrassed and ashamed appearance, Xu Yi shook his head at Great Magician Camilla. He turned and spoke to Great Magician Telucci in a very calm voice, “Im afraid that I can only say sorry. Our company has strict rules on our wages, so it cant be increased at will. Moreover, you have just joined our company, so if your wage is higher than Great Magician Camillas, we cant really say anything.”

Great Magician Telucci gave a sigh before nodding, “I understand, I was being too greedy.”

Great Magician Camilla knit his brows and said, “I say, Telucci, what problems did you encounter You need money this badly”

“Its a long story.” Great Magician Telucci shook his head and stood up, “Ten thousand a year is far from being enough and since Xu Yi cant give me a higher wage, I can only think of another solution.”

Seeing that Great Magician Telucci was about to leave, Xu Yin quickly stood up and stopped him.

“Your excellency Great Magician, if you have a problem that requires a large amount of money to solve, I think that I can help you. How about you tell me what kind of problem you have and let me think about how to solve it for you” Xu Yi sincerely said.

“Its no use.” Great Magician Telucci gave a long sigh, “That place is a bottomless hole, I cant just keep borrowing money from you, right Moreover, I might not even be able to repay you.”

“That isnt certain. If youre willing to become a researcher of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and you develop some excellent technology, the bonuses wouldnt be lacking.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

“No matter how much the bonus is, it cant be forty to fifty thousand gold coins a year, right” Great Magician Telucci gave a bitter laugh.

“Forty to fifty thousand”

Xu Yi knit his brows. After exchanging a look with Great Magician Camilla, he fell into thought before saying to Great Magician Telucci with a serious look, “Your excellency Great Magician, if you need forty to fifty thousand in funds each year, I think you should sit down and discuss this matter with me. Perhaps Im not skilled in other aspects, but when it comes to earning money……I think that no other magician in the Lampuri Kingdom can compare to me, right Even Great Magician Eisenkel cant compare.”

“Right, I always said that this kid Xu Yi was talented in magic, but compared to his ability to earn money, his talent for magic is nothing.” Great Magician Camilla supported him, “If his power to earn money was similar to his talent in magic, I can guarantee that this kid will become a Great Magician in the future!”

Great Magician Telucci looked at Great Magician Camilla before looking at Xu Yi and after considering it, he sat back down.

“Xu Yi, I suddenly remembered that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has been investing in different parts of the kingdom during this time, right”

“Thats right.” Xu Yi nodded, looking a bit surprised, “I never thought that you would care about this matter.”

“Thats no other way, Ive been racking my brain on how to earn money during this time.” Great Magician Telucci gave a self deprecating laugh, “Xu Yi, if I invited your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invest in a location, can you guarantee that you can help the people there earn forty or fifty thousand gold coins a year”

Xu Yi knit his brows, “That depends on what place youre talking about. If its a wild place without a single thing, even with my abilities, I wouldnt be able to do anything.”

Great Magician Telucci said with a bitter laugh, “Thats right, the place Im talking about is no different from the wilderness. Caraska Island, have you heard of this place before”

“Caraska Island” Xu Yi thought about it, “Isnt it an island that isnt far off the west coast of the Black Rice Wasteland Isnt it filled with pirates”

“Filled with pirates” Great Magician Telucci gave another bitter laugh, “Although I want to commend you on your knowledge, actually knowing about Caraska Island, but to say it is filled with pirates…..Alright, this cant be considered wrong. Who made living on the island so hard that they have no way to make a living unless they are a pirate.”

Xu Yi and Great Magician Camilla looked at Great Magician Telucci in surprise. Why did he suddenly mention Caraska Island Could it be that he was related to this well known pirate island

“Stop guessing, I was born on Caraska Island and grew up there.”

Xu Yi and Great Magician Camilla were both surprised.

They never would have thought that Great Magician Telucci would be born on this pirate island!

Xu Yi looked at Great Magician Camilla and he shook his head.

“Dont look at me. Although Im old friends with Telucci, Ive never heard him mention his background.”

“Being born on Caraska Island isnt anything to be proud of, of course I wouldnt casually mention it.” Great Magician Telucci gave a sigh, “If it wasnt for having hope in Xu Yi, I wouldnt have told you.”

“Many thanks for your trust.” Xu Yi thought about it before asking, “Then your excellency Great Magician, you want forty to fifty thousand a year at least, could it be that you want to support the people of your hometown by yourself”

Great Magician Telucci looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “You can actually guess this”

“This isnt hard to guess. If it wasnt for this reason, I dont know why a Great Magician like you would be this worried.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Alright, your guess is right. Caraska Island is my hometown, but the living conditions are just too bad. I grew up there and by coincidence I learned magic, becoming a Great Magician in the end, so I thought that I could rely on my abilities to change the living conditions of the people of my hometown, so Ive been helping them over the years. But…..I cant hold on any longer.”

“No wonder you were always poorer than me…..” Great Magician Camilla muttered, “I say, Telucci, since the living conditions of Caraska Island is that bad, why dont you just move them out With your identity, it isnt a problem to request residency from the Royal Parliament, right”

“No, its a very big problem.” Great Magician Teluccis bitter smile didnt disappear, “I wanted to make this request of the Royal Parliament, but I was rejected by them. Do you know the reason”

“Because of the pirates” Great Magician Camilla guessed.

“Right.” Great Magician Teluccis smile became more bitter, “Although I refuted the reason they gave, there was no way. Actually, it isnt wrong to call Caraska Island an island of pirates. If I hadnt left the island to learn magic in the past, I might have become a pirate……”

“ A Great Magician level pirate”

Xu Yi looked at Great Magician Telucci with a strange gaze before returning to normal.

“Your excellency Great Magician, based on your words, I think that your initial idea is to rely on yourself to provide forty to fifty thousand to the people of the island to increase their standard of living”

“Right, I was planning on doing this. There are close to five thousand people on the island, so even forty to fifty thousand isnt enough. But it is barely enough for the island to obtain some kind of self sufficiency. Actually I want them to have a stable life, so they no longer go pirating. Then in a few years, I can apply to the Royal Parliament again and let them move to our Lampuri Kingdom.”

Xu Yi was in thought for a bit before giving a sigh and shaking his head, “Your excellency Great Magician, I have to say that your idea is just too…..naive.”

Great Magician Teluccis eyes popped out, Great Magician Camilla also looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

This kid, he actually dared to call a Great Magician naive He simply didnt know the depths of heaven and earth!

“Your excellency Great Magician, a persons greed is limitless. I can guarantee that even if you give them that much money, they will also want to live a better life. Even if they receive the money from you, they will keep on being pirates because they can live better lives that way.”

Great Magician Telucci looked a bit dejected, “How could I not know this But I feel thats just because I havent given them enough help. If they could lead stable lives, who would be willing to risk their lives and reputation to become a pirate”

Xu Yi couldnt help sighing as he shook his head again.

Perhaps Great Magician Telucci wasnt naive, rather his sentiment towards his home Caraska Island was too deep.

Xu Yi was unable to understand the price he paid for this sentiment, but that didnt affect his understanding of Great Magician Teluccis ideas.

“Alright, your excellency Great Magician, I understand your meaning, but I must remind you that even if you give them forty to fifty thousand, or even a hundred thousand, it wont work. For the close to five thousand people of Caraska Island, this bit of gold coins wont change anything.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

“I just want to help.” Great Magician Telucci said with a sigh.

“There are many methods to help. To be honest with you, the method you chose is the most ineffective method.” Xu Yi said, “If I had a choice, I would definitely use another method.”

Great Magician Teluccis eyes lit up, “That means that Xu Yi, you have some good method to solve this problem”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Of course.”

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