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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 107 - Night deal

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“He is an intelligent person.” Xu Yi watched Murna Lifer walking out as he gave a sigh.

Hannas on the side rolled his eyes, “Nonsense, Murna is the most talented person in the Lifer Family following Great Magus Lifer. He is the most likely person to become a Great Magus, how could he not be smart.”

“You know that I dont mean that.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “He didnt trade for gold coins, rather he used the research data to carry out long term cooperation with our company. I have to say that he made a very wise choice. Like this, he would be able to receive a steady income. The final amount would be more than just receiving a single amount.”

Hannas rolled his eyes again, “Hey, chairman Xu, arent you boasting too much Youre that certain that they can make more by cooperating with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“What You dont believe it” Xu Yi asked back.

Hannas was stunned, not being able to say a word.

Even if Hannas didnt want to praise Xu Yi, he had to admit that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces prospects were broad. The choice of a long term cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would grant more rewards. Hannas still glared at Xu Yi, “Arent you also a magician Cant you see that his magic power is very strong You have to know, hes two years younger than me and already a Sixth Grade Magician.”

“Un, being a Sixth Grade Magician at such an age means that he has talent.” Xu Yi nodded, “No wonder the Lifer Family needs money. After all, to increase his magic, he definitely needs a large amount of magic materials to research magic.”

Hannas gave a shrug, “Theres gold coins behind any powerful magician, even the poorest Great Magician Camilla isnt an exception. Look, since he started having you as his back and didnt have to worry about magic, Great Magician Camilla went up a level in just three years. He is a Great Magician!”

Xu Yi laughed, “If Great Magician Camilla were to hear this, do you believe he would kick you Money is important, but the talent of a magician is more important. Are you denying his talent with magic”

“This…..I really wouldnt dare.”

Xu Yi nodded, “Didnt you hear what I said, the Lifer Family needs money to raise the magic power of Murna Lifer.”

“Un, for this, they are even willing to sell the previous relics of Great Magus Lifer.” Hannas said in an emotional voice, “When Great Magus Lifer was still alive, the Lifer family was very famous on the continent, how could they lack money”

“They wont lack money from now on.” Xu Yi had a confident smile, “With the valuable research from Great Magus Lifer, their family will definitely receive enough benefits from our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. So Murna Lifer definitely wont lack money for magic research.”

“Why do you like showing off so much today……” Hannas rolled his eyes before suddenly having a thought. He turned to Xu Yi to ask, “Right, Xu Yi, speaking of this…..You coming to Anvilmar City this time, theres the important matter of attending the certification exam, right”

“Yes, what about it”

“Im just a bit curious. Whenever I see Great Magician Camilla, he says that youre very talented in magic. If you focused on studying magic, you wouldnt have a problem becoming a Great Magician. Then I want to ask, you must be certain about raising your rank since you decided to participate this year, right”

“Thats right, what about it”

“Let me think……You passed the Seventh Grade Magician exam the year before last, right Based on your appearance, you should be able to pass the Eighth Grade Magician exam at least. Im curious, is there a possibility of you passing the Ninth Grade Magician exam”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “When I participate in the exam in two days, youll know.”


After twelve and entering early morning, even for the Lampuri Kingdoms largest city, Anvilmar City had entered silence and darkness.

Alex quickly moved through the shadows to the citys south late at night. After passing two rods, he suddenly went into a small alley to his left.

After moving forward around two hundred meters in this small, dark alley, he reached out to knock on a worn out wooden door on the side of the alley.

After two short and one long knocks, the wooden door squeaked open and revealed an average looking middle aged man.

Alex looked at him and slightly knit his brows before entering.

The wooden door closed and there was a small building that could be seen all over the south of the city.

The two entered a small room and the middle aged man tightly closed the door and windows before stretching a hand out towards Alex.

Alex looked at the hand stretched out, but he didnt take out the thing hidden in his chest like usual. After hesitating a bit, he said, “The thing for this time, I hope you can raise the price.”

The middle aged man seemed surprised before saying with a smile, “What Alex, did something happen that gave you the guts to give me this condition”

Alex gave a cold snort, “I saw sir chairman today.”

“Xu Yi So what”

“So what” Alex suddenly became angry as he stretched out a finger to poke the middle aged mans chest, shouting in a low voice, “Do you know that sir chairman gave me a warning”

“A warning” Hearing this, the middle aged man had no time to care about Alexs rude behaviour. He knit his brows and asked back, “What did he say Could it be that he knows”

Alex was stunned, but after a while, he shook his head, “I dont know, sir chairman didnt state it clearly, but I could see that he definitely knew something, so he gave me a warning. In short, this is our last deal. After you give me the money, there wont be any relations between us. I never seen you before and youve never seen me, understood”

The middle aged man silently looked at Alex for a while before giving a cold laugh, “Alex, it seems like you dont know your position”

“What” Alex said in a deep voice.

“You think…..that this matter is something you can do because you want to You think……that if I said everything you did and your sir chairman knew that you sold all those secrets of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how will he take care of you”

Alexs face became ugly and after being silent for a while, he forced out a smile as he shook his head, “Sir chairman wouldnt do that to me. His warning yesterday was because of my uncle. No matter what mistakes I made, he would give me a chance, so this threat has no meaning at all.”

The middle aged man laughed, “You really are naive. Alex, do you understand what kind of things youve done”

“Its just selling you the things I heard from the researchers, what is important about that I dont believe that sir chairman would do anything to me because of this. Then again, my uncle is his earliest partner, so he would definitely hesitate.” Alex said with a forced smile.

The middle aged man looked over Alex for a while before stretching his hand out with a faint smile, “Alright, let me see the thing you brought first. If its good, I can raise the price. I guarantee youll be satisfied.”

Alex hesitated a bit before nodding, taking out the notebook from his chest.

The middle aged man looked through the book and shook his head, “Alex, your writing is so ugly.”

Alex angrily said, “What does that matter Then again, I was afraid that I would forget, so I quickly wrote it all down. It would be strange if it looked good.”

“Alright, as long as the content is right.”

The middle aged man continued looking over the notebook with a smile. After reading it twice, he revealed a surprised look.

“Alex, the goods this time are quite good.”

Alex revealed a proud look, “Of course, this time I welcomed chief Evita and the team leaders. They are the core researchers of the research facility, naturally they know more. How about it Since you think the things are good this time, as for the price…..”

“Theres no problem with the price.” The middle aged man looked over the book again and after thinking about it, he took out a banknote for Alex.

Alex took it and was surprised.

“Three thousand Its actually this much”

“You can give it back if you think its too much.” The middle aged man said with a smile.

Alex quickly put the gold note away before waving his hand at the middle aged man, “Goodbye.”

Seeing that Alex was about to leave, the middle aged man suddenly gave a sigh, “If I was you, I wouldnt choose to leave now.”

Alex suddenly stopped as he asked with knit brows, “What do you mean Are you threatening me”

“No, I just feel pity for you.” The middle aged man said.

“Pity me”

“I received a new order just now which is for some research from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. The other side gave a pretty high price, just the commission Im making is already very good, not to mention what you are receiving. But now you said that you dont want to do this anymore, it really is a pity……”

Alex had a look of struggle on his face and after a while, he asked in a soft voice while gritting his teeth, “What price did the other side give”

The middle aged man stretched out a finger and the smile on his face looked very strange with the lighting of the room.

“Ten thousand.”

“Ten thousand”

Alexs breath instantly became very quick.

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