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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 103 - Take out proof

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“I think that everyone is very curious about what is inside this box, right” The auctioneer pointed at the box and looked around before saying with a faint smile, “Theres no need to rush, I will introduce it to everyone.”

The auctioneer slowly took the handles at the sides of the box and opened it.

Everyone looked over and saw that there was actually a necklace inside the box.

This necklace was completely dark green and it was unknown what material it was made from. With the glow of the Magic Lights in the auction hall, it released a faint orchid coloured glow.

The glow flowed around the necklace like it was alive, looking very mysterious.

“Now, I will be honoured to introduce this to everyone. This necklace is called Deep Blue Sea, it is made from legendary blue coral found in the depths of the sea. Just this material gives it a shocking price. The most important thing is that this necklace was made by the legendary Great Magus Lifer!”

The crowd immediately broke out in an uproar after hearing this last part.

This necklace was actually made by Great Magus Lifer! Even if this necklace wasnt made from a precious material, it would be incredibly precious!

It had to be known that in an auction from last year, the pen that Great Magus Lifer used was already sold for a sky high price of one hundred and thirty thousand gold coins!

The auctioneer could feel everyone wasnt shocked enough, so he continued, “Other than this, this necklace has a very practical use. This necklace contains a Water Magic Array personally inscribed by Great Magus Lifer. Although no one can activate this Magic Array right now, according to legends, this Water Magic Array could cast a Forbidden Spell!”

The crowd was filled with another uproar.

Forbidden Spell

This necklace actually had a Forbidden Spell attached to it Wouldnt that mean as long as one could incite the Magic Array on the necklace, they could cast a Forbidden Spell

Of course, since no one had activated this Magic Array before, it meant that it was very hard to activate it. Perhaps it was something that normal people couldnt do.

But this didnt hinder peoples wildness towards this item.

So what if they couldnt activate it Letting people know that they had a necklace with a Forbidden Spell attached was already enough!

“Alright, enough words, lets begin the bidding!” The people under the stage couldnt take it anymore.

“Right, quickly begin! We cant take it anymore!”


The auctioneer revealed a faint smile and said with a nod, “Alright, lets begin the auction. The necklace with the Forbidden Spell made by Great Magus Life, the starting price will be a hundred thousand gold coins and each increase must be at least five thousand gold coins!”

Hearing this price, everyone under the stage took a cold breath.

Gods above, just the starting price was a hundred thousand and it was five thousand per bid, wasnt that too much!

Just hearing this price scared off half the people, but there wasnt a lack of rich people in Anvilmar City. Not to mention that which one of the people here wasnt incredibly rich So after the hall was silent for a bit, people began wildly bidding.

In less than ten minutes, the price had quickly gone from a hundred thousand to over two hundred thousand.

After this price, the amount of people bidding dropped and there were only three people who continued.

It was at this time that Xu Yi stood up.

Seeing Xu Yi suddenly stand up, the people sitting around him were surprised.

What did this fellow want to do When he was bidding for Arch Magus Thornes notes, he seemed like he was pained to death just spending five thousand gold coins. Now he wanted to bid for this necklace

He must be crazy!

With everyones shocked gazes on him, Xu Yi stood up and raised the sign in his hand, as he said in a clear voice, “Two hundred and fifty thousand gold coins.”

When this was said, the crowd was shocked.

Before Xu Yi made a bid, the price was just two hundred and ten thousand gold coins and the other two were hesitating. No one thought that Xu Yi would just out at this time, suddenly bringing the price to two hundred and fifty thousand gold coins!

Everyone looked at Xu Yi in surprise. They recognized him as the person who made a bit for Arch Magus Thornes notes, so their shock became even heavier.

This fellow……was he really this rich

Number seven who had called out the bid of two hundred and ten thousand saw the other competitors hesitating and saw the light of victory, but now that Xu Yi had appeared, after being surprised, he angrily pointed at Xu Yi and said, “Hey, who are you Ive never seen you in Anvilmar City before, you must be from outside the city, right This hick, can you even afford two hundred and fifty thousand gold coins”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, naturally disdaining from arguing with him.

Seeing Xu Yis appearance, number seven became even more angry. He turned to the auctioneer and shouted, “Is this how your Nessing Auction House handles things You actually let this fellow create a mess”

The auctioneer awkwardly looked at Xu Yi before giving a slight bow to number seven, “Young master Foledo, you should know the rules of our auction. The people who can bid have all passed their certification check.”

“Just him Then tell me,how did he pass your certification I dont believe that he can take out that many gold coins!” Number seven still didnt give up.

The auctioneer said in an awkward voice, “This……This is a guests personal information, please forgive me since I cant provide that.”

“Bull**! Im doubting his qualifications, what will your auction house do”

“This…..” The auctioneer turned to Xu Yi with an imploring look. He wanted Xu Yi to take out some qualification that would satisfy young master Foledo.

Of course Xu Yi wouldnt accept his unreasonable request, as he said in an indifferent voice, “According to the rules of the auction, if no one else makes a bid, shouldnt you start counting down”

The auctioneers face turned red. He looked at the still angry young master Foledo before helplessly raising his gavel, “Number thirty nine two hundred and fifty thousand, is there anyone else bidding If not, I will start counting down. Two hundred and fifty thousand going once……”

“Stop for me!” Young master Foledo angrily roared at the auctioneer. He angrily pointed his finger at Xu Yi and roared, “Hey, do you not understand what I just said I dont believe you can take out two hundred and fifty thousand and if you dont prove it to me, Ill make you scram! Dont ruin this young masters things!”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Then this young master Foledo, how are you qualified to doubt me Moreover, before requesting something of someone, shouldnt you prove it yourself”

Foledo laughed into the sky, “Ha! Who doesnt know me, Foledo in Anvilmar City, what do I need to prove”

“Im very sorry, I dont know you. If you insist on me proving that I can pay two hundred and fifty thousand gold coins, then please make it fair and show proof that you can pay two hundred and ten thousand gold coins first.”

“How is a hick like you worthy of saying what is fair in front of me” Foledo pointed at Xu Yi and angrily said, “Ill tell you again, if you dont scram, dont blame me for not showing courtesy!”

Xu Yi shook his head, “This young master Foledo, can I take your unreasonable actions as you cant outbid me, so you want to drive me out with underhanded actions and win the necklace at a low price”

“Bull**!” Foledo was filled with rage, “Why cant I outbid a hick like you What bull**!”

Xu Yi made an inviting gesture, “Then please bid. If you cant, can the auctioneer start counting”

Foledo glared at Xu Yi before turning to roar at the auctioneer, “Two hundred and eighty thousand gold coins!”

He had actually increased Xu Yis price by thirty thousand gold coins.

Seeing the provoking look from Foledo, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and raised his sign.

“Three hundred thousand gold coins.”

The other people all looked at Xu Yi in disbelief. They really couldnt think it through, this person who hesitated at five thousand and seven hundred, why was he suddenly so bold

He even dared to shout a sky high price of three hundred thousand!

It wasnt just Foledo, many other people doubted that Xu Yi had this ability to pay.

This fellow from outside the city, did he really have this much money

Hearing Xu Yis price, Foledos face twitched a few times and he hesitated.

It would be his grandmothers eightieth birthday in a few days. He wanted to buy this necklace as a gift for his grandmother to warm her heart.

Although his father was the family head, Foledo knew that his grandmother was the one who controlled the family.

As long as he got close to his grandmother, it would help his father who was in the position of family head and it would be very helpful to him inheriting the family head position, so he was willing to pay.

And he was certain that while his father normally didnt approve of his spending, he would support him this time, so he was willing to bid a sky high price of over two hundred thousand gold coins.

It had to be known, although he was someone who was born into money, two hundred thousand wasnt a small amount for him.

But the other side had actually raised it to three hundred thousand. Even if it was Foledo, he had to seriously consider it.

But when he saw the smile on Xu Yis face, Foledo couldnt take it anymore. He wasnt willing to consider anymore as the blood rushed to his head and he turned to shout at the auctioneer, “Three hundred and twenty thousand gold coins!”

“Three hundred and fifty thousand gold coins.”

Without waiting for the auctioneer or the others to react, Xu Yi called out another bid.

Everyones eyes opened wide.

Three hundred and fifty thousand gold coins Wasnt this only just twenty thousand gold coins from the record

Everyone looked at Foledo with expectant gazes.

As long as Foledo made another bit, it would very likely break the record!

Foledos cheeks bulged and after hesitating a bit, he deflated and sat back down.


The auction hall was filled with disappointed sighs.

Foledo acting like this clearly meant he was admitting defeat.

Everyone couldnt help turning to look at Xu Yi.

Based on Xu Yis casual appearance, if Foledo didnt give up and continued bidding, this fellow would have definitely made another bid.

But because Foledo gave up, they couldnt see the auction record being broken.

When looking at Xu Yi, everyones mind was filled with a strong curiosity.

This person who didnt have any fame in Anvilmar City who was clearly from outside the city, why did he have so much money Just who is this person

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