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Hank Willson came to Banta City this time for two important things other than accompanying Sophia.

The first was to discuss a new cooperation agreement on behalf of the Walmart Chamber of Commerce.

After cooperating for over a year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines had sold quite well in the Walmart Chamber of Commerces stores.

Just the Magic Stove alone, according to the Walmart Chamber of Commerces reports from last month, the sales from the branches all over the Lampuri Kingdom reached over a hundred and seventy thousand units.

Although the Walmart Chamber of Commerce received a revenue that averaged no more than one gold coin per Magic Stove, this was just from the Magic Stove alone. If they counted all the other household magic machines, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce earned over three hundred thousand gold coins last month from cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Because of this, the Walmart Chamber of Commerces contract hadnt reached its end, but they decided to renew their contract with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce a year ahead of time.

In the contract that Hank Wilson took out, Xu Yi only looked over it and found that the conditions in the contract were much more preferential than the last contract that they signed.

For example, in the first contract, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce stated that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would bear the transportation fees and they wouldnt have any responsibilities.

In this contract, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce offered to cover the transportation fees for the first three hundred kilometers. After three hundred kilometers, they would decide based on the circumstances.

There was another condition which was that for places with roads, even if it surpassed three hundred kilometers, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce could pay for the transportation. They didnt need the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to find another transport method.

But after seeing this, Xu Yi shook his head and pointed it out as he said to Hank Wilson, “As for the matter of transportation, I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to approve and thank you for the Walmart Chamber of Commerce taking the initiative to bear the transportation fees, but when it comes to transportation, our company has a contract with the Fersen Carriage Company and all our transportation business is handed to them. Im afraid that I cant hand this to you.”

“Oh Theres such a contract” Hank Wilson thought for a bit before asking, “Chairman Xu, did you reach this agreement with the Fersen Carriage Company because they bought a large amount of Magic Cars from you”

“It could be said like this.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile

Actually this was only one of the reasons. The real reason was that Xu Yi hoped to use this cooperation in having the Fersen Carriage Company change from horse carriages to Magic Cars to change the method of transportation in the Lampuri Kingdom.

Of course, once the Magic Car was released, because of how much faster and safer it was compared to horse carriages, it was accepted by everyone in a short period of time.

In just a few months, not only did the companies in Banta City adapt to this new method of transportation, starting to let the Fersen Carriage Company ship their cargo, even the companies of nearby cities and further cities were placing orders with the Fersen Carriage Company.

The Fersen Carriage Company had already set up branches in the surrounding cities, taking care of this business.

Of course, the Fersen Carriage Company developing this fast was greatly related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only selling Magic Cars to them for now.

During this time, countless companies had wanted to buy Magic Cars from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but they were all rejected on the basis of not enough production.

But now, Hank Wilson had come with the same request on behalf of the Walmart Chamber of Commerce.

“Other than this new cooperation agreement, the main task this time was hoping to buy some Magic Cars.” Hank Wilson looked at Xu Yi with a serious look, “Chairman Xu, chairman Rundst places great importance on these Magic Cars, so he told me that I had to buy some from you no matter what.”

Xu Yi didnt directly reject him and thought for a bit before asking, “You want to form your own transport group”

Hank Wilson revealed a faint smile, “Shouldnt it be called a logistics group, chairman Xu”

Hearing the word “logistics” coming from Hank Wilson, Xu Yi understood. It was clear that the Walmart Chamber of Commerce had already investigated the Magic Car, so Hank Wilson coming to Banta City meant that the Walmart Chamber of Commerce was very serious about buying Magic Cars.

“Alright, its a transport group. Can I ask, how big of a logistics group are you planning to set up” Xu Yi asked.

“If possible, the bigger the better.” Hank Wilson said with a smile, “But right now, our goal has been set on five hundred Magic Cars for now. As for the passenger cars, our company isnt planning to meddle at all.”

“Oh Only five hundred” Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

He thought that for a top company like this Walmart Chamber of Commerce, they wouldnt be worse than the Fersen Carriage Company, but he never thought that they would only want five hundred.

It had to be known, just the Fersen Carriage Company had over two thousand transport Magic Cars.

Even at this time, most of them were rolling along the roads of the Lampuri Kingdom. It could be said that they were greatly driving the flow of goods in the Lampuri Kingdom.

“Yes, the initial plan is to buy five hundred medium sized transport Magic Cars.” Hank Wilson nodded as he explained, “Chairman Xu, were clear on your attitude towards the Fersen Carriage Company, the young master has told me about this before. You dont need to worry, our company wont be competing with the Fersen Carriage Company over the transport business in the Lampuri Kingdom.”

“Not competing for the kingdoms transport business Then isnt five hundred too much” Xu Yi was a bit confused, but after thinking about it, he suddenly understood. He said in a surprised voice, “Could it be that your goal is the other countries”

Hank Wilson nodded with a faint smile, “Chairman Xu truly has a sharp wit, you can guess it this easily. Thats right, our company wants to form this logistics group mainly to transport goods to other countries, rather than transporting goods in the kingdom.”

Xu Yi looked at the confident and proud gaze that he had and he felt emotional.

The Walmart Chamber of Commerce really was one of the top companies in the kingdom. While he was still racking his brain on how to spread the Frestech Chamber of Commerces influence over the Lampuri Kingdom, the other side was already setting their eyes on other places.

“If its like this, I think that five hundred wont be enough.” Xu Yi said in a thoughtful voice, “No matter what surrounding country it is, they are much further than transporting within our Lampuri Kingdom. If its just five hundred…..Im afraid that you can only open a few transport lines.”

“So its our initial plan.” Hank Wilson said, “According to the plan of our company, these five hundred Magic Cars can open several paths into the Sack Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, Rhine Kingdom, and two smaller duchies. As for later, we can expand this logistics group as the situation develops.”

“Un, this is a prudent plan, I support it very much.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

“Since chairman Xu supports this plan, then shouldnt you give us some support” Hank Wilson immediately pushed, “The initial five hundred transport Magic Cars, I think that chairman Xu should be able to provide this to us, right”

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile. Since Hank Wilson said this, if he didnt agree, he wouldnt be giving the Walmart Chamber of Commerce face. It would have a serious impact on their cooperation in the future.

Xu Yi still placed importance on the Walmart Chamber of Commerce that was still a giant retail company of the Lampuri Kingdom.

So Xu Yi seriously considered it before slowly nodding, “If its just five hundred, I think that I can bring out a bit. But vice chairman Wilson, with the contract between us and the Fersen Carriage Company, I must discuss this matter with them before agreeing to this. Im afraid that I cant agree to this right now.”

“Thats not a problem.” Seeing that Xu Yi agreed, Hank Wilson revealed a bright smile, “But I hope that chairman Xu can move quickly. Its best that you can give me a definite answer before I leave, so I can bring it back to the company to discuss.”

“Thats not a problem.”

“Thats good, chairman Xu. Please look over the new contract again. Theres some space for development that our Walmart Chamber of Commerce is proposing to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, please consider it.”

Xu Yi took the contract again and looked at the back before being surprised.

In the last part of the contract, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce was proposing a cooperation in other countries with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce!

In short, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce was proposing to use their sales channels to sell the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines in other countries. Then after using these magic machines to open up markets in other countries, both sides would invest in opening a factory in those other countries to increase production.

It had to be said, this was a very attractive proposal.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was currently selling Frestech Brand magic machines to the Stantine Duchy and the Rudson Kingdom, ignoring the Stantine Duchy, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have any foundations in the Rudson Kingdom. So Xu Yi had always controlled the investment progress in the Rudson Kingdom, not going too fast.

But it was different from the Walmart Chamber of Commerce.

As a top company of the Lampuri Kingdom, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce had some background foundation in the surrounding countries. If they invested in the other countries by working with them, it would save them plenty of trouble and would be easier to open markets.

But this would also bring up a problem.

If they worked with the Walmart Chamber of Commerce, since both sides had different levels of influence in other countries, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce would be in a dominant position in this cooperation.

Xu Yi cared very much about this because the one in the dominant positions decided the method of development.

Many of Xu Yis ideas went against the traditional idea of a company because his goal was to develop the magic machine industry on the Sines Continent, creating an industrial system. There were many times where he didnt care about benefits at all.

Just this would create contradictions between him and the Walmart Chamber of Commerce.

Looking at the expectant Hank Wilson, Xu Yi fell into deep thought.

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