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“Hey, Evita, youre back from the mountain” Akali came over with an excited look before looking over at Tibbers on the side and making a face, “What Tibbers, Evita caught you to go experiment with her Isnt this too much, she wants you to work even though its lunch time. I already told you to come to my team, do you regret it now”

Tibbers gave a bitter laugh. He had worked up the courage to confess to Evita, but it was broken up by Akali.

If he said anything to Evita now, it would be hard to have this kind of courage again.

“I dont regret it, I like the chief…..s topic of refining Magic Crystals. I feel that its more promising compared to the magic resonance technology.” Tibbers tried hiding it.

“You dare say that the magic resonance technology I study has no future” Akali suddenly raised her voice, “Let me tell you, sir chairman personally told me that it had potential! You dare look down on it”

“No, no, no, I didnt mean this. I just prefer the chiefs topic.” Tibbers quickly waved his hands.

“Humph, do you prefer this topic or do you prefer Evita” Akali suddenly glanced at Tibbers as she said this.

Tibbers face turned red and when he was about to argue, Evita raised a hand to stop him.

“Alright, its useless to argue this matter with Akali.” Evita revealed a smile. She looked out the window before saying to Tibbers, “Akali is right, its lunch time right now, I wont keep you here for work. Go and eat your lunch.”

“But, these……” Tibbers pointed at the large pile of Magic Crystals on the table.

“I dont need your help with this.”

Hearing the certainty in Evitas voice, Tibbers left the lab feeling a trace of disappointment.

Seeing Tibbers close the door to the lab, Akali narrowed her eyes and asked Evita, “What do you think of him”

“Not bad, he is very talented with Magic Arrays and his mind is very sharp, so hes very suited for research.” Evita said.

“You know Im not talking about this.” Akali rolled her eyes and came up beside Evita, taking her arm. She pushed her round cheeks forward and said with a smile, “What do you think of him Do you like him I can see that youre always doing experiments with him lately.”

“Nonsense.” Evitas face was a bit red as she reprimanded Akali, “Im just treating him as an assistant, what other ideas are there.”

“Its easy to become close to your assistants.” Akali said while laughing, “Youre both young, its normal for something to develop over time, what is there to be shy about Then again, Tibbers doesnt look bad.”

“Im telling you its not that.” Evita snappily threw off Akali and said with a serious look, “Im warning you, you cant speak nonsense. If it affects my relationship with my assistant, I wont forgive you.”

Akali stuck out her tongue and acted scared, but then she said with a smile, “The point is that he clearly likes you, dont tell me that you cant see it.”

Evita was stunned, “He likes me Are you joking”

Akali looked at Evita in surprise. After a while, she slapped her forehead and said in a pained voice, “I thought that you were the smartest one out of all of us and the one with the deepest thoughts, but now it seems like youre as dense as sir chairman! Think about it carefully, how does Tibbers normally treat you If he doesnt like you, then my eyes must be blind!”

Evita knit her brows and carefully thought about what Akali said. She remembered her interactions with Tibbers and she found that what Akali said might be true.

“This…..isnt good.” Evita looked awkward, “I dont feel that way about him, itll be more awkward when I work with him in the future.”

“What is awkward about it If you really dont like him, just find a chance to explain it to him. Theres no one forcing you to like him.” Akali said in an uncaring voice, “Look, I like the chairman, but the chairman doesnt like me. Everyone knows this, but its not awkward between us because this is a very normal thing.”

Evita looked at Akali in surprise, “Youre actually admitting it this openly now Why do I feel that you arent acting so calm because you dont like the chairman anymore”

“Humph, I thought it through. Like is like, not liking is not liking. Me liking the chairman is my matter, it doesnt affect me if he likes me or not.” Akali looked at Evita with a deep gaze, “Anyway, Im not like a certain someone who clearly likes someone, but isnt willing to admit it, so they bottle it up inside.”

Evitas expression became stiff. After thinking for a bit, she slowly shook her head, “Lets not talk about this. You came looking for me not to talk about this kind of thing, right Do you need something”

Akali looked at Evita for a while before giving a sigh, but she didnt continue this topic. She said with a serious look, “There is something. Evita, how far have you progressed in standardizing Magic Crystals”

“This is hard to say, what aspect are you talking about”

“You should know that our group has been deepening our study of resonance technology and were planning to build a central family remote control system, right” Akali asked.

Evita thought about it and remembered it.

“Its the remote that you use to control all of your familys household magic machines without needing to personally flip the switch that you mentioned last time, right”

“Right, its that.” Akali gave a nod, “Right now weve had some success with it. We can use a precise Magic Array to resonate with the Magic Arrays of different magic machines, allowing us to control them from a distance. But there is a very important problem…..”

“Its because there isnt the same magic frequency, right” Evita suddenly asked.

Akali giggled as she reached out to poke Evitas face.

“Our Evita is the smartest. Thats right, that is the problem. To let all the household magic machines come under the control of the same remote control system, we need the magic frequencies of the Magic Arrays in these magic machines to be the same. But different Magic Arrays have different parts and we can modify the Magic Arrays to have the same magic frequency, but we cant ensure that the Magic Crystals used wont influence this. So, Evita, has your Magic Crystals been standardized”

“Its not complete yet, but its close to being complete.” Evita said with a smile, “Did you forget Kennard held a press conference a few days ago and proposed that all magic machines should be standardized, avoiding any problems that could come from magic machines not following a standard.”

“Oh He said all this You should know that Im not someone who listens to complicated things, so I didnt pay attention to it.” Akali thought for a bit before excitedly saying, “Then that means this project is about to succeed Great! The more I study these things, the more I feel that what sir chairman said before was right. The more precise things are, the more they need a standard or things will be complicated.”

“The chairman sees far into the future, his words wont be wrong.” Evita softly said.

“You really do like the chair……” Seeing Evita narrow her eyes, Akali tactfully swallowed her words, “Ah…..Since the Magic Crystals will be standardized soon, there wont be a problem with our remote control system. Think about it, Evita, if youre sitting at home in the future, you can take the remote and press a button to automatically start a magic machine that isnt close to you. Dont you feel that is amazing”

Evita rolled her eyes at her, “What are you saying this to me for You should be telling these things to people who dont understand a thing.”

“Che, advertisements are for the sales department, I dont care.” Akali had a thought and suddenly changed the topic, “Right, Evita, Still has been pregnant this long and we only went to see her once. Do you think we should find some time to see her We can also call Claire and the others if they have time.”

Evita gave a slight nod, “We should go see her again. Weve been busy with experiments during this time, our classmates havent gathered in a long time. How about we wait for our research to finish and then we can give ourselves a day off.”

“Great idea! Ill go and tell Claire and the others!” Akali gave Evita a thumbs up before running out the door.

Halfway out, she suddenly stopped and turned back to Evita. After hesitating, she asked, “But Evita, if you go and see Still pregnant with sir chairmans child, you wont feel…..Ke…..That thing”

Evita gave a soft laugh, “Someone like you who clearly likes sir chairman doesnt mind, what do I have to mind”

Akali rolled her eyes at Evita before turning to leave.

Seeing Akali running out, Evita gave a sigh. She shook her head to clear the complicated thoughts in her mind before returning to her desk to continue her research.

But when she prepared to start, there was another knock on the door.

Evita slightly knit her brows, thinking that she really couldnt do her experiments today.

She looked at the door and saw the eternal timid appearance of Teresa standing right outside the door.

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