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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 90 - Glorious work

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While walking on the mountain road, Evita suddenly misstepped and her body twisted.

The young magic research facility member who came with her, who was also part of the Magic Crystal refining team Tibbers had quick reactions, so he quickly reached out to grab her.

When Evita stood firm again, she couldnt help pulling away her hand from Tibbers and muttering a soft thank you.

Tibbers had a trace of disappointment in his eyes.

Among the young male researchers, most of them had affections for this young, beautiful, gentle, and friendly chief and he was not an exception.

But although Evita was very friendly, she didnt demonstrate any special feelings for anyone.

Looking at Evitas gentle demeanor, Tibbers gave a sigh in his heart. He said with a frown, “Chief, I already said that it was fine for me to come alone, there was no need for you to make this trip. This mountain road is very difficult to walk on and youre a girl, so its not easy for you.”

Evita shook her head, “Theres no easy for this work. Then again, I asked the chairman about this Magic Crystal mine, so I have to be serious and cant disappoint the chairmans expectations in me……in us and we cant waste the previous funds the company gave us.”

“But this is just confirming the quality of the Magic Crystals, it isnt anything hard. I feel that I can easily do this alone.” Tibbers was still not willing to give up.

Evita revealed a warm smile at him, “I believe in your ability, but this Magic Crystal mine is our companys first official Magic Crystal mine, so it is important. The chairman has attached great importance in standardizing Magic Crystals, so I dont want a single oversight on this matter.”

“Doesnt this still mean that you dont believe in me…..” Tibbers mumbled in an aggrieved voice.

“Its not that I dont trust you…..But Tibbers, your familiarity with the Magic Crystals refining array cant be higher than mine, right Can you analyze each Magic Crystal accurately within a 0.1 Ev margin of error” Evita asked with a serious look.

“This……” Tibbers thought for a bit before giving a bitter laugh while shaking his head, “I cant compare to you when it comes to this since you are the expert in this.”

“Thats right.” Evita relaxed her tone, “I just said, its because this is our first official Magic Crystal mine, so it must be strictly tested and we cant make any mistakes. Moreover, I need to personally come and investigate to become familiar with the Magic Crystal mine, so I can make changes with specific details.”

Of course Evita had a good view of Tibbers, that was why she brought him on this inspection and patiently explained her thoughts to him.

Hearing Evitas explanation, although Tibbers didnt agree with it, he could only honestly nod his head.

Seeing that Tibbers no longer opposed, Evita revealed a smile. She moved a bit quicker and caught up to the people in front.

Anduin looked at Evita and hesitated a bit before slowing down. When Evita came up beside him, he asked, “This…..young miss Evita, what chief are you in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“Un, I am the magic research facilitys chief.” Evita replied with a nod.

Anduin was shocked as he looked at Evita in disbelief.

“Youre actually the chief of the magic research facility! I really never would have thought……This kind of important person is such a young and beautiful little…..ke, young and beautiful girl!”

Evita laughed, “What Mister Anduin, you dont believe it”

“No, no, no, I believe. Theres nothing to gain from lying to me.” Anduin quickly waved his hand. After pausing, he hesitantly asked, “This….young miss Evita, since you are an important person in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, can I ask you something”

“Please speak.”

“Its just that……my second son is working at the Rimet Chamber of Commerce, hes mainly in charge of operating the production magic machines to produce components. His mind is sharp and his ability is good, so hes receiving good treatment at the Remit Chamber of Commerce, but…..He has always wanted to work for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, what do you think”

When Anduin said this, Evita naturally knew what he meant.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce became more famous, Evita had heard this countless times. They all hoped that she could help someone arrange a position in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The one that were the most direct were her relatives.

Knowing that Evita was the magic research facilitys chief, her relatives had all come looking for her, hoping that she could help them or their family members find work in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Evita couldnt withstand the pressure from her relatives and her parents, but she wasnt willing to ask for Xu Yis help with this matter, so she had been worrying about this for a long time.

In the end, Xu Yi noticed the strangeness with her and took the initiative to ask about it. In the end, he used his privilege as the chairman to give her several positions that she could give to her relatives.

Finally with Evitas help, three relatives had passed the Frestech Chamber of Commerces test and officially began working at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Although she didnt let all her relatives enter the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this result made many people happy.

Among her relatives, as long as they mentioned Evita, all the relatives would praise her and it was a glorious matter for her parents.

But because of this, Evita felt like she owed Xu Yi quite a bit, so her heart couldnt help changing when she was facing Xu Yi.

Of course, she couldnt reject helping her relatives, but she could do so for people that she wasnt close to.

Hearing Anduins question, Evita said with a faint smile, “If your son is skilled, I think that he would be qualified to work at our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Anduin immediately revealed a look of joy, “Really Then Ill go tell that kid after I head back and have him apply for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“In terms of procedure, I welcome you on behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Evita paused before continuing, “But mister Anduin, although the Amrit Chamber of Commerce is currently worse than our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the wage it gives isnt low. The most important thing is that it is a small company, so your son has plenty of room to grow. I dont think itll be worse than our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Anduin laughed as he rubbed his head, “Actually, he knows this too, but if he can work for your company, it would be good to talk about. That kid still isnt married yet and if he enters your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I think that many girls will like him.”

Hearing Anduins response, Tibbers, manager Dusa, the other middle aged man, and the two dwarves all couldnt help laughing.

Manager Dusa loudly laughed as he said, “I say, mister Anduin, although working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gives face, our Amrit Chamber of Commerce isnt that bad. Ask your second son, is he willing to come to our Amrit Chamber of Commerce Our company has been mass recruiting people lately, he should meet the requirements.”

“Amrit Chamber of Commerce.” Anduin looked at manager Dusa before shaking his head, “That wont do, your Amrit Chamber of Commerce works in the dirt all day, youll be covered in dust when working. Our village had two people who laid roads for your Amrit Chamber of Commerce and they were covered in dirt when they came back to the village, they looked so ugly. If he looks like this, how could he find girls”

Evita couldnt take it this time and broke out in laughter.

Manager Dusa had an awkward look as he said in a somewhat angry voice, “Who says that working for our company will cover you in dirt Look at me, do I look like that”

“Youre a manager, youre different from normal workers.” Anduin shook his head.

“Our normal workers dont work until they are completely covered in dirt either!” Manager Dusa couldnt help raising his voice, “Who are those two fellows from your village Ill have them properly clean themselves after I go back so they dont tarnish the name of our company!”

Anduin shook his head, not willing to speak.

Manager Dusa gave a cold snort. Even if Anduin didnt say anything, he was a manager for the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, so he could easily find out.

When he was thinking about how to take care of those two fellows, Evita suddenly said, “Manager Dusa, I feel that you should attach importance to what mister Anduin said. This isnt just a problem with the image of your Amrit Chamber of Commerce, it is also related to the health of the workers. I suggest that you provide a showering facility for workers at work sites, making it easier for them to clean themselves after working. For example, you could put several Magic Water Heaters and the newly developed Magic Water Pump from our company at each location. As long as there is a large water tank, it could be enough for a hundred people to shower without worry.”

Manager Dusa naturally attached importance to Evitas words. After thinking about it, he gave a nod, “Alright, Ill give this suggestion to chairman Cruise after heading back.” He suddenly reacted after saying this and gave Evita a smile, “Young miss Evita, are you trying to promote your companys Magic Water Heaters and Magic Water Pump”

Evita revealed a faint smile, “Isnt this suggestion very effective”

She turned to Anduin after saying this and said, “Mister Anduin, if your son has to come work for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, we welcome him, but I suggest that he wait for a while. Our company is currently conducting worker skill inspections and we are inspecting all our workers to evaluate their skill levels before giving them a corresponding wage. I feel that it would be best if he came after the inspection.”

Anduin hadnt said anything before manager Dusa asked in a surprised voice, “This suggestion isnt bad, who came up with it”

Evita revealed a sweet smile, “”Of course its sir chairman. Other than him, who else could it be”

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