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Sevenis arrival caused a stir in the Falling Star Manor.

Xu Yi didnt have a habit of hiring servants, so up to this point, there were only Liz and Linda who he had brought back from the Stantine Duchy that had taken care of the manor. Because Vivian spent most of her time at school, she didnt take care of this at all.

To entertain Seveni now, Liz and Linda did everything they could. They took out the best things to welcome her, so naturally they were busy.

Seeing the two maids moving around and even seeing Still doing a few things for Xu Yi, Seveni couldnt help shaking her head as she said to Still, “I know that Xu Yi doesnt like treating others as slaves, but why theres no problem if he hires a few servants, right You are pregnant right now, why doesnt he find a few more people to take care of you He cant be that stingy, right”

Still was in her third month of pregnancy, so her stomach was sticking out a little. She touched her belly when she heard this and replied with a smile, “This was my idea since I dont like having too many people around, its too noisy. Liz and Linda have been here rather long, so Xu Yi and I both treat them like family. If we find some people were not familiar with, I wouldnt be used to it.”

“You wouldnt feel assured” Seveni asked, “If youre worried about this, I can find several people for you who are definitely trustworthy. Moreover, they would be experienced with dealing with pregnant women, so you would be more assured.”

“Many thanks for your highness goodwill, but forget it. I feel its quite good now.”

Seeing that Still was determined, Seveni didnt insist. She then began asking Still about the condition of her body.

Seeing the two talking to each other and becoming more and more excited by the conversation, Xu Yi didnt just stay on the side and went to help Liz and Linda.

When dinner was almost ready, Vivian came back from school and she came back together with Teresa.

Seeing Vivian, Xu Yi suddenly remembered something. There was another wave of graduates from Baron Rickto Magic Academy last month and quite a few of them had accepted the special assistance fund the Frestech Chamber of Commerce provided. So according to their contracts, many of these graduates would be entering the Frestech Chamber of Commerce after graduating.

Other than a few students that had no talent and had limited room for growth and some students that needed money, so they entered the factory to imprint Magic Arrays, most of the students had been enrolled by Xu Yi into the new Frestech Academy for further education.

For example, Orin Zetaman who had left a deep impression on Xu Yi had asked him about the requirements for studying at the Frestech Academy. Right now his performance at the academy was very good.

Xu Yi wanted to ask how the students were feeling about this arrangement.

Because Xu Yi was the chairman, he couldnt obtain a real answer from the students. Vivian was a student at Baron Rickto Magic Academy and was in contact with these students more, so she should be able to get a real answer.

“They are all very satisfied.” Hearing Xu Yis question, Vivian replied with a natural look, “Ive asked many people. They said that they are all very happy learning the new knowledge from the Frestech Academy.”

“Thats good.” Xu Yi relaxed before turning to Teresa, “Teresa, then how do you feel about working in the magic research facility”

Compared to when Xu Yi had saved her, the current Teresa was much better. Although she was still silent most of the time, at least she would reveal a smile when Xu Yi asked her a question.

“Its very good.” Teresa gave a nod, “The colleagues at the research facility are all very good to me. The work is very fun and researching magic machines is very interesting, so I like it very much.”

“Is that so Its good that youre happy.” Xu Yi hesitated a bit before giving up the idea of asking Teresa about the things she was hiding in her heart.

She wasnt willing to disclose these matters, so it wasnt a good thing to press her for an answer.

After dinner was prepared, Seveni saw Teresa at the table for the first time and couldnt help asking her a few questions. However, Teresa was very silent with unfamiliar people, so she either nodded or shook her head to Sevenis questions. She only answered with reluctant un when she did answer, so Seveni naturally felt there was no meaning in asking anything else, so she turned back to talk to Still.

But when she was leaving after eating dinner, Seveni specially called Xu Yi to the side.

“Xu Yi, what is going on with that Teresa”

“What do you mean” Xu Yi was surprised, “Didnt you ask just now I saved her when she fainted on the side of the road in the middle of the night.”

“Im not asking this.” Seveni shook her head, “I want to ask, how are you treating her”

“How else……She has no family right now and since I saved her, Ill help her to the end. Right now shes working at our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and normally lives in the Falling Star Manor, theres nothing else.”

“You really havent thought about anything else” Seveni slightly knit her brows, “Shes very beautiful.”

“She is, but so what” Xu Yi asked in a confused voice.

Seveni seriously looked at Xu Yis expression for a bit before suddenly laughing. She waved her hand and said, “Alright, I was worrying too much. Our chairman Xus mind should be filled with ice cold magic machines and dont have time to think about other strange things, am I right”

Xu Yi was even more confused, “I say, your highness, what are you trying to say”

“Nothing, just stay with Still tonight. She is in the beginning stages of her pregnancy and has mood swings, so you should care for her more.”

“Of course.” Xu Yi nodded, “I specially moved back to the Falling Star Manor from the Falling Rain Valley just to be with her. Other than the Falling Star Manors condition being better, I also have some things to take care of in Banta City during this time, so its easier for me to be with her.”

“Its good that you pay attention to this.” Seveni gave a nod of praise before waving her hand at Xu Yi, “Alright, go back and be with still, Ill be leaving first. Dont come to the City Lord Manor tomorrow morning, well gather at Koror Village directly.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Then Ill have to thank the Lord City Lords consideration.”

Seveni revealed a faint smile and turned to enter her horse carriage.

Watching the horse carriage disappear into the night, Xu Yis expression became a bit strange.

Sevenis visit today was purely personal. Although this showed her good relationship with Xu Yi, if others were to know about this, they would certainly have an opinion.

Although chairman Sarank and the others didnt show it, from their different signs, they had veiled criticisms in their heart.

If Seveni was very close to him, it would influence some things.

But thinking about it, Xu Yi revealed a smile of self ridicule.

Why was he worrying about this Seveni caring about him was something that everyone already knew. Instead of wasting time thinking about this, he should be thinking about how to spend time with Still.

Thinking of this, he remembered the questions Seveni had asked him today, as well as the serious way she talked to him before leaving. Xu YI couldnt help feeling a bit strange about this.

Why did Seveni pay special attention to Teresa Could it be that she thought that he had some special ideas towards her……

After thinking for a bit, Xu Yi shook his head. He headed back into the Falling Star Manor and headed to his room.

After taking care of Still for around an hour, Liz and Linda led Still off to take a bath before heading to bed. Xu Yi took this time to head to his study and start on a bit of work.

The new industrial district he discussed with Seveni today was around the Sandton Manor. The idea was to expand and rebuild the Sandton industrial district.

Because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, many small companies that built magic machines or components built factories around the Sandton Manor, creating a small Sandton industrial district.

But this industrial district that wasnt planned at all was a bit messy, so problems would occur if it was left like this.

The most obvious thing was that it wasnt convenient to build roads and other buildings.

Because of Count Stagg, the small companies had left the Sandton industrial district and now it had become empty again.

Now that Seveni had taken over as the City Lord, she wanted to develop the industrial district outside the city and she began this plan by starting around the Sandton Manor.

According to the preliminary plans, they would tear up all the original buildings and lay down the roads, water pipes, street lights, and other facilities first. Then they would use a distribution plan to give each company space to construct a new factory.

But there was an important problem. Because of Count Stagg, many new small factories had lost faith in Banta City.

Because to those small companies, they didnt have the same resistance as large companies like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If any small changes occurred, it would severely injure them and they might even go out of business.

Because of Count Stagg last time, these small companies mostly transferred out of Banta City and had suffered large losses.

Even though Seveni had taken over as the City Lord and indicated that she would support business development, especially that of the magic machine industry, most of the small companies were waiting and didnt dare take a risk.

In the end, no one could guarantee that Seveni would still be the City Lord in three years and what kind of attitude the new City Lord would have.

Seveni and Xu Yi were mainly discussing how to let these small companies regain confidence in them.

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