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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 82 - Feminist

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“Xu Yi, is your company planning to give up all the business related to Magic Fans and Magic Kettles” Seveni asked Xu Yi with obvious curiosity.

“Releasing all related technology is different from giving it all up, dear Lord City Lord.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Even if they have the same level of technology, I can guarantee that the quality of the Magic Fans and Magic Kettles of other companies cant compare to our companys. Do you believe that”

“Why wouldnt I believe it” Seveni rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, “You think I know nothing about magic machines Other than the production technology, there are many factors that decide the quality of a magic machine. For example, the material, the techniques used…..Dont forget, you taught me this before.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Having a Lord City Lord that is this familiar with producing magic machines really is lucky. Since its like this, dear Lord City Lord, you should agree to the draft plan of further expanding the industrial district outside the city, right”

Seveni nodded with a faint smile, “Of course. Such a good proposal, wouldnt people scold me if I didnt accept it But Xu Yi, there is a problem with your plan.”

“Oh What problem” Xu Yi looked at the plan he put on the table in surprise. This plan was something that Kennard and all the chairmen of the various large companies had decided together, this plan should have planned for everything and there shouldnt be any problems.”

“Look…..” Seveni pointed at the map of Banta City nearby, “Its fine if this industrial district expand around the Sandton Manor, but havent you seen that if you follow this plan, it will consider expanding along the banks of the river and will start approaching the Falling Star Manor”

“So what” Xu Yi looked confused.

“You men……” Seveni had a look that didnt expect much. She gave a sigh and said while shaking her head, “Xu Yi, you only think about your own convenience, didnt you forget to think about Still Still is pregnant right now, youre not afraid that building the industrial district near the Falling Star Manor will disturb her”

Xu Yi looked at Seveni in a daze.

He was completely thinking about how advantageous this new industrial district would be to Banta City, he didnt think about his personal problems. He didnt think that Seveni as the City Lord would be considering this for him.

“Many thanks for your concern……” Xu Yi fell into thought before nodding, “Thats right, I was negligent. Youre right, if the construction is too close to the Falling Star Manor, it will seriously affect Still. Since its like this…..how about we change it slightly here”

Xu Yi drew two lines on the map, removing the part of the industrial district near the Falling Star Manor and placing it somewhere else.

Like this, even if the industrial district is built, it would be over two kilometers away from the Falling Star Manor and wouldnt affect the surrounding area.

However, Seveni looked at the map and drew another circle on the map. She had placed the industrial district even further, being at least five kilometers away from the Falling Star Manor.

Xu Yi was speechless.

He felt that moving the industrial district two kilometers away was already quite a big gesture, but he never thought that Seveni would be more decisive, moving it more than double the distance away!

“This…..Seveni, if we do this, wouldnt it be abusing our power” Xu Yi couldnt help saying.

Seveni looked at him and gave a soft snort, “This is my decision as the City Lord, do you have any objections”

Of course Xu Yi could only shake his head.

Seveni looked over the map again and after changing some details, she pushed it back to Xu Yi.

“What do you think now”

Xu Yi took it and gave a bitter laugh, “If this plan was shown to chairman Rank and the others, they would definitely scold me.”

Seveni glared at him, “Based on what If you tell them that it was for Still, what would they still say If they really say anything, you can have them find me.”

Seeing the rare firm look from Seveni, Xu Yi couldnt help finding this funny.

He never thought that the gentle and calm Seveni who treated people kindly was a feminist, this wasnt vague at all.

“Alright, I believe that even if chairman Rank and the others have objections, they wont say anything.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Since you have already confirmed this, then this Banta City Magic Machine Industrial District has officially been decided. As for the concrete path, you need to discuss this with chairman Cruise. His Amrit Chamber of Commerce is very experienced in this, I think youll be satisfied.”

“I believe that.” Seveni nodded, “At least with how smooth the Banta City renovation is going, everyone is filled with praise for the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Its good that youre satisfied.”

The two discussed a few more details before Xu Yi planned to leave, but Seveni suddenly called out to him.

“I dont have anything to do today, Ill go take a look at Still.”

Xu Yi was surprised as he looked at Seveni, but after making sure she wasnt joking, he agreed after considering it.

After the two came out of the City Lord Manor together, Seveni looked at the luxurious horse carriage waiting outside and slightly knit her brows. She asked Xu Yi, “Xu Yi, last time you told me that your company had developed personal Magic Cars for family use and that it was very comfortable, it was even better than riding medium sized Magic Passenger Cars. Was that true”

“Of course it was.” Xu Yi thought about the luxury cars that ran across the streets on earth and gave a certain nod, “I guarantee that we will definitely develop this product and it will be well received by everyone.”

“Then when can you develop it I really want to ride it now.” Seveni asked.

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, “Im not certain on this. Right now the magic machine development center is mainly improving the transportation and the passenger Magic Cars, they are putting aside other research projects for now.”

“Un, those two are more important.” Seveni nodded before looking in the direction of the Fersen Carriage Company, “I have to admit, your words before about how the Magic Cars appearance could change the entire continent wasnt exaggerated at all. If there wasnt this Magic Car, our Banta City couldnt transport our cargo so easily to every part of the kingdom. Moreover, if I want to return to Anvilmar City from Banta City, if I head out in the morning, I could even rush back to eat dinner. I can come back whenever I want.”

“Actually the current Magic Car is far from being fast enough. In theory, Anvilmar City is less than two hundred kilometers away from Banta City, so if the Magic Car of my heart was developed, it would only take three to four hours to get there. That way you can set out in the morning and you could even reach Anvilmar City to grab lunch.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

“That fast” Seveni was a bit doubtful.

“A speed of sixty kilometers an hour isnt considered fast.” Xu Yi shook his head. If the F1 race cars he mentioned to Cantona before were developed, those monsters that could reach three to four hundred kilometers an hour wouldnt even need an hour to travel this measly two hundred kilometers.

Of course, the F1 race car had a high requirement for their track, so normal roads couldnt handle this speed.

If he wanted to keep increasing the speed of the Magic Car, other than upgrading the Magic Car itself, he also had to upgrade the conditions of the road.

But he was thinking too far ahead.

Only Banta City could barely be considered covered in roads in the Lampuri Kingdom and that was only on main roads. The roads to each village havent been completed yet, so there was no need to mention other cities.

As for the Sines Continent, only the Lampuri Kingdom had over two thousand kilometers of road. For the other kingdoms, only the Stantine Duchy had over two hundred kilometers of road.

As for the Rudson Kingdom, because there were some details that the Rudson Kingdom and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce couldnt agree on, the current speed was slow and they were far from being finished.

Of course, what Xu Yi was looking forward to the most right now was the Magic Airship that Evita was working hard to develop.

Compared to the Magic Car, the Magic Airship had more prospects if it was developed.

Moreover, although the speed of the Magic Airship couldnt compare to Magic Cars, the Magic Airships werent constrained by geography and could link different places together. Just this alone saved quite a bit more time compared to the Magic Car.

The more important thing was that because of the amazing functions of Wind Magic, the hardest part for airplanes on earth, which was lifting off was actually quite simple.

After solving this important problem, now they just needed to develop a suitable power source and the progress would go much faster.

When Xu Yi went to check on Evita in the magic research facility four days ago, Evita had told Xu Yi that her newly developed Magic Airship could already carry items as heavy as ten kilograms into the air.

With this speed, they would be able to achieve manned flight soon.

“Xu Yi, what are you thinking” Seveni reached a hand to wave in front of Xu Yis face, pulling him out of his thoughts.

“Oh…..I was thinking about what kind of personal Magic Car you would like.” Xu Yi came back to his senses and said this with a smile.

“It can be customized” Sevenis eyes lit up.

“Of course.”

“Good, I like something a bit smaller and something that doesnt look as rectangular as the current medium sized Magic Passenger Car, looking so crude. I also like a rather light and elegant colour, as well as some flower designs…..”

“Come, well talk after getting in.”

Seveni looked at the horse carriage on the side and said with a sigh, “Youve hooked my interest and now Im not interested in riding horse carriages at all.”

“But we cant just walk, right” Xu Yi revealed a smile. He gave an inviting gesture and entered the horse carriage that had been waiting a long time with Seveni.

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