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There was no need to guess, being able to create a motorcade of over twenty Magic Cars, there was no one else other than the Fersen Carriage Company.

Since the Fersen Carriage Company announced their transport fleet made completely of Magic Cars, they had taken all the transport business in Banta City in just a single month.

Sarkozy could make a living transporting the Ireland Chamber of Commerces goods to Cramer City because there wasnt much cargo, so there was no need to give this business to the Fersen Carriage Company. The most important reason was that he knew the Ireland Chamber of Commerces chairman Freeman through Cantona, so he received this job through relations.

Of course, his price being lower than the Fersen Carriage Company was also an important reason.

But no matter what, Sarkozy was just a small transporter taking a risk with a single Magic Car, he was far from being able to compare to the Fersen Carriage Company.

For those that could transport large amounts of cargo, only the Fersen Carriage Company had this ability currently.

Sarkozy looked at the powerful motorcade with a look of envy. He slapped the shoulder of Baltro who was in a daze and said in a sunken voice, “Lets go, dont look anymore. Baltro, just work with me in the future. If we work hard for a few days, we can buy a few more Magic Cars and can transport more goods. If we accumulate a few cars, perhaps we can even open a transport company.”

Baltro nodded before taking a look in the distance again. He saw that there was a familiar symbol on the last Magic Car at the rear.

“Yi It seems like this motorcade is carrying things for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Could it be that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is finally opening a factory in Cramer City”

Sarkozy looked back, but he didnt have the same good eyes as Baltro, so he couldnt see anything. After thinking about it, he said, “This isnt anything strange. Didnt the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announce a few days ago that they would be developing the magic machine industry They were preparing to invest in more places in the kingdom. They have already built a production base on Norton City and Canberra City, so it isnt strange for them to be in Cramer City.”

“Un, I just feel that its a bit too fast. This Frestech Chamber of Commerce just built a branch factory in Karma City a few days ago and now theyre starting to expand outwards, investing in all these different cities at once. Isnt their appetite a bit too big” Baltro said.

“What does it matter to you” Sarkozy looked at him, “How could we understand what an important person like chairman Xu is thinking Anyway, you know that he is more intelligent than us, what is there to worry If you have free time, you might as well think about what we should eat, Im already starving.”

Baltro laughed and thought that Sarkozy was right. This was not something that they should think about, so he shook his head to throw these thoughts away. He entered the Magic Car with Sarkozy and they drove off towards Cramer City.

What the two didnt know was that in the motorcade, in one of the Magic Cars, there were two people discussing Sarkozy.

“Do you see that transport Magic Car by the doors of the Fit Chamber of Commerce If my guesses arent wrong, that should be the car of the one called Sarkozy from Mexilan Village.” Chairman Pompeii pointed at the Magic Car in the distance outside the window.

Ankhto looked in that direction and doubtfully asked, “Chairman Pompeii, he should also be delivering goods from Banta City, right Doesnt that mean that he is a competitor of your company”

“Competitor” Chairman Pompeii revealed a proud smile and waved his hand, “Hes still far from comparing. For a small driver that only has a single car, how could he be a competitor for our company At most he is just taking a few leftovers out of our mouth.”

Ankhto revealed a faint smile, thinking that chairman Pompeii really was confident.

But he was right, compared to the Fersen Carriage Company that had over a hundred Magic Cars and all the transport business in Banta City, this kind of small driver wasnt worth being considered a competitor.

Looking at the two in the distance, Ankhto put down this issue and looked forward before asking, “We should be there soon, right”

Chairman Pompeii turned and gave a nod, “Un, well see it after passing the curve in front. Then again, Ankhto, why did chairman Xu send the household magic machine department manager here this time Were just sending some non-ferrous smelting equipment, it shouldnt be related to you.”

“It was my request.” Ankhto replied with a smile, “Im mainly here to see if there is room to develop the household magic machine market here, then I heard that there were some Magic Fan companies that had made some breakthroughs, which made some Magic Fans with some originality. I wanted to come and study them.”

Chairman Pompeii said with a smile, “What a joke, does your Frestech Chamber of Commerce need to study other companies If their Magic Fans can even be half as good as your Frestech Brand, it would already be good, but how could they be better than yours.”

“You cant say this.” Ankhto shook his head with a faint smile, “Although our Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed the Magic Fan sooner, we cant always be in the lead. For example, take the Fit Chamber of Commerce you just mentioned, their Magic Fan has some new ideas when it comes to the other structure, which the researchers from our company feel is quite good. So they wanted me to take a look at this Fit Chamber of Commerce.”

Seeing that Ankhto didnt seem like he was joking, chairman Pompeii gave a praise of sigh, “Your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is this ahead of others and youre still this careful, it really is admirable. But what are you planning to do I think that you want to at least get this structure, right If you cant, you could just buy the Fit Chamber of Commerce.”

“No, we can study it, but I wont do anything to the Fit Chamber of Commerce. Rather, I came this time because sir chairman specially told me to encourage and praise the Fit Chamber of Commerce, supporting them in developing these new structures. Sir chairman even said that if the Fit Chamber of Commerce is interested, we could consider giving them some more household magic machine production methods and helping their company develop.”

“Chairman Xu really said all this” Chairman Pompeii was stunned, “Its fine if he doesnt move against this Fit Chamber of Commerce, but he actually wants to help them develop Hes not afraid that the Fit Chamber of Commerce will be a threat to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce after it develops”

Ankhto gave a shrug, “If this Fit Chamber of Commerce really is strong enough to pose a threat to our company, then sir chairman will only be happy and wont have any other ideas.”

Chairman Pompeii was speechless. After being silent for a bit, he shook his head as he said with a sigh, “I really cant understand chairman Xu. He told me before that a company cant take all the business, we have to leave room for others to develop, so I didnt meddle in the taxi business that is appearing in Banta City and even allowed small transporters like Sarkozy to keep some work. But compared to chairman Xu who even develops his competitors…..I really cant understand.”

“I often dont understand what sir chairman is thinking.” Ankhto laughed, “But it doesnt matter as long I just do my work according to sir chairmans thoughts. I believe that sir chairman wont make a mistake.”

Chairman Pompeii shook his head, as if not agreeing with what Ankhto said, but he didnt say anything.

The two chatted for a bit and the motorcade had traveled over ten kilometers. They turned a corner to see a mountain and a valley appear in front of them.

In this valley that was surrounded by several large mountains, the left side mountain already had several mines. There were small cars that were transporting colourful ores out of the mountain, sending them to large factories that occupied half of the valley.

Looking at it from the outside, the factory was similar to the steel mill in the Falling Rain Valley, so one could tell that it was used to smelt ores.

Thats right, this was the non-ferrous metal mine and smelting factory that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Falcao Chamber of Commerce invested in together.

From being planned on Xu Yis trip to Anvilmar City last year and his discussion with Duke Jole, after eight months of preparations, it had finally opened and started production last month.

Because there was already the experience from the non-ferrous metal smelting factory at the Voller Tribe, once this factory was open, its smelting efficiency was very high.

In just less than twenty days last month, this small factory produced seventy three tons of pure copper, thirty two tons of tungsten, and two hundred and thirty thousand tons of lead ingot, as well as one ton of various test metals.

The non-ferrous metal vein outside Cramer City was very rich, with all kinds of variety. The copper that was smelted before was mainly used to satisfy the coin needs of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Other than copper which had some special use, the other non-ferrous metals were being used by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which they prepared to place in their various magic machines.

Right now the production of this non-ferrous metal smelting mine was much lower than the factory at the Voller Tribe. For the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the significance of this factory was mainly to partner with the Jole Familys company, allowing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to enter the kingdoms mineral trade.

So although the investment was high for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, other than managing production, they didnt meddle in this matter at all.

Ankhto was just coming here to take a look to display the Frestech Chamber of Commerces importance in this place, so this was just purely a symbolic visit.

But when Ankhto entered the smelting factory, he found that his trip wasnt in vain.

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