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A medium transport Magic Car was quickly moving along the road from Norton City to Cramer City.

Although forty kilometers an hour was considered slow on earth, for a world that still relied on horse carriage for transportation, this was already very fast.

Seeing the trees on both sides quickly passing by, Baltro gripped even tighter on the wheel as he stared right at the road in front of him, not daring to relax at all.

Sarkozy on the side saw Baltros tense appearance and said with a laugh, “I say, Baltro, why are you so nervous Youre not even going that fast, what are you afraid of”

Baltro stared at the road without turning, but he angrily said, “Nonsense, I just got my drivers license a few days ago, of course Im nervous.”

Sarkozy laughed, “Thats why I told you to get the license sooner, but you werent willing. Look at me, Im very relaxed when I drive this thing.”

Baltro was even angrier and wanted to scold him, but because he was too excited, his hand trembled and the wheel turned. It caused the vehicle to suddenly turn and almost fall off the road.

Sarkozy on the side was terrified and quickly reached out to grab the wheel, bringin the car back to the road and stabilizing them.

Baltro released the gas pedal and wiped the cold sweat off his head. Then he found time to glare at Sarkozy as he angrily said, “Stop inciting me, we almost got into an accident!”

Sarkozy was too shocked. Normally he would argue back, but he just nodded his head in a daze without saying anything.

The car maintained a speed of less than twenty kilometers an hour for a while, but Baltro couldnt help moving faster again.

After the experience from before, he had learned some tricks now. He no longer tightly held the wheel like before, rather he was much more relaxed in driving the Magic Car.

After running on the road for a while, Baltro curled his lips and said in an emotional voice, “No wonder the Frestech Chamber of Commerce needs everyone who drives a Magic Car to have a drivers license. If you dont practice, its quite easy for problems to occur.””

Sarkozy looked at Baltro and found that he was more relaxed compared to before. He was secretly surprised before he said, “Right. Didnt you see the Magic Car management rules from the City Lord Manor There are many things there that I found troublesome, but after driving this car for some time, I felt that these were very reasonable. For example, the rules say that one must have a seatbelt when driving, otherwise they would be fined. Look, if you hadnt put on the seatbelt just now, someone might have been thrown out and something bad could have happened to us.”

Baltro gave a slight nod, “Un, I have to tell my two kids about this when I go back. They also want their drivers license and if theyre not serious, itll be too late to regret it if something happens.”

Sarkozy looked at Baltro and laughed, “What Are you scared”

“Scared my butt!” Baltro angrily said, but this time, he firmly held the wheel while getting angry and didnt let it affect his driving like last time.

“Alright, its fine if youre afraid, its not something embarrassing. I was also quite afraid when I was driving for the first time, but its it fine once you get used to it” Seeing that Baltro really was worried, Sarkozy didnt tease him this time and gave him some rare words of comfort, “Then again, if you want to earn money, how could you not face a bit of danger. Look, as long as we deliver this stock of goods to Cramer City, well be able to earn three gold coins. We can do this in a day at its quickest, so how much money is that.”

“This is the transport fee that other people are paying you, did you not calculate how much money were spending on the road” Baltro asked.

“Theres not much spent on the road, at most its the lunch that we eat. Oh, if you want to talk about large consumption, its the Magic Crystal…..Wait, let me take a look…..” Sarkozy suddenly sat up and looked at the gauge on the dashboard before saying, “Its pretty much done. Well have to change the Magic Crystals when we reach Cramer City, otherwise we cant get back home.”

Baltro looked at the gauge and remembered the knowledge he learned when he was trying to get his drivers license. He confirmed that this gauge meant that more than half of the Magic Crystal had already been consumed.

“Didnt we fill it up when we left Banta City Cramer City is only two hundred kilometers away, how did we use it all” Baltro said with a frown, “Like this, wouldnt we have to carry a large batch of Magic Crystals if we want to go even further This thing consumes Magic Crystals too quickly.”

“Its fine, Magic Crystals are cheap anyway. A single run only uses ten silver coins, so its less than thirty silver coins for a round trip which isnt considered much.” Sarkozy waved his hand, not caring at all.

“Im not talking about this. My meaning is that if a Magic Crystal is consumed just from two hundred kilometers, how is the Fersen Carriage Company sending cargo to Sowell City that is over a thousand kilometers away” Baltro asked.

“What are you worried about You can buy Magic Crystals in any city, you can fill it up at any time.” Sarkozy said.

“But when I was learning for my drivers license, the Magic Car has a high request for Magic Crystals. Theres not enough power if it isnt a high grade Magic Crystal, which will affect the car. Moreover, even for high grade Magic Crystals, the difference in quality will affect the performance of the Magic Car. So doesnt this affect it a lot”

“I dont know.” Sarkozy gave a careless shrug, “Anyway, were only responsible for driving the car, what do you care so much”

Baltro shook his head. He was filled with doubts, but seeing that Sarkozy wasnt interested in this question, he gave up.

The transport Magic Car quickly moved across the road and after another hour, they finally arrived in Cramer City.

This transport Magic Car was filled with components that the Ireland Chamber of Commerce had them deliver. They were being sent to a new company in Cramer City that was producing Magic Fans and Magic Kettles.

After entering Cramer City, because there were more people, Baltro handed the car back to Sarkozy to drive.

With Sarkozys skilled driving, the transport Magic Car went in a half circle outside the city and arrived at the factory built outside Cramer City.

This was clearly not Sarkozys first delivery. When they saw the transport Magic Car come over, the guards at the entrance of the factory didnt ask anything as they opened the door, letting them come in.

A middle aged man wearing blue overalls came out of the factory, looking at the Magic Car with a smile.

“Hey, old man Sarkozy, you really are fast. I sent someone to Banta City to place the order three days ago and youre already here.” The middle aged man said with a smile, “With your speed, you should earn quite a bit in a month, right”

Sarkozy laughed, “Its not bad, but compared to you earning several thousand gold coins a month here, its far from being able to compare.”

The middle aged man waved his hand, “Its not that much, Im just trying to feed myself. Moreover, I have to thank other people for not coming here to steal my business. Otherwise, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce or other big companies build factories here, I would immediately have nothing left.”

Sarkozy curled his lip, “Forget it, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted to steal your business, how could you earn that much You wouldnt even be able to do business.”

“So Im always grateful to chairman Xu, thanking him for letting our small company have a path to live by.” The middle aged man said with a smile, “Of course, the Magic Fan and Magic Kettle are all filled with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces technology. It could be said that without chairman Xu or the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I would still be guarding my small patch of land each day, how could I have such a good life”

Sarkozy looked back at Baltro and laughed.

Of course Baltro knew that he was laughing at him being unwilling to give up his land, so he gave a cold snort. He ignored old man Sarkozy and said to the middle aged man in a confused voice, “Chairman Cherno, come take inventory of the goods. The sooner we hand it over, the sooner we can head back.”

Cherno nodded with a faint smile. He personally came to the back of the Magic Car and after carefully taking inventory, confirming that the goods were here, he handed three gold coins to Sarkozy.

“Come, come, old man Sarkozy, its hard for you to deliver all these goods here, so take this delivery fee.”

Sarkozy took the gold coins and didnt look over them as he threw them into his pocket. Then he and Baltro worked together with the employees Cherno called over to move the goods.

After everything was finished, old man Sarkozy declined chairman Chernos invitation for lunch. He grabbed Baltro and waved his hand as he said, “Come, its rare for you to come to Cramer City. Ill take you to get a drink and have some local specialties, I promise youll like them.”

The two entered their Magic Car and as soon as they drove out of the factory, they noticed a black shadow in the distance that was driving in their direction.

Looking carefully, it was a motorcade of at least twenty transport Magic Cars.

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