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Watching Seveni heading off in the horse carriage with the City Lord Manor symbol, Xu Yi waved his hand at Seveni who stuck her head out the window. Then he watched as the horse carriage carrying Seveni quickly headed off towards Banta City as he fell into thought.

According to the decree of the king through the Royal Parliament, whether it was her highness Seveni or his highness Eric, the time they had as City Lords was a term of three years.

Three years later, they would have to leave as City Lords no matter how good their performance was, so they only had three years to prove their ability to govern.

If they couldnt give results in these three years and prove themselves to everyone, it would without a doubt be a great disadvantage to them when it came to the battle for the throne.

Of course, if they could create good results, it would be giving themselves a good chip to use.

Xu Yi didnt know what the situation in Lorren City was and didnt care what his highness Eric planned to do, but he supported Seveni from the bottom of his heart. So since Seveni arrived at Banta City, he went to see her almost every day to talk to her.

Other than helping her understand Banta City, he also gave her all kinds of proposals.

Seveni had a very good advantage, which was that Count Stagg hadnt been the City Lord for long, so he hadnt seeped into the various places of Banta City. Compared to Count Sean who had been at Banta City for over ten years, his influence couldnt compare.

Although Count Sean had already left Banta City, his foundations were quite deep here and he supported Seveni. So after Seveni took over as City Lord, because of Count Sean, she easily controlled Banta City, enabling her to easily implement her ideas.

Adding in the fact that Xu Yi supported her and now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a strong influence in Banta City, it made it much easier for Seveni.

Developing agriculture and business together was something that Seveni had decided on with Xu Yi.

No matter what, agriculture is the base of the Lampuri Kingdom. Even if Seveni placed importance on business development, she couldnt give up on agriculture, so she had to attach importance to it.

But Seveni also knew how important business was to Banta City. Naturally she couldnt promote agriculture while suppressing business like Count Stagg did.

So, Xu Yis idea of changing agriculture to large scale production, as well as including crops other than wheat and rice was approved by Seveni. Then they used this day as a chance to put on a play for the three reporters to reveal this matter to the public.

Thinking of the lazy appearance Seveni had in his office, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling again.

This was his first time seeing this kind of Seveni.

Perhaps it was because this matter would decide her path in the next three years, so she was very exhausted and couldnt help revealing this kind of appearance.

Of course, this proved her trust towards Xu Yi, otherwise she would have maintained her appearance as a royal and wouldnt show this kind of improper appearance.

Xu Yi shook his head, not knowing if this was a good or bad thing.

After thinking for a bit, Xu Yi turned back into the fertilizer factory.

When he was thinking about talking to the elven factory manager Eric about the production problem, a medium sized Magic Passenger Car quickly came over and stopped in front of the fertilizer factory.

Xu Yi had just entered the door when he turned to see the sound.

He saw Cantona jump out of the drivers seat and Xu Yi said with a frown, “I say, Cantona, how many times have I told you that you cant drive that fast Are you not afraid of causing an accident Then again, your car wont be able to handle it if you drive like this.”

Cantona waved his hand in an uncaring manner, “Its fine, Im used to it, nothing will happen. Then again, chairman Xu, when can your Frestech Chamber of Commerce create faster Magic Cars When I drive this thing, I feel like the speed doesnt satisfy my cravings.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “You want to drive a F1 race car I guarantee itll satisfy your cravings.”

“F1 race car” Cantonas eyes lit up, “What kind of car is that Is it very fast How fast is it”

“How fast” Xu Yi gave a soft snort and pointed at the end of the road in the distance, “Do you see that For the fastest F1 race car, it can reach that end in the blink of an eye. Do you think its fast”

“Really” Cantona excited raised his brow before giving a bitter laugh, “Forget it, chairman Xu must be tricking me, how could there be such a fast Magic Car If it was really that exaggerated, you could reach Anvilmar City in less than an hour.”

Xu Yi curled his lips and was too lazy to call him uninformed. He looked at the transport Magic Cars on the road and asked Cantona, “What Youre here for more fertilizer”

“Right, its almost the harvest season for the Stantine Duchy, so I have to quickly bring fertilizer over ahead of time.” Cantona said with a nod.

“Un, I havent been there during this time, so I dont understand the situation. Have you made an estimate of how much rice well receive this time”

Hearing this question, Cantona immediately broke out in a wide smile and happily shook two fingers at Xu Yi.

“According to the estimates of the old Banta City farmers, its at least over two hundred thousand tons!”

“Oh This much” Hearing this number, Xu Yis expression changed a bit.

“Un! Its this much.” Cantona gave a joyful nod, “When I came back a few days, I specially looked over the fields and that scene…..Ze, ze, it really is too shocking! All the fields were filled with rice and each stalk of rice was bulging! Just a single glance could tell that the harvest would be shocking.”

“Un, the Stantine Duchy is already very good and adding in the fact that were using fertilizer, as well as having reclaimed over forty thousand hectares of land already, it would be strange if we didnt harvest this much.”

Xu Yi looked in the direction of the Stantine Duchy before looking in the direction Seveni left in, feeling a bit sad.

When he made a bet with Count Stagg last year, he promised that the harvest for his hundred hectares of land in the Stantine Duchy would surpass two hundred thousand tons.

Before the land was completely reclaimed and only two harvests had come, he had already surpassed this amount.

If Count Stagg knew about this, it was unknown how he would feel.

“Chairman Xu, since I bumped into you, I want to ask about the matter from last time…..Is it finished” Cantona asked with a nervous look.

Xu Yi gave him a smile, “Theres no problem and its even better than you thought. Not only has her highness agreed to contract the land from Koror Village, Kambia Village and Mexilan Village to your Cantona Chamber of Commerce, she even agreed to give you even more land. As long as your company can work with the City Lord Manor, everything is fine.”

“Really” Cantona immediately became excited, “Great! Our company will definitely work with the City Lord Manor! Whatever her highness wants us to do, we will do!”

“Good. The first request her highness has is to guarantee the fall harvest. If you cant exceed fifty thousand tons of wheat from these three villages, dont come and see her in the future.” Xu Yi said.

“Fifty thousand tons” Cantona calculated in his heart before laughing, “A small matter, just let her highness wait and see.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile. The farmland in Banta City this season was supported by the fertilizer and the land in these three villages surpassed twenty thousand hectares, so it was indeed a small matter to surpass fifty thousand tons.

But compared to basic food production, Xu Yi cared more about the deeper issue of processing food.

The reason why Seveni mentioned that agriculture could develop with business came from the confidence that Xu Yi could process these crops to increase their value.

The simplest example of this was the canned fruit factory at Koror Village.

Right now the canned fruit factory was producing a hundred thousand cans per month, which was selling well in the surrounding cities.

Although the price of each can was different, averaging them all together, with the output of a hundred thousand each month, this small canned fruit factory had sales of close to ten thousand gold coins with profits of over five thousand gold coins.

Although this sales number and profit was small compared to the other factories, from the perspective of the agriculture industry, this was a very shocking number.

It had to be known, for the villagers of Koror Village before, they earned less than a thousand gold coins in total.

Now that there was this canned fruit factory, the villagers of Koror Village had brand new houses and new Frestech Brand magic machines, increasing their standard of living.

Even last month, the village head had gathered funds from the villagers to buy three medium sized Magic Passenger Cars from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. They were used to transport Koror Village villages to Banta City or other places.

Because they witnessed the change with Koror Village, Kambia and Mexilan Village under the Cantona Chamber of Commerce also asked to change their crops and plant fruit trees to provide fruits for the canned fruit factory.

What the Cantona was doing now was for the villagers. He hoped that they could keep a bit of the land for basic crops to satisfy the needs of the City Lord Manor.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi looked at Cantona with a hint of a teasing look.

This fellow, does he really think the City Lord Manors request was that easy to achieve

When the requests of the City Lord Manor clashed with the requests of the villagers, lets see how he takes care of it.

But this matter was Cantonas headache alone. Compared to the agriculture industry, Xu Yi cared more about developing the industrial system.

Looking at the transport Magic Cars slowly driving by near them, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile.

With these things, it was equal to giving wings to developing the industrial system.

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