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Volume 3 “Thank you, elder Illusia.” Xu Yi sincerely expressed his gratitude to elder Illusia, “If it wasnt for you, I might have started fighting with Still.”

Elder Illusia shook her head with a faint smile, “No, chairman Xu, you were already calm, right I believe that with your love towards young miss Still, you wouldnt have really argued with her.”

Xu Yi looked back into the room and saw Vivian who had received the news and Agnes whispering with Still, laughing from time to time. He shook his head and said with a sigh, “Right, how could I be willing to fight with her But Im really worried that she wont pay attention to her body. If something really happens, itll be too late to regret it.”

“I said just now, a pregnant mothers body is stronger than you think, you dont need to worry.” Elder Illusia looked back into the room and said in an emotional voice, “Chairman Xu, Ive lived in this world for a long time and actually understand many things about you humans. To me, a man who cares about his wife this much is very rare.”

“If you cant treat your wife well, that man is a failure.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Not to mention that Still is such an outstanding wife.”

“I agree, young miss Still is very outstanding. Since I first saw her, I was moved by her innocence that wasnt weaker than us elves.” Elder Illusia looked back at Xu Yi and said with a smile, “But…..chairman Xu, it would be good if you could be this gentle to others.”

Xu Yi was surprised before he revealed a smile, “What Did Amelud complain to you about me”

“Its not as exaggerated as complaining.” Elder Illusia shook her head with a faint smile, “He just told me that you criticized him a few days ago and he was grateful to you. Because of your criticism, he began confronting the problems of the factory and he invited vice chairman Heinz to help him to teach him how to manage the factory better. Now the factory is much more efficient compared to before and he and the clansmen are much more relaxed.”

“Thats good.” Xu Yi nodded, “My goal was to see him increase efficiency, so he and the clansmen wont stay in the factory all day. That way they have more time to do other things and they wont let down your hopes in them.”

Elder Illusia took a deep look at Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, Im very grateful for your concern towards me and my clansmen. Being able to have a noble human as you as a partner, I am very happy.”

“This isnt anything, this is what I just promised you, so of course I would fulfill it.” Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile.

“There arent many humans like you with such virtue, otherwise we elves wouldnt be this careful towards humans and be worried about being lied to by humans.” Elder Illusia said with a sigh.

“Actually there are many humans who lie and hurt each other, but there are also many cases of human friendships.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “The difference is that we humans know how to distinguish people, knowing that being hurt and lied to is just one person and not related to the whole human race. So elder Illusia, I support your idea of letting elves come in contact with humans. As long as there are more exchanges, you will understand better and avoid being lied to as much as possible.”

“I understand, but there is a problem now.” Elder Illusia said.

“What problem”

“Although our Night Song Tribe has worked with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for close to two years, we dont have many chances to come in contact with humans. So there are many people who dont understand us elves and we havent really been integrated into human society, being accepted by humans.”

“You mean…..you want to find another method to let the elves have more contact with humans” Xu Yi asked.

“Yes.” Elder Illusia nodded, “Chairman Xu, Agnes told me that young miss Stills New Moon Chamber of Commerce recruited some young beastmen girls into a performance troupe to demonstrate the other side of beastmen to humans, changing their image of beastmen. Then do you think that there is a similar way to demonstrate another side of us elves to humans”

“It would be good if there were televisions in this world…..” Xu Yi muttered to himself. After thinking about it, he said, “Elder Illusia, I think that you wont accept performing in front of the humans, right”

“I indeed am not willing.” Elder Illusia gave a nod, “My clansmen wouldnt accept doing this, so chairman Xu, can you think of another way for us I know that you have a very clever mind, so you should be able to think of a way.”

“You really are overestimating me.” Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh, but he began thinking more seriously.

Elder Illusia made this request to him, which meant that she trusted him very much.

Otherwise, something that would change how humans saw elves and would decide the future development of the elves was something that she would not discuss with him.

Moreover, this meant that elder Illusia was planning to take another step forward into human society, which was something that Xu Yi was very happy to see.

Xu Yis mind thought of the various advertising methods from earth, but he found that there were few that suited the elves. If they wanted to achieve something that was long term and stable, it was even harder.

Xu Yi kept walking back and forth in thought out of habit. After walking around a few times, he looked at Still in the room and suddenly had an idea, turning back to elder Illusia with a smile.

“I have an idea.”


Only a few people knew about Still being pregnant at first, but in just a few days, it quickly spread. There was even a special report in the «Banta Times» about this, quickly spreading the news of Still being pregnant around Banta City and the surrounding cities.

Knowing that their Banta Goddess was not only married and was actually pregnant, there were deep sighs that came from Banta City and the surrounding cities.

But Still and Xu Yi had been married for a year, so everyone had basically stopped complaining about Xu Yi. After knowing that Still was pregnant, everyone gave sincere blessings and all kinds of gifts to the two of them.

A few days after the report in the «Banta Times», whether it was the Falling Star Manor or the Frestech Chamber of Commerces headquarters in the Falling Rain Valley, they received gifts from many different people from all over.

Just the gifts received at the Falling Star Manor was enough to fill two full rooms.

This didnt include the gifts that were so precious that they couldnt be put in the rooms.

For example, after learning that Still was pregnant, the Amrit Chamber of Commerces chairman Cruise bought the land near the Falling Star Manor and announced that he would build a luxurious manor there with the best construction team, building it for Xu Yis unborn child.

Chairman Cruise spent two hundred and thirty thousand gold coins just to buy this land and to construct this manor, it would cost at least two hundred thousand gold coins.

Adding it together, this gift was worth over four hundred and fifty thousand gold coins!

“This really is a big one, I cant compete at all.” Hannas shook his head with a sigh. He dug in his chest and took out a fine looking card to give to Xu Yi, “Compared to this, my gift is rather cheap.”

“The gift isnt important, Im very happy that you could specially come here from Anvilmar City.” Xu Yi casually received the card, but he was surprised after seeing it, “A lifelong membership card for the Shelton Inn Hey, I say Hannas, are you planning on making me move to the Shelton Inn But this thing is useless to me, right”

“Its not for you, its for your child. Dont you see that the card doesnt have a name on it” Hannas pointed at the card and explained, “This membership card can allow you to get five rooms at the Shelton Inn for free. If your child goes to Anvilmar City, they could stay at the Shelton Inn at any time.”

“When he goes to Anvilmar City, why cant he have you find a place for him, why would he go to the Shelton Inn”

Hannas laughed, “You dont understand The young people do things that they dont want us old people to know about. For example, if he likes some girl from Anvilmar City and wants to do something, he cant just bring the young miss to some uncle or aunts house, right”

Xu Yi snappily looked at Hannas, “Do you want my son to become a dandy in the future Then again, it might not be a boy, it could also be a girl.”

“Im just preparing this ahead of time, I dont care what it is.” Hannas gave a shrug, “Speaking of this, Xu Yi, do you want your first child to be a boy or a girl”

“It doesnt matter, but I rather hope that it is a girl because I like daughters better.” Xu Yi said.

“But you dont seem to have any other family members, right If you dont have a son, doesnt that mean your family wont have a successor”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes, “You nobles really are…..The first thing you think about is the matter of your familys successors.”

“You act like youre not a noble!” Hannas immediately shouted, “Dont forget, you are now a viscount, you are even higher than me as a baron!”

“Hei, thats you not working hard enough.” Xu Yi teased Hannas before continuing, “Besides, so what if my first child is a girl Still and I are still young, we can just give birth again, its not like we cant afford to raise them. It cant be that Still can never give birth to a son, right Not to mention that a girl can also inherit the family title.”

“Theres still a difference in the end.” Hannas shook his head, “Look at the case of his highness Eric and her highness Seveni……”

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows, “Those old conservative fellows are opposing her highness Seveni because she is a girl”

“Not really, its mainly because of benefits.” Hannas shook his head again, “But that is one of the main reasons the conservative faction is using to oppose her highness Seveni.”

“Then what does his majesty think”

“His majesty…..who knows what he is thinking.” Hannas had a very strange expression, “His majesty has been making very surprising decisions lately. Xu Yi, I promise that youll definitely be surprised soon.”

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