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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 65 - Taxi

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After listening to Krush, Mercado gave up on finding work at the Sandton industrial district. Rather he headed to the Falling Rain Valley, planning to participate in the drivers license exam at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

After personally experiencing the speed and comfort of the Magic Car, Mercado was certain that this thing would replace horse carriages. It would become the most used method of transportation in the Lampuri Kingdom and even the Sines Continent.

Then that drivers license would be necessary in the future. If he passed the test ahead of time, it meant that he would have an advantage compared to others.

But while Mercado was excited when he rode Krushs Magic Car to the Falling Rain Valley, after he arrived, he was heartlessly rejected by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

“Im sorry, we arent holding drivers license exams right now. If you want to apply, please patiently wait for a notice from our company.” The Frestech Chamber of Commerces receptionist was young, beautiful, and had a nice voice, but he was dissatisfied when he heard this.

“Why” Mercado angrily slapped the desk in front of him, “This Magic Car is clearly produced by your company and youre the ones who want people to take the exam, so now youre telling me that youre not holding exams Are you playing me Doesnt this mean that if I go and buy a Magic Car, but because I dont have a drivers license, wouldnt I have bought it for nothing Because I cant drive it at all! Tell me, how do you do business like this!”

Mercados raised voice echoed through the Frestech Chamber of Commerces lobby, immediately attracting everyones attention.

The receptionists face turned a bit red as she quickly shook her head and said, “Im sorry, this sir, I didnt mean that. This is the policy of our company. Moreover…..our company currently isnt planning on selling Magic Cars to individuals right now…..”

“Not selling to individuals” Mercados eyes popped out again, “Then who are you planning to sell to Only to the Fersen Carriage Company Could it be that we normal people arent qualified to buy it”

Seeing Mercados fierce expression, the receptionists face turned completely red. She could only shake her head and couldnt say a single word.

Although she had been the receptionist for some time, the guest that came here all admired the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so they were very polite to her. How could they be as fierce as Mercado was now It really made it hard for her to adapt.

Seeing that the receptionist was speechless, Mercado became even angrier.

Because he had been unemployed for half a year, Mercado had a lot of pressure. Now that he had finally found a chance for better work with the drivers license, but he was told that he couldnt test for one, it immediately made the anger he had over the last half a year explode.

“Let me tell you, if your Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesnt let me test for a drivers license, youre discriminating against us normal people. Ill tell…..”

Mercado had just said this when he felt someone tapping his shoulder and he angrily waved his hand.


That person tapped his shoulder once again.

Mercados anger surged and without caring, he turned and sent out a punch.

However, this punch seemed like it had hit a soft but firm wall, scattering all the power behind this fist.

Mercado looked at the tornado that surrounded his right fist in a daze before looking up at the person in front of him, immediately becoming shocked. It was like a tub of cold water fell over him and his legs turned soft as he fell to the ground.

Xu Yi shook his head and waved his hands at the guards, stopping them from coming over. He reached out towards Mercado on the ground and said with a faint smile, “This sir, no matter how you feel about our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, you dont need to yell at such a young girl like this, right Getting angry doesnt solve your problem. If you have opinions, you can calmly express them. If we can solve them, then I think that we will be happy to help you.”

Mercado looked at Xu Yi in front of him. That anger that filled his mind completely disappeared and all that was left was shame. He wished that he could dig a hole to jump into.

Too embarrassing!

It really was too embarrassing!

He had actually yelled at a young girl in front of all these people and had even cursed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in their domain!

The most important thing was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu had seen him!

“I…..I…..I dont have any opinions, just…..I just lost control of my emotions…..” Mercado couldnt meet Xu Yis eyes at all, as he kept looking around while answering, “That…..Xu…..Chairman Xu, you…..you shouldnt mind it. I…..I was just impulsive and…..didnt mean anything.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I can understand that everyone will feel like that sometimes. But this sir, I heard you say that you wanted to take the test for a drivers license”

Hearing this question, Mercado remembered his goal. Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu was in front of him, how could he miss this great chance

He ignored his shame and embarrassment as he looked at Xu Yi with an expectant look and said, “Right, I rode the Fersen Carriage Companys new public transportation line and heard the driver mention that a Magic Car requires a license, so I came to ask about it. Chairman Xu, why arent you holding tests for drivers licenses right now I feel that there is a lot of promise with these Magic Cars, so there will definitely be people who want to test for drivers licenses in the future.”

Xu Yi looked at him with a bit of surprise, “You just heard it from a driver and you wanted to take the test”

“Un, because I feel that the Magic Cars will definitely replace the horse carriages, so its better to get the drivers license as soon as possible.” Mercado said with a nod.

Xu Yi smiled as he looked over Mercado again. He thought that this fellow who looked hysteric just now had quite the insight.

“It will definitely be opened, but it is currently being prepared and there are many things that havent been finished yet, so it isnt open for now.” Xu Yi explained, “If you really want to take the test, you can wait for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce to announce it.”

Although it was the same answer, Mercado definitely didnt dare shout at Xu Yi. He could only honestly agree, but he didnt give up as he asked, “Then chairman Xu, why will the Magic Cars be sold to normal people like us”

Xu Yi asked back in an interested voice, “What are you planning on buying the Magic Car for”

Mercado scratched his head and said in an embarrassed voice, “This…..I was riding on the medium sized Magic Passenger Car and felt that with how fast it ran and how comfortable it was, it would definitely be popular for traveling long distances. So I thought…..You see, there are many places the Fersen Carriage Companys public transport system doesnt reach and if there was a Magic Car that specially brought them to those places which could be called at any time, it would definitely be popular.”

Xu Yi looked at Mercado with a look of surprise. If he didnt misunderstand, this Mercado actually wanted to buy a Magic Car to use as a taxi

This fellow didnt seem that special, but he never thought that his mind for business would be this good. He was able to step ahead of everyone else and come up with the concept of a taxi!

Seeing the strange expression on Xu Yis face, Mercado thought that he had said something wrong. He revealed an awkward smile, “This…..Chairman Xu, do you think that my idea is laughable”

“No, its not laughable at all.” Xu Yi quickly shook his head, “It should be that I admire your idea, but just one or two is too petty. How about this, you can go to the Fersen Carriage Company to see chairman Pompeii and say Im introducing you. I think that chairman Pompeii will definitely be interested in your idea and would be very happy to discuss it with you.”

Xu Yi actually took a piece of paper from the receptionist and wrote a simple letter of introduction, which caused Mercados heart to almost explode with excitement.

Chairman Xu was actually recommending him to the Fersen Carriage Companys chairman Pompeii! He also said that chairman Pompeii would be interested in his idea!

Great! I, Mercado can have a day like this!

Being able to connect with important people like chairman Xu and chairman Pompeii, he would definitely become rich!

Xu Yi put his personal seal on the letter of introduction and gave it to Mercado who didnt know what to do with his excitement. He patted him on the shoulder and had a guard on the side send him off before returning to the people who had been waiting on the side.

“Sorry, Ive made you wait for a small matter.” Xu Yi said to everyone with a smile.

“How so” The Sarank Chamber of Commerces chairman Rank waved his hand with a smile, “Weve seen how magnanimous chairman Xu is through this small matter. You could have just chased this fellow out, but you actually listened to him, helped him come up with a plan, and even introduced him to chairman Pompeii. It really is admirable.”

“Thats right. Although I always thought that chairman Xu is a generous person who didnt care about the small stuff, I never thought that chairman Xus heart is this open. Youre even willing to calmly talk to this kind of person, I really cant admire you anymore.” The Armani Chamber of Commerces chairman Vincent also had the same praise.

Even the Falcao Chamber of Commerces chairman Morgan who didnt always have the best relationship with Xu Yi also nodded as he praised, “Indeed, chairman Xu makes me feel ashamed. I think that you wouldnt make us look that bad later, dont you think, chairman Xu”

Xu Yi looked over the three of them and gave a cold laugh in his heart.

These three fellows were calling him “magnanimous” and “open hearted” was to remind him to make some concessions later.

But it was a pity that for the Magic Car technology that they wanted, he couldnt give relent at all and could only make them disappointed.

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