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From the distant corner, what slowly came to the stop wasnt the same horse carriage that he was familiar with. Rather it was a white and green iron box that was rectangular with a width and height of three meters and a length of five to six meters!

This giant iron box had green tilted square glass windows that were reflecting the light of the morning sun. It created a slightly green glow as it headed over.

Seeing this strange sight, many people were shocked.

When that giant iron box stopped in front of everyone, one person suddenly reacted and loudly shouted, “I remember now, this is that medium sized Magic Passenger Car that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has just invented for transporting people!”

With this reminder, everyone started reacting.

“Right, right, the «Banta Times» had reported this a while back, how could I forget”

“Ha, ha, so it was the medium sized Magic Passenger Car. It doesnt seem like the picture in the «Banta Times» at all, so I didnt recognize it.”

“Thats right, I couldnt see anything from the picture in the «Banta Times», but seeing it now, hei. Although it does seem a bit rough, it does seem solid.”

“Right, this thing was made by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it should be as solid as the other magic machines, right”

“Youll know once you get on.”

When this was said, everyone woke up and began heading towards the open door in front of them.

When they entered this medium Magic Passenger Car, everyone found that the space inside was much bigger than the horse carriages from before.

There were over ten people at this stop and if it was the public transportation horse carriage from before, they would have filled a single horse carriage without any extra space.

But in this medium sized Magic Passenger Car, there was a large space to freely move around in.

Moreover, there were rows of seats that one could easily fit in. After they entered the vehicle, almost everyone could easily find a seat to sit in.

“Not bad, its quite cool.” Mercado sat down in a seat by the window and feeling the sensation from under his butt, he gave a satisfied praise.

The seat should be made of plastic, it should have been made by the Night Song Tribe plastic processing factory that the citizens of Banta City were gradually becoming familiar with. It felt cool to sit on, it was perfect for winter.

When everyone was looking around, the person who was sitting in the first seat on the left side of the Magic Passenger Car turned around and shouted to everyone, “Hey, you guys, dont just look at the car and pay the fare first!”

Everyone was stunned before looking at that person. They noticed that this person was the public transport carriage driver that they were familiar with, Krush.

After being surprised, everyone broke out in laughter. Then one person asked in a worried voice, “Hey, Krush, this medium sized Magic Passenger Car seems better than the horse carriage from before. Does that mean the fare is more expensive now”

Hearing this question, the others looked at Krush with concerned looks.

Compared to what this medium sized Magic Passenger Car looked like, this was the question they cared about the most.

Krush curled his lips before saying with a laugh, “Relax, although the carriage has changed, the fare has actually dropped. If youre riding from here to the Sandton industrial district, the fare has gone down from three silver coins to two silver coins.”

Hearing that the price had dropped, everyone let out a sigh of relief even though they were surprised. They praised the Fersen Carriage Company for being a company with a conscience. They had changed to a better vehicle, but the fare had decreased instead.

However, Krush added in, “But I must remind you, this public transport line now has unmanned fees. As long as you get in the car, you have to throw two silver coins into this box. Its two silver coins no matter where you go, it wont be more or less.”

Everyone looked at the box that Krush was pointing at beside him and Mercado couldnt help asking, “Then youre saying that if Im only heading two stops up, it still costs two silver coins”

Krush replied with a nod, “Thats right.”

“Ah Isnt this too much”

“Thats right, it costs two silver coins for a little bit of road, its too expensive. I might as well walk.”

“Hey, I just said that the Fersen Carriage Company was a company with a conscience and now its this black hearted. Are you playing me”


Hearing everyones arguments, Krush said with a laugh, “If youre not satisfied with this price, thats fine. You can get off and ride a public transport horse carriage, it still follows the same price as before. But dont blame me for not reminding you when you regret it later.”

Everyone looked at each other. There were five people who hesitated before getting out. It was clear that because their travel distance was short, it wasnt effective for them to spend two silver coins.

Krush looked at the remaining eight and asked, “Then youve decided to ride this car”

The eight all nodded.

“Alright, then come over and throw in two silver coins. Remember, if youre riding this car in the future, throw your money in when youre getting on. I wont be reminding you.”

Seeing the eight throw in two silver coins, Krush pressed a button on the control panel in front of him and the door that was open was automatically closed.

Seeing this, eight people in the car couldnt help praising it.

This medium sized Magic Passenger Car was something made by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it really was amazing.

“Alright, side down, were about to start moving!” Krush suddenly called out. He didnt move at all, but everyone felt the car shake. There was a slight humming that came from below them as the giant car slowly began moving forward.

Although from the series of reports that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had put in the «Banta Times», they knew that this Magic Car didnt need a horse to start moving, when they experienced it moving themselves, they couldnt help staring at it in shock.

There were clearly no horses pulling and there wasnt anything else pushing it, so how could this large iron box move the eight of them and Krush forward

This…..This was simply too amazing!

This medium sized Magic Passenger Car was quite slow at first, but as it began moving forward, it gradually began moving faster. After a while, it actually surpassed the speed of a public transportation horse carriage.

When they drove out of Banta City and got on the road to the Sandton industrial district, the Magic Passenger Car began moving even faster.

When the speed finally became steady, the eight people saw the scenery flying past them in the window and they opened their eyes in shock, being unable to say a thing.

With their current speed, wouldnt they reach the Sandton industrial district in just over ten minutes

Mercado looked at the scenery outside in a daze. After thinking about it, he went to Krushs side and looked at the round thing that was in Krushs hand. When he turned it left, the Magic Car turned left and when he turned it right, the Magic Car turned right, as if it was aware of this change.

“Hey, Krush, is this round thing what controls it” Mercado asked.

“Dont talk to me!” Unexpectedly, Krush didnt reply to his answer and just quickly said this to him.

Mercado was stunned and seeing the nervous expression on Krushs face, he instantly understood.

It seemed like Krush wasnt skilled with driving this medium sized Magic Passenger Car, so he needed to fully concentrate when he was driving it.

Understanding this, Mercado no longer bothered him and sat back down.

This Magic Car went at a speed that was twice the speed of the horse carriages on the road outside the city. It stopped at several stops and two people got on before they arrived at the Sandton industrial district.

Finally when they stopped at the stop outside Sandton Manor, Mercado roughly estimated that it took them around twenty minutes to come here from Banta City.

Compared to before when it took half an hour or over forty minutes to reach this place, it saved quite a bit of time.

Watching the other passengers get off, Mercado thought for a bit. He didnt get off the car and went to the Krush sitting in the front. He asked Krush with a smile, “Hey, Krush, how about you tell me about this thing You seem nervous, is it your first time operating this”

Krush looked at him and said with a cold snort, “How could it be the first time Let me tell you, to drive this thing, you have to get a drivers license from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. To get a drivers license, of course you have to pass the various training and tests of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If you cant pass, you cant get a drivers license and you cant drive it.”

After saying this, Krush had a somewhat proud look on his face like having a license was something to be proud of.

Mercado was a bit surprised, “Drivers license What is that”

“You dont know” Seeing that Mercado was confused, Krush laughed before becoming more proud. Seeing that no one was getting on, he calmed down and explained to Mercado, “You saw it when you were in the car, right This car goes so fast and if it were to hit someone, or if I were to hit a ditch in the side of the road, wouldnt it be bad”

Mercado thought about it before nodding, “Un, indeed. With how fast it is, something definitely would have happened.”

“So this drivers license means that you are confident in driving and the drivers license proves that you are confident. Let me tell you, at the Frestech Chamber of Commerces test, the scenarios were even harder than driving this. The worst test was when they had me park this in between two cars with only just a single iron sheets width between the cars, thats considered hard…..”

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