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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 63 - Decided to buy

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On the way to the Falling Rain Valley, chairman Pompeii and chairman Cruise couldnt understand the meaning and value of the drivers license that Xu Yi mentioned.

To them, a horse carriage was quite hard to drive and it couldnt be done without several years of training, but they had never heard of a horse carriage driver needing a license to drive their carriages. Why would you need a license to drive a Magic Car

But when the two of them arrived and saw the Magic Car speeding across the special course built near the northern cliff, they were shocked. They instantly understood why Xu Yi required drivers to test for a drivers license before driving the Magic Car.

“This…..Isnt this too fast!” Chairman Cruise saw the car that was speeding by before quickly turning into a blur, leaving behind only a small black dot and muttered in a stunned voice, “Gods above, if one was hit by this thing, how could they keep going.”

Chairman Pompeii was also excited other than looking stunned.

He narrowed his eyes and stared right at the speeding black dot. Comparing it in his heart, he found that this thing was only just a bit slower than when a horse was charging at full speed!

But if a horse charges at full speed, it wouldnt last long. Since he saw this Magic Car, it had maintained this speed for ten full rotations of the track, running at least ten kilometers!

“Xu…..Chairman Xu, this…..Im afraid its not just thirty five kilometers an hour…..” Chairman Pompeii looked at Xu Yi with a tremble in his voice.

Xu Yis face twitched as he looked at Camby inside the Magic Car that had just finished a lap, not knowing whether to be happy or angry.

When the Magic Car was developed last time and Camby gave him the first official demonstration, it was kept at thirty five kilometers an hour. Why was it that this fellow made this Wind Magic Engine that Xu Yi didnt consider outstanding to start out at a speed of fifty kilometers per hour

Although this performance had shocked chairman Cruise and chairman Pompeii, leaving a deep impression of the Magic Car on them, Xu Yi knew that to maintain this speed, for the first generation Magic Car that wasnt considered perfect was actually a burden. It consumed a lot of energy from this Wind Magic Engine and couldnt be maintained for long.

Naturally this technical issue wasnt something that he could explain to chairman Pompeii, so Xu Yi could only say with a nod, “Un, this Magic Cars max speed is over fifty kilometers per hour, but I dont suggest maintaining this speed since it will damage the Magic Car……”

“Chairman Xu, no matter what, sell one to me first!” Before Xu Yi finished, chairman Cruise cut Xu Yi off.

“Right, it doesnt matter what the price is, sell me one as well!” Chairman Pompeii had the same excited look, even brandishing his fist in excitement.

Xu Yi looked at the two of them in surprise, “You…..are you buying it for yourselves Why”

“Youre still asking why” Chairman Cruise laughed. He pointed at the Magic Car moving at high speeds and loudly said, “Look, a Magic Car that can move that fast, how refreshing is this! Then again, I have to buy one for myself to satisfy my craving!”

Chairman Pompeii also said, “Right! It must be refreshing to drive this thing. Ive always had a dream of flying across the land on a horse, but my body doesnt allow me to do that. Now that Ive seen a Magic Car that can actually run as fast as a horse, wouldnt I be excited”

Xu Yi was speechless. There was a saying on earth that a car was a mans second wife and it seemed like this phrase was the same on the Sines Continent.

It had to be said that chairman Cruise and chairman Pompeii were people with experience. Now that they were seeing this Magic Car that Xu Yi considered imperfect and couldnt compare to the cars from earth, they were actually this excited.

It was no wonder that although the top race cars on earth were expensive, there were countless people who wanted them and they looked proud buying them.

“This…..If you want it, its very simple. Since we are partners, I can specially order two for you based on your specifics, but you should first tell me, are you satisfied with the performance of this Magic Car” Xu Yi asked.

Hearing Xu Yis serious question, the two gradually calmed down. Chairman Pompeii looked at the Magic Car that stopped in front of them with Xu Yis signal and after thinking about it, he said with a nod, “Im satisfied with the max speed, but chairman Xu, how will this Magic Car transport goods and people Its this small…..”

This Magic Car wasnt big, strictly speaking, it was just four wheels on an iron sheet. Then there were metal frames that secured the Wind Magic Engine and the other parts with a drivers seat included. It was considered the most simple structure.

After all, this was the first generation Magic Car, so Xu Yis requests were to make it as simple as possible. Therefore the magic machine development center worked with the design department to finally create this design.

It was simple, but it didnt look good. It was close to what a tractor looked like on earth and it didnt even have a windshield.

This simple car wouldnt be able to transport goods or people, so chairman Pompeii asked this question.

Xu Yi didnt reply and he waved his hand. The workers on the side ran to a warehouse to pull out a carriage with four wheels. Then they connected the carriage to the back rim of the Magic Car in front of chairman Cruise and chairman Pompeii.

“See, as long as the trailer is added on, you can put in goods.” Xu Yi waved his hand and the workers put all kinds of things inside.

Chairman Pompeii secretly calculated it and he couldnt help feeling surprised when he saw that these things surpassed at least a ton.

When the things were loaded in, Xu Yi called out to Camby who wasnt willing to get out and he started the Magic Car again.

With the hum from the Wind Magic Engine, Xu Yi couldnt help secretly knitting his brows when he heard this.

It had to be said, the Wind Magic Engine wasnt strong enough.

This wouldnt appear when there was no cargo, but this was demonstrated when it was transporting large amounts of cargo.

But chairman Cruise and chairman Pompeii didnt know anything about this, so they couldnt tell that something was wrong like Xu Yi.

They only saw that after the Magic Car made some noise, it began slowly moving. In a while, it was running down the road at high speeds with over a ton of cargo.

Although it was clearly slower compared to before, it still surpassed their expectations. It was clearly much faster than when horse carriages were used to transport cargo.

The two watched the Magic Car tow this cargo around the track ten times at high speeds before chairman Pompeii suddenly turned to Xu Yi. He asked with a serious look, “Chairman Xu, give me your price.”

Xu Yi asked with a faint smile, “What You decided to buy”

Chairman Pompeii gave a laugh, “Let those damn horse carriages be damned! Alright, chairman Xu, give me a fair price, Ive already decided to buy it.”

Xu Yi looked at hairman Cruise and saw that he was waiting for his answer, so he couldnt help revealing a smile.


Mercado left his home early in the morning.

Although the sun had just come up, it was hot because it was mid June. When he arrived at the Fersen Companys stop by his house, he was already covered in sweat.

However, the heat from his body couldnt counter the excitement and expectation in his heart. He didnt feel any discomfort at all.

Great! That damn Count Stagg was finally getting the hell out of Banta City!

When he thought of the report in the «Banta Times» that Count Stagg would be leaving soon, Mercado really wanted to break out in laughter.

Because that bastard insisted on carrying out his agricultural promotion policies, the companies had all left Banta City. It caused people like him who couldnt leave Banta City for work to lose their jobs for the last half a year. In the end, he had to stay home for the past half a year and rely on his savings to pass his days. He couldnt even bear to repair his Magic Air Conditioner when it broke.

But now it was good, that bastard was finally leaving and the companies were coming back. As for Mercado, he could find a job without having to leave Banta City!

Thinking of how he would be riding the public horse carriage to the Sandton industrial district, Mercade became excited.

Since the Frestech Chamber of Commerce opened a new fertilizer factory in the Sandton industrial district, the other companies seemed to have received a signal. They began opening all kinds of factories in the Sandton industrial district, with many of them flying the banner of supporting the agricultural sector.

Now that the Sandton industrial district seemed as prosperous as two years ago, the factories were all recruiting workers.

Mercado decided to head to the Sandton industrial district today. He heard that several companies were hiring, so he wanted to test his luck.

He believed that with his experience working for the Ireland Chamber of Commerce, it wouldnt be hard for him to find another job.

When he was thinking about how to introduce himself in the interviews later, Mercado felt that there were more people around him.

He knew that the Fersen Carriage Companys public transport carriage was coming, so he stopped thinking and looked in the direction of the public transport carriage.

But when he looked up, he was as stunned as everyone around him.

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