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When he opened the door to the private lab, he saw Great Magician Camilla holding two steel plates that were ten centimeters long, five centimeters wide, and a centimeter thick. The two steel plates were put together and there was a small took with a strange probing head, currently slowly moving along the two steel plates.

He couldnt see what Great Magician Camilla was doing by the door, but when he came to the lab bench, he saw that wherever Great Magician Camillas small tool moved, the area of steel on the two steel plates quickly melted.

After the head went by, the molten steel congealed. After the head went around once, the two steel plates were firmly stuck together.

Xu Yi took the two steel plates from Great Magician Camillas hand and turned it around, finding that the two steel plates were tightly fused. It didnt shake at all from his movements, like they were linked to each other.

“Grandfather, you truly are powerful. You made a breakthrough in this short period of time. Look now, isnt this Magic Welding Technology complete” Xu Yi praised.

Great Magician Camilla gave a sigh and shook his head, taking back the steel plates from Xu Yis hand before forcefully bending them.


With a clean sound, the two steel plates that seemed tightly sealed split apart.

Great Magician Camilla turned to Xu Yi beside him and said, “Do you see it, currently it cant go past a depth of three centimeters. It cant fuse the two steel plates together at all, so this technology is far from being complete.”

Xu Yi took the two steel plates and put them back together before looking it over. He couldnt help smiling, “Grandfather, I never thought that your progress would be this quick, so I forgot to remind you. If you want to weld two steel plates together, you cant do it with the steel plates themselves. Its too difficult to fuse the steel plates together, so you need to use a welding wire to satisfy this need.”

“Welding wire”

“Un…..” Xu Yi looked around. He took a piece of scrap iron from the table filled with steel and handed it to Great Magician Camilla, “Try using this welding wire and melt it between the two plates, see how it works”

Great Magician Camilla took the small wire and carefully looked at it for a bit before placing two steel plates back on the table, putting them together. Then he put the thin iron plate between the two steel plates and took the small tool with his right hand, as he moved it along the line of the iron bar.

There was a dark yellow light that came from the head as the thin iron bar quickly turned into molten iron. In the crevice, the molten iron began to melt the surrounding metal.

Great Magician Camilla carefully moved this head across the iron. When the thin iron plate was melted, only two thirds of the steel plates had been welded and there wasnt a space to continue welding.

Xu Yi quickly gave him another iron plate. Great Magician Camilla took it and moved a bit faster as he finished welding the rest of the steel plates.

When he was done, Great Magician Camilla carefully looked over the fused steel plates and found that compared to the previous experiment, the steel plates were much more firmly connected.

When he picked up the steel plates to bend, he found that he couldnt move them at all. He couldnt break them even if he used his full force.

“This is more like it.” Great Magician Camilla gave a satisfied nod as he gave the steel plate to Xu Yi, “Can you break it If a young man like you cant break it, this should be good.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Im not stronger than you. If you cant break it with all your strength, I cant do it.”

“Oh Then this welding technology is complete” Great Magician Camilla asked.

“Not certain.” Xu Yi took the steel plate and pulled the table, creating a small space in the lab bench. He put the steel plate inside before taking another steel plate and smashing it towards it.


With this large sound, the welded steel plate was broken and fell off the table, falling to the ground.

Great Magician Camilla revealed a disappointed look.

“This wont work, what should we do”

Xu Yi picked up the two pieces with a smile and after looking it over, he turned back to Great Magician Camilla, “Look, there is an air bubble inside, so it didnt weld properly. As long as we solve this small problem, the quality should be ensured.”

“But I feel that even like this, it is impossible for it to be solid. When it is hit by a strong force, it will still break off.” Great Magician Camilla said with knit brows, “Could it be that this Magic Welding Technology is useless in the end”

Xu Yi laughed and shook his head, “Grandfather, you cant be depressed. This Magic Welding Technology is not useless, rather it is very important. You just dont know enough about welding, so the welding quality isnt good and this result occurred. In this regard, I think that youre no good, but the dwarven craftsman should be better. I feel that you should work together with them to continue this research.”

“Un, that is right.” Great Magician Camilla nodded, “I am only good in magic, this smelting should be left to the blacksmiths.”

“Right, then again, this Magic Welding will not be used to weld things together. Itll mainly be used to connect things and seal things, so it wont be hit this hard and theres no need to be this strict.” Xu Yi then added, “Then again, this technology has a large room for improvement, so theres no need to rush.”

“Why not” Great Magician Camilla glared at Xu Yi, “Cambys group has already finished the Magic Engine, if I cant solve this Magic Welding problem, wouldnt I be losing face”

“So the concrete use isnt something you need to study, you just need to focus on this.” Xu Yi took the small tool Great Magician Camilla put on the side, “The Magic Welding Torch is what you need to seriously study. Just right now, it could be considered finished. You just need to carve the transforming array on this Magic Welding Torch and then give it a concrete blueprint. As for how to build it, you can just leave it to Cambys group to study.”

“Why do I feel Ive become useless based on what you said” Great Magician Camilla knit his brows as he said this.

“How could that be possible!” Xu Yi quickly refuted it, “Grandfather, you are studying magic machines, magic is the most important part, so how could you be useless If it wasnt for you developing this Magic Array, this Magic Welding Torch wouldnt have appeared! So you play the most vital part, no one can compare to you!”

“Alright, stop flattering me. I know what I have to do.” Although Great Magician Camilla glared at Xu Yi, he was still amused by Xu Yi. He asked with a smile, “Also, what happened with your trip to the Stantine Duchy this time Did it go smoothly”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “In front of the edge of money, could there be problems that cant be solved”

“What How much money did those greedy fellows want from you”

Xu Yi said with a bitter smile, “It would be good if they just said what they wanted, but the problem is that they want some face, so most of the time they just give me hints and not an actual number. In the end, I have to guess their real intentions and I have to be afraid that they are not happy because it isnt enough when I give them money. Ai, it really brings tears to my eyes. Its so hard to give people money now.”

“Humph, those fellows will sell the Stantine Duchy eventually.” Great Magician Camilla looked at Xu Yi and pointed at him, “Perhaps you might be the one who buys it.”

“If possible, I really want to buy it.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Although the Stantine Duchys people arent that great, they have quite the good natural resources. If I could get that piece of land for myself, it would be good.”

“You think I dont know what schemes a kid like you has” Great Magician Camilla gave a cold snort, “In my opinion, a place that you like will eventually end up in your hands, right But thats good, with how greedy those people are, it is better for you to take over. At least you care about giving the normal citizens a good life.”

“As long as Count Stagg in the Lampuri Kingdom understood my pains like you did, it would be enough.” Xu Yi said in an emotional voice.

“In your dreams, his granddaughter didnt marry you.” Great Magician Camilla suddenly said, “But I heard that Count Staggs youngest daughter hasnt been married yet and shes twenty seven this year, are you interested”

Xu Yi quickly waved his hand, “Grandfather, please dont make this kind of joke. If I really had this idea, wouldnt you beat me up before Still could”

“Humph, its good you know!” Great Magician Camilla turned back to his lab bench as he said, “Still already knows about that little girl called Teresa, take care of it yourself.”

Xu Yi couldnt help complaining to himself, he had only met Teresa twice.

The reason it created this misunderstanding should be because Teresa was staying in the Falling Star Manor.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi said goodbye to Great Magician Camilla and headed for the new magic research facility in the Falling Rain Valley.

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