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When they arrived in the Falling Rain Valley, Xu Yi jumped out and bid farewell to chairman Cruise.

Xu Yi didnt ask chairman Cruise to come in to rest because he knew that chairman Cruise must be thinking about the new profits that he mentioned on the way here, so he wanted to rush back to Banta City to consider it.

Xu Yi was even certain that after chairman Cruise returned to Banta City, he would immediately explore the shores of the river that he mentioned before. If nothing unexpected happened, he would meet Count Stagg and would want to buy the river bank to develop commercial housing.

Thats right, the new method of earning profit Xu Yi gave the Amrit Chamber of Commerce was to develop commercial housing.

To put it strictly, this wasnt completely new because commercial housing was a construction project that the Amrit Chamber of Commerce was good at before, but now they were expanding on it.

But the real concept of commercial housing hadnt appeared in the Lampuri Kingdom or on the Sines Continent yet because there were few people and plenty of land. For most of the normal people, they just wanted a house that could keep out the elements, they didnt need a high quality for the house.

After Xu Yi proposed this, chairman Cruise immediately gave his opposition.

The Amrit Chamber of Commerce has been in the construction business for so many years, so naturally they understood the industry very well. Chairman Cruise fully understood that this commercial housing had no market at all.

But after hearing Xu Yis explanation, chairman Cruise gradually changed from doubt to belief, trusting everything that Xu Yi told him.

Xu Yi was right, the people of the continent didnt have requirements for their houses because there wasnt money before. Another reason was that commercial housing suited for commoners hadnt appeared yet.

Before this, because there was a large gap between the poor and rich when the rich nobles and merchants wanted to find a dwelling, they would always choose independent manors. It was safe and peaceful, it was something that housing for commoners couldnt compare to.

For the commoners that couldnt afford these manors, other than these large manors, the only residences available were tattered huts for the poor or two story wooden buildings, like the one that Xu Yi rented before.

These houses to Xu Yi were not suited for humans to live in, so when he made his proposition to the doubtful chairman Cruise, he took out the new concept commercial housing that he had Vivian draw before.

When he saw the new concept buildings that Xu Yi had stolen from earth, chairman Cruise who had spent a long time in the architecture business didnt need long to see the convenience and advancements of these designs.

The more important thing was that Xu Yi had added the concept of a magic room to these designs, integrating the use of household magic machines, laying down a network of magic wires inside these rooms. Not only did the room seem artistic, life would be very convenient living in one.

Chairman Cruises heart skipped a beat after seeing this design. Not only did he immediately agree to Xu Yis idea of commercial housing, he even requested that Xu Yi change the manor he was currently living in, so he could also enjoy the comforts of this new concept magic room.

Xu Yi naturally agreed, but as for the design……that was a matter for the genius designer Vivian.

When he was thinking about Vivian, Vivian had appeared in front of Xu Yi.

Seeing Vivian run over and the beautiful girl behind her with a blush on her face, Xu Yi was a bit surprised. He asked Vivian who had already run over, “Why are you here today You dont need to go to school Or……”

Xu Yi thought for a bit and remembered that this beautiful girl behind Vivian wasnt her classmate. It was the girl he had saved on the streets of Banta City last time, that Teresa Ica.

“Its already vacation time for school.” Vivian replied with a smile, “Master, you must have been very busy and forgotten, right Its almost the New Years, what classes could there be”

“Oh, right……I was in the Stantine Duchy during this time, that place was very warm and it didnt feel like the New Years at all.” Xu Yi patted his head before looking at Teresa Ica, “Young miss Ica, have you been well during the time Ive been away”

After saying Teresa Ica, Xu Yi had thrown her to the Falling Star Manor, letting Vivian, Liz, and Linda take care of her. He didnt care about her at all and this was Xu Yis second time meeting her.

Compared to when he had saved her a month ago, she looked much better now. She was no longer as weak as before and her mood was better. At least her mood had calmed down, only she still wasnt smiling.

When she saw Xu Yi was asking her a question, Teresa gave a curtsy before giving Xu Yi a bow and replying with a soft voice, “Many thanks for your concern, Ive been very well during this time. Chairman Xu, Ive never thanked you before. I sincerely thank you for reaching out your hand and saving me when I was in danger.”

“Theres no need to be polite, its good that youve been well during this time.” Xu Yi turned back to Vivian, “Then Vivian, why did you come to the Falling Rain Valley with young miss Ica today”

“Because we heard that master is coming back today.” Vivian said with a smile, “Teresa wanted to thank you face to face, so hearing that you would be back today, she had me bring her here early in the morning. Weve been waiting for several hours now.”

“Oh I already said that you dont need to be this polite.” Xu Yi shook his head and said to Teresa, “Young miss Ica, you dont need to care about this matter. No matter who it was, if they say you passed out on the street, they would help you. This is something that a normal person should do, its not much.”

“No……There are many people who wouldnt reach out their hands when in danger like you. Instead they would push you into the abyss……” Teresa had a depressed look on her face as if she was feeling emotional.

Xu Yi couldnt help knitting his brows. He could see that this Teresa should have encountered something painful and was seriously hurt. Otherwise a noble young miss like her wouldnt be fainting on the side of the road.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling emotional for her.

A beautiful girl like her, being able to escape to another city in this situation alone wasnt easy, she must have suffered quite a bit of hardships on the way.

Xu Yi wanted to help her, but since she wasnt willing to tell him what troubles she encountered, Xu Yi wasnt willing to force her to tell him.

“Then…..Young miss Ica, since you and Vivian are here, you can just play around for two days. The Falling Rain Valley has many fun things to play with, I believe youll have a good two days. When Im done with my business, Ill be going back to the Falling Star Manor to spend New Years with Still. Un…..” Xu Yi hesitated a bit before saying, “If youre willing, I sincerely invite you to stay here and spend New Years with us at the Falling Star Manor.”

Vivian on the side gave an excited clap, “Look, Teresa, I told you that master would invite you to stay. Stay, you dont have anywhere else to go, right Itll be fun celebrating New Years with us, I promise youll be happy.”

Teresa Ica looked at Vivian and Xu Yi, but she still shook her head after hesitating a bit, “Chairman Xu, thank you for your good intentions, but Ive already stayed at the Falling Star Manor for a long time, how could I keep bothering you Actually if it wasnt for thanking chairman Xu, I would have left already.”

“Where are you planning to go” Xu Yi asked without any courtesy, “If you keep roaming like this, are you planning to die by the side of the road Young miss Ica, I hope that you can consider your life, the things that have passed are in the past.”

Teresa Ica looked at Xu Yi with a confused gaze. After hesitating a bit, her gaze became firm and she gritted her teeth as she gave a strong nod, as if making up her mind.

“Chairman Xu, I heard Vivian saw…..your…..your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is recruiting magicians Do you think…..I would do”

Xu Yi was stunned. He seriously looked over Teresa Ica before asking in a surprised voice, “You know magic”

“Yes.” Teresa Ica gave a nod, “Although I never took the Magicians Guilds certification exam, my magic teacher told me before that I should be at the level of a Fourth Grade Magician.”

“Fourth Grade Magician” Xu Yi was even more surprised.

Based on her appearance, Teresa Ica was still a year or two younger than Still.

Still was only a Fourth Grade Magician just a year or two ago. If Teresa Ica was also a Fourth Grade Magician, wasnt she a girl talented in magic just like Still

Seeing that Xu Yi was a bit doubtful, Teresa Ica raised her right hand. Xu Yi felt the fluctuation of magic elemental energy around them and after a while, a powerful tornado formed around Teresa Ica. It pulled up the leaves that were around her to spin around inside the tornado.

“Fourth Grade Tornado Spell, not bad.” Xu Yi praised with a nod.

From Teresa Icas Tornado Spell, she was indeed a Fourth Grade Magician.

Although she didnt really seem familiar with it, whether it was her control of magic or the spell itself, she was very skilled. It could be seen that she had been trained strictly in magic.

“Very good. Since you are a Fourth Grade Magician, you are qualified to work for our companys magic research facility. Vivian, take her to see Evita, she should know what to do.”

Seeing that Xu Yi had agreed, Vivian immediately gave an excited reply before taking Teresa Icas hand, heading to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces office in the center of the Falling Rain Valley.

Teresa Ica was pulled alongside Vivian, but she didnt forget to give a nod towards Xu Yi.

Seeing that there wasnt a smile on Teresa Icas face, Xu Yi gave a sigh before throwing this matter to the back of his mind. After calming himself and psyching himself up, he headed towards the magic machine development center.

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