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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 38

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Another day nearing night, the extremely wide manor to the west of Banta City was full of all kinds of luxurious horse carriages. Countless people wearing luxurious clothes and releasing noble auras were wandering the manor, filling this manor that was normally very peaceful with noise.

If there was someone familiar with the nobility of Banta City here, they would have easily noticed that of the people in the manor, most of them were large and small nobles of Banta City. If one had even sharper eyes, they would have noticed that deep in the manor, a middle aged man with a strong body and serious appearance was currently talking to the master of the manor.

This middle aged man was the most influential person in Banta City and also Banta Citys City Lord, Lord Count Sean Samo!

As for the young and handsome owner of the manor the City Lord was talking to, he was someone everyone in the nobility circle of Banta City knew. It was Viscount Leslie that countless families madames and young misses loved.

Viscount Leslie always loved peace, but he suddenly announced he was holding a banquet, so the nobles of Banta City was very surprised by this.

There were many reasons given for Viscount Leslie holding this banquet…..The funny one was that he was bringing out a nephew from the far off Anvilmar to come experience the world. But the nobles loved banquets very much and they also wanted to use this banquet to raise their previous relations, so the reason was not important, the important thing was that Viscount Leslie was holding a banquet. So of all the nobles that received an invitation, not a single person rejected it and they all came.

Other than the nobles, there was a small part of the guests that werent nobles. If one carefully looked at them, they would have found that while they werent nobles, they were people with some kind of status in Banta City. Not a single one of them was a normal person.

As for this situation, no one was surprised.

Lord Viscount Leslie was holding a banquet, so how could regular people be invited

So Xu Yi obediently hid in a corner, not attracting any attention.

With his status, he didnt have the qualification to join them.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had relied on the Magic Fan to earn a lot, but calculating it all up, they were nothing more than a small company that had just started out. Even if there werent a hundred little companies like this in Banta City, there was still eighty of them, so Xu Yi wasnt considered anything special.

As for his status as a magician

Stop joking! Xu Yi hadnt even passed the Magician Guilds certification exam, he wasnt even considered an official magician, so what qualification did he have to come to this banquet

Although Xu Yi didnt look that bad, in this kind of situation, he naturally wouldnt attract that much attention. Normally speaking, it would be no problem for him to hide, but he was helpless to the fact that beside a green leaf like him, there was an eye snatching flower that was as beautiful as the moon in the sky that people couldnt look away from.

“It really is boring.” Still gave a sigh before she complained to Xu Yi, “Xu Yi, I thought that the banquet held by Viscount Leslie would be fun, but I never thought that it would be as boring as the other banquets.”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes at her, “Didnt I tell you before that this was only a normal banquet, what can I do if you wont believe me”

“Humph! Youre not embarrassed to speak” Still angrily said, “Who told me before that the nobles banquets were boring things and it was better to study Magic Arrays then to come here”

Xu Yi rubbed his face, “Alright, it was me.”

“Then when a fellow like you comes to this banquet, of course I would find it strange. I thought that this banquet would have something special that attracted you, but I never thought that it wouldnt have anything interesting at all. You caused me to get happy for no reason.” Still angrily said.

Xu Yi looked over Still, it was clear this little girl had carefully dressed herself up today. She was wearing a purple dress that perfectly outlined her figure, her casually pulled up hair perfectly revealed her slender, white nape, and her figure added a noble aura to her. In comparison to this, there was a youthful glow to her perfect facial features. With these two different tastes combined, it made her even more charming. It was no wonder that when anyone passed by her, they couldnt help secretly taking a few gazes at her.

After just standing there for less than half an hour, there were over ten young men that ran over to talk her up.

If it wasnt for Xu Yi standing beside her, that number would have increased by several times.

“If you want to talk about something special, of course there is something.” Xu Yi took a sip of fruit juice and helplessly explained to Still, “Still, do you still remember the thing we researched a few days ago”

Still was a bit surprised, “Youre talking about the Magic Air Conditioner”

“Thats right.” Xu Yi nodded.

Since Still had joined the research lab, naturally she would participate in the research of the Magic Air Conditioner.

It should be said that Still had played a large part in letting this Magic Air Conditioner be finished this quickly.

“How is the Magic Air Conditioner related to this banquet” Still was even more confused.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Havent you notice that even with all these people in the room, it isnt hot at all”

With Xu Yis reminder, Still immediately woke up. She looked around in a daze and after a moment, she found that on the walls of the hall being used to welcome guests, there were already two Magic Air Conditioners. They were blowing out cold wind without stopping, it was no wonder the hall wasnt warm at all.

“Xu Yi. could it be that you and Viscount Leslie are in cahoots” Still couldnt help asking.

“What cahoots This is called cooperation.” Xu Yi reprimanded, “Still, according to the normal flow, this matter should be something a spokesperson like you should be doing. However I can see that you werent interested in selling the product in front of all these people, so I gave up on that idea.”

“Humph, I wouldnt run up to others to say: Hey, hello, buy our product This is too silly.” Still disdainfully said, “You said to me in the past that being a spokesperson wouldnt require this kind of thing.”

“Thats right, so I gave up this very enticing idea. But then again, it is a bit wasteful.” Xu Yi looked over Still again and said with a smile, “Letting an outstanding beauty like you run out to be a salesperson, if others knew about this, they would scold me for wasting a heavenly treasure.”

Hearing Xu Yis words, Still immediately revealed a smile. She quickly turned around in front of Xu Yi and proudly said, “Dont you feel that Im very beautiful today”

“No, not just today, Ive always felt that you were very beautiful. Of course, you are exceptionally beautiful today.”

Still became even more proud. She slightly raised her head and gave a soft snort, “You do know how to talk.” After a pause, she immediately asked, “Thats right, since you are in cahoots with Viscount Leslie, why havent I seen Viscount Leslie helping you sell this Magic Air Conditioner”

Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a bitter smile, “Viscount Leslie is still an honourable viscount, how can he run around selling the product directly This task should be handled by a lowly merchant by me.” He looked at Still after he finished talking and continued, “I have to become a salesman now, if youre not willing to come, you can just wait here for me.”

Still rolled her eyes at him and quickly followed Xu Yi.

“Let me see how a profiteer like you makes a sale.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He looked over the hall and locked onto a dignified looking middle aged man.

“Honourable Viscount Zetaman and the madame, hello.”

Viscount Zetaman and his wife turned around, seeing the youth who had suddenly appeared and felt a bit strange.

“This one is……”

“I am Xu Yi, the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. This one is my companion……”

“She is called Still, Great Magician Camillas granddaughter. I have seen her a few times before.” Viscount Zetaman spoke first.

Still quickly gave a bow to the two of them, “Grandfather has always said that Lord Viscount Zetaman is a righteous person, you are one of the few nobles that he respects. Now that Ive seen you, I deeply approve of grandfathers approval.”

Viscount Zetaman gave a laugh, naturally he wouldnt believe this kind of words. He turned to Xu Yi with a bit of doubt on his face.

“You just said that you are the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman”

“Yes, Lord Viscount.”

“Frestech Chamber of Commerce…...Frestech Chamber of Commerce…...I seemed to have heard this name somewhere before.” Viscount Zetaman thought about this with knit brows for a bit. He turned his head to ask Viscountess Zetaman, but before he even received an answer.

“Lord Viscount, I think you should have heard this name from noble young master Orin before, right” Xu Yi reminded him.

Viscount Zetaman was stunned for a bit before he instantly remembered it.

“Thats right, it was that kid Orin who mentioned it. Oh, after you said this, I completely remember it. Ive heard Orin say that he was working in one of the workshops under your Frestech Chamber of Commerce…..No, one of the factories It made something…...Thats right, Magic Fans Is that right”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Lord Viscount, I thought that you would be angry after you remembered this thing.”

Viscount Zetaman was stunned, “Why would I be angry”

“Because I thought that knowing that your son was working in a normal factory, you would think that it would be throwing away your face. So before coming to see you, I hesitated for a while before having the courage to come over.”

Still on the side almost broke out in laughter.

After Xu Yi saw Viscount Zetaman earlier, he didnt hesitate a bit as he directly walked over. How could he have hesitated and finally worked up the courage to come over

Viscount Zetaman laughed, “Chairman Xu Yi, youre thinking too much. That kid Orin is good at everything, but I have always worried that he wouldnt be able to suffer and was too impatient, I never thought that he would be able to stay in your workshop for that long. But seeing him continue for this long, I am very happy about this, how could I feel that it loses face for me”

“Thats right, although Orin has been very tired whenever he comes home, I can tell that he is actually very happy.” Viscountess Zetaman on the side cut in, “To be honest, after all these years, it has been very rare to see him this happy. Chairman Xu Yi, although I dont know what kind of things you do there, to be able to make him this happy, as his mother, I have always wanted to thank you.”

“How could that be, how could that be……” Xu Yi waved his hand, “The Lord Viscount and Viscountess are too polite, Orin has also helped me quite a bit. I wont hide it from you, the core of my companys Magic Fan is the Magic Array and Orin is responsible for this work. Not only does he help draw the arrays, he has also made an optimization to it and Ive even given him a special reward because of it. These days, he has been responsible for researching and producing the Magic Air Conditioners, also helping me quite a bit. Speaking of this, I should be thanking the Lord Viscount and Viscountess for giving birth to such an outstanding son.”

No matter what world it was, parents will always be happy when others praise their child in front of them. Viscount and Viscountess Zetaman were no exception.

“Ha, ha, chairman Xu Yi, you are too exaggerated with your praise of Orin. Thats right, what was that Magic Air Conditioner thing that youve just invented What is that thing Is it related to the Magic Fan”

Seeing the curious expression on Viscount Zetamans face, Still couldnt help looking over at Xu Yi.

This fellow, he actually hooked the fish out like this

As expected, Xu Yi had been waiting for this as he replied, “Speaking of the Magic Air Conditioner, actually there are some in this room……”-

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