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Meeting elder Lisanya Shadow Song was not as hard as the first time. With Stasia leading them, Xu Yis group easily came to the Moon Shadow Tribe.

Hearing that the one in charge of discussing the cooperation this time was Agnes and Delil who came from the Night Song Tribe and that Xu Yi wouldnt meddle, elder Lisanya Shadow Song was surprised before becoming more relaxed. Her gaze towards Xu Yi had also become friendlier.

Seeing Agnes and Delil following elder Lisanya Shadow Song, entering a small elven hut with Stasia to discuss business, Xu Yi revealed a smile. He looked around and found a place to sit down in the Moon Shadow Tribe.

Xu Yi was very satisfied with the discussions this time.

Delil had been learning for some time and now was experienced with business discussions. Although she wasnt as shrewd as some of the veteran human merchants, it was more than enough to discuss business with elder Lisanya Shadow Song.

Not to mention that no matter what angle of this cooperation it was, there were only benefits for the Moon Shadow Tribe.

Even if the rubber processing factory in name belonged to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was like the Night Song Tribes factory in the Falling Rain Valley. It was actually controlled by the elves and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only owned it in name.

At the same time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could put their orders to the factory, ensuring that the factory would always have work to do.

As for the rubber processing technology, the Night Song Tribe and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would research it with the Moon Shadow Tribe, allowing them to master this rubber processing technique.

In short, the Moon Shadow Tribe didnt need to care about anything, they could gain large amounts of income just by sending manpower.

For such a good thing, Xu Yi believed that elder Lisanya Shadow Song wouldnt ignore it.

While sitting and patiently waiting, Xu Yi was thinking about the plans for the rubber processing factory in his heart.

The first time he came to the Stantine Duchy and he saw that there were rubber trees all around, Xu Yis first reaction was that rubber actually existed on this continent. Like this, he wouldnt need to use resin to make the tires and could make rubber tires.

So when he wanted to make this rubber processing factory, it was just to create rubber tire covers for the tire factory.

But arriving in the Moon Shadow Tribe now, seeing that there were more elves here compared to the Night Song Tribe, Xu Yi found that his thoughts before had been too small.

Although the main use for rubber on earth was to make tires, the use of natural rubber wasnt limited to just this alone.

Moreover, from the Night Song Tribes factory, Xu Yi found that there were facts that he had ignored before. This was after all not earth, so there were many things here that couldnt be found on earth.

The elves had more kinds of magic compared to humans. Since the Night Song Tribe could study plastic processing, creating different kinds of plastic with different kinds of magic and formulas, the Moon Shadow Tribe that was even bigger than the Night Song Tribe would definitely have a greater breakthrough.

So the first step was for the Moon Shadow Tribe to manufacture rubber based on the needs of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Xu Yi would also propose building a lab in the Moon Shadow Tribe, dedicated to processing rubber.

Pursuing research at any time, that was Xu Yis creed. He hoped that he could teach this creed to the elves he was gradually pulling into the magic machine industry.

After patiently waiting for a while, although the Moon Shadow Tribes elves were curious why there was a human here, there wasnt a single elf that took the initiative to approach him.

Xu Yi was happy being alone, passing the time thinking about various issues and time quickly passed.

After around an hour, Stasia came out and invited Xu Yi in.

After hinting for Xu Yi to sit down beside Agnes, elder Lisanya immediately asked, “Chairman Xu, is your Frestech Chamber of Commerce certain that they wont interfere with the rubber factory”

Hearing this question, Xu Yi was certain that elder Lisanya had already agreed to Agnes and Delils proposal, agreeing to build the rubber processing factory.

“Yes.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Elder Lisanya, our company will keep the rights to the name of the rubber processing factory, but it is to evade some problems. After all, elves setting up a company is rarely seen in our human society, so if it is set up alone, there will be some problems. If you use our Frestech Chamber of Commerce name, you can avoid some of these problems.”

“I understand.” Elder Lisanya nodded, “But I still have a problem. Since your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is keeping the rights to the name, it can help us avoid some problems, but if your Frestech Chamber of Commerce uses that right to make our rubber processing factory do something, doesnt that mean we are helpless”

Before Xu Yi replied, Delil already came in, “Elder Lisanya, you dont need to worry. Chairman Xu is a human who keeps his promises. Our Night Song Tribe has worked with chairman Xu for so long and he has never broken his promise, so there shouldnt be a problem with our cooperation.”

“Yes, the chairman is a good person, he wouldnt do this.” Agnes on the side also supported him.

Elder Lisanya was a bit surprised by Agnes and Delil before looking back at Xu Yi. She gave a slight nod as she praised, “Chairman Xu, you are a human, but you can make the Night Song Tribe elven compatriots have this much trust in you. It really is rare.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I am just simply keeping my promise and thinking of things from the perspective of the Night Song Tribe elves.”

“This is already rare.” Elder Lisanya thought for a bit before saying with a nod, “Since you can receive elder Illusias trust and recommendation, then I can choose to trust you. But chairman Xu, this trust is for you alone and not for other humans, do you understand what I mean”

“I understand. I will personally come for any deals with the rubber processing factory in the future.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “But elder Lisanya, I hope that through cooperating with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, you can choose to trust a few humans that you come in contact with. After all, there are many times that I cant split myself. Then again, this cooperation will last a long time and elder Illusia and the two dwarf chives have worried that I will die of old age one day, so if you only trust me, that will create a serious problem.”

“I will consider your proposal, but…..” Elder Lisanya looked at Agnes and said, “When elder Illusia mentioned this problem in her letter to me last time, what I couldnt understand was that since shes worried about this problem, why doesnt she find a way to help chairman Xu quickly increase his magic power Why doesnt she make him quickly become a Great Magician, an Arch Magus, or a Grand Magus to increase his lifespan”

Agnes and Delil looked at each other, both shaking their heads with bewildered looks.

“This cant be blamed on elder Illusia.” Xu Yi took over, “It isnt easy to increase the magic power of a magician, I can only depend on my own hard work. So elder Illusia wants to solve this problem for me, but she cant do anything.”

“Actually, there is a way.”

“There is a way” Agnes asked in a confused voice.

Delil expression changed and after thinking for a bit, she asked elder Lisanya in an uncertain voice, “Honoured elder, you wouldnt be talking about…..the legendary Moon Goddess Blessing, right”

Elder Lisanya shook her head, “The Moon Goddess Blessing is very hard for us elves to obtain, not to mention humans.”

“Then how can you quickly increase magic power”

Elder Lisanya didnt immediately respond, she turned to look at Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, we elves dont like owing other people things. Although I am willing to cooperate with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to open a rubber processing factory, to increase the conditions of our tribe, because it is impossible for us elves to take out gold coins, we cant help pay for the initial fees to setting up the factory.”

Xu Yi waved his hand and said with a smile, “This isnt much. Elder Lisanya, you can just treat it as an investment. I can see the prospects of this factory, so I am investing in your Moon Shadow Tribe, so no one owes anyone anything. If you keep insisting, then its very simple. When the factory starts making income, you can slowly pay me back. This is a very normal thing in our human business world.”

“No, this is not a method that we elves are willing to accept, at least our Moon Shadow Tribe isnt willing.” Elder Lisanya shook her head. After thinking for a bit, she suddenly stood up, “Chairman Xu, because you are the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, I will think of a way we elves can repay you. I believe that the compensation given to you should balance out the gold coins your company is investing.”

Xu Yi doubtfully stood up and looked at Agnes and Delil who both had confused looks. He could infer from the words that elder Lisanya said earlier that this compensation should be related to quickly increasing his magic power.

But Xu Yi had been on the Sines Continent for over five years and had contact with magic for over five years, he had never heard of a method that could quickly increase magic power.

Could it be…..that the elves were hiding a secret that humans didnt know about

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