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“Spending two million gold coins and just having the right to have five hundred guards” Chairman Cruise looked at Xu Yi in disbelief before asking with a frown, “Xu Yi, why do I feel that after coming to the Stantine Duchy, it seems like your mind has burned out and youre always doing business that costs you money”

“Costs me money” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “You have to first understand that although our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is paying this two million gold coins, its used to improve the environment here. The ones who benefit the most from this would be our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so this can be considered investment in our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“The problem is that this is the Stantine Duchy after all. Your Fretech Chamber of Commerce can invest here now, but good things cant be taken away. If one day you cant stay here anymore, wouldnt those things be wasted” Chairman Cruise said in a confused voice.

“Who said Ill leave in the future” Xu Yi asked back.

“You might not be able to stay, this place…..” Chairman Cruise suddenly stopped and looked at Xu Yi in surprise. He looked around before suddenly coming closer and lowering his voice as it trembled while he asked, “Hey, Xu Yi, it cant be that youre thinking of……”

Xu Yi waved his hand, “Dont ask me, I wont tell you.”

Chairman Cruise closed his mouth and narrowed his eyes, looking at Xu Yi with a gaze of deep meaning for a while. Only then did he stand back and look over Xu Yi like it was his first time meeting him. He shook his head as he said with a sigh, “Xu Yi, Ive noticed today that your ambitions are much greater than I thought. But do you think…..just five hundred people are enough Arent you looking down on the Stantine Duchy too much”

“What do you think about the battle strength our Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards demonstrated last time on the Black Rice Wasteland” Xu Yi asked this seemingly unrelated question back.

Chairman Cruise was surprised and after thinking for a bit, he said with a frown, “Very strong, but to keep this battle strength…..wouldnt it be very hard”

“Thats not what were discussing right now.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “To be honest, perhaps I wont need to do anything and the Stantine Duchy itself will change.”

“The people here want to just sleep all day, how could they change” Chairman Cruise gave a cold snort.

Xu Yi couldnt help laughing as he patted chairman Cruises shoulder, “What You also realized that the people here are lazy”

Chairman Cruise gave a snort as he said, “I really am surprised, how can a person be this lazy Of the five thousand people youve thrown over, Ive sent two thousand of them to do the simplest work and what do you think happened Its been a week now and those two thousand people…..Two thousand people! They actually only leveled ten kilometers of land. With their efficiency, I think that I might die from waiting before they can finish building the roads.”

“So I said, dont count on the efficiency of the workers from here, its best if we bring people from the Lampuri Kingdom. Then again, Im not willing to waste precious wages on the people here. If theres money, Id rather give it to our Lampuri Kingdom citizens.” Xu Yi said.

“Un, Ive already decided. When I head back in a few days, in Banta City, oh, no, not just Banta City, I will recruit workers from all the surrounding cities as well. Otherwise, we wont be able to keep up.”

“That would be best.” Xu Yi said with a nod, “I dare confirm that not only will there not be less road work for you, there will be more and more work. Its to the point that you wont be able to sit down.”

“That is certain.” Chairman Cruise said with a proud smile, “After realizing the benefits of roads, there are many people who want us to build roads for them. Not only have we constructed over a thousand kilometers of roads in the Lampuri Kingdom, weve even constructed three hundred kilometers of roads in the Rudson Kingdom. Adding in this place, well be building over a thousand and five hundred kilometers of road next year.”

“Thats still too little.” Xu Yi said with a sigh, “According to my estimates, to connect every part of the Lampuri Kingdom, itll take over fifty thousand kilometers of road. Its far too little right now.”

“Fifty thousand kilometers” Chairman Cruise was flabbergasted, “Isnt this too exaggerated Do you want to put roads all over the Lampuri Kingdom”

“Why not” Xu Yi asked back, “Do you feel that this isnt appropriate”

“This…..” Chairman Cruise paused before he couldnt help nodding, “Un, I feel its very appropriate, but now I have a question. Xu Yi, although its very convenient building roads, the improvement to transportation and economy that you mentioned before hasnt occurred yet. The horse carriages can only run a bit faster and smoother, there isnt much of an increase.”

“Ask about the Magic Car if you want, is there a need to beat around the bush” Xu Yi snappily said.

Chairman Cruise laughed, “Its good you know. Then be honest with you, when will that Magic Car that you mentioned come out”

Xu Yi looked to the northeast, in the direction of the Falling Rain Valley.

“Before coming here, the research facility said that they made a major breakthrough in developing the Magic Car. If I can see that they had real research progress this time when I get back, I might be able to give you a more accurate answer.”

Chairman Cruise gave a disappointed sigh.

“Ive waited a year for your Magic Car and its still not done.”

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, “Its not just you, including me, I dont know how many people are waiting for the Magic Car to come out. But this matter cant be rushed, there are many things with the Magic Car design. If they arent done properly, there will be many problems.”

Chairman Cruise could only give a helpless shrug, “Alright. Ive already waited for a year, it doesnt matter if I wait a bit longer.”

“Un, before this, you just have to focus on building roads.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Otherwise when the Magic Cars come out and because there arent enough roads, they cant run at all, that would be a tragedy.”

Chairman Cruise said with a cold snort, “Relax, Im already adjusting the focus of our company. With our companys current efficiency, we can lay down around two to three hundred kilometers of road each month. When you finish this Magic Car, I can guarantee that you can go to any city in the Lampuri Kingdom on roads.”

“That would be great.”

Xi Yi praised with a smile as he put down the matter of the Magic Car. He began discussing with chairman Cruise the plan that he had for the territory in the north under head Weins name.

According to Xu Yis initial thoughts, of course he would lay roads across this territory and solve the transportation issue.

Through chairman Cruises estimates, to reach Xu Yis basic requirements, it would take at least two hundred kilometers of roads.

At the same time, although the Falling Rain Valleys road to Samara Town was complete, they had to construct a road from Samara Town, through the Voller Tribe and the Black Rice Wasteland to reach the Stantine Duchy.

This road was close to a hundred kilometers long, so the initial plan was to put down over three hundred kilometers of road.

With the special climate of the Stantine Duchy, they could start the construction even though it was winter. So chairman Cruise was prepared to bring construction teams here when they couldnt build anything in other places during winter, building the two hundred kilometers of road before winter was over.

This plan was naturally supported by Xu Yi. He even cooperated with the Fersen Carriage Company to start a public transport line between Banta City and the Wein City in the Stantine Duchy, especially used to send Banta City citizens between the two cities.

The only problem was that even with the road, with the speed of the horse carriage, it would take twenty hours for the trip. So in the end, it would take two to three days for a trip.

So the question from before was asked to Xu Yi again by chairman Cruise.

“When will the Magic Car be developed”

If the Magic Car could reach the speed of buses on earth, maintaining a minimum of sixty kilometers an hour, it would take around seven to eight hours to travel the four hundred kilometers between here and Banta City. It would take a single day for that journey.

But it was like he told chairman Cruise before, the Magic Car was complicated, so how could it be easily developed.

After he finished talking to chairman Cruise, Xu Xi left Wein City. He went to meet Agnes, Delil, as well as Stasia who had been waiting by a road in the forest.

This time he was going to meet the elder Lisanya Shadow Song of the Moon Shadow Tribe. Agnes could be considered his contact, Delil could be considered the representative of the Night Song Tribe, and Stasia was the observer from the Moon Shadow Tribe, able to give advice to elder Lisanya Shadow Song.

Although it was a rubber factory in the name of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, through this chance, Xu Yi had proposed to elder Illusia to have Delil represent the Night Song Tribe to ask the Moon Shadow Tribe to cooperate with them.

Because they were both elves, elder Lisanya Shadow Song would be less vigilant and there was a higher chance of success.

Not to mention, Stasia was also here.

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