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Magic Industry Empire Volume 3 Chapter 37 - We want to try

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Xu Yi looked at Freeman in surprise, “Why did you suddenly have this idea”

Freeman touched his head and replied with a laugh, “Actually the reason is very simple, making magic machines earns more than making components…..”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “Making machines is more complicated than making components. Youre doing well with making components and it seems quite promising to me, so why do you suddenly want to change industries”

Freeman looked at the doubtful look on Xu Yis face and carefully asked, “Then….you dont approve of us making Magic Fans”

“This…..” Xu Yi honestly thought for a bit before shaking his head, “It isnt that I dont approve since your Ireland Chamber of Commerce is your own company, I cant make a decision for you. But I have to remind you that making complete machines and components are two different things. Although your Ireland Chamber of Commerce is rather good at making components, having a good degree of technology, there are more things to pay attention to when it comes to making machines. It has a higher demand when it comes to techniques, so are you certain you can do this”

“I dont dare say that we are confident.” Freeman honestly shook his head, “But I feel that we can give it a try. What do you think”

“If youre determined to give it a try, I will support you. But if this attempt fails, you will suffer heavy losses. Are you prepared to accept these heavy losses” Xu Yi then asked.

Freeman gave a strong nod, “Yes, everyone is clear that to make machines, it will be very difficult. But if we dont even dare give it a try, it wouldnt make sense. So we have discussed it and we have decided to give producing Magic Fans a try.”

Seeing the honest expression on Freemans face, Xu Yi was silent for a bit before nodding, “Alright, since you have made your decision, I have nothing else to say. Speak, how do you need me to support you Give you all the technology for making Magic Fans Actually I dont think that you can afford it. When we sold this technology to the other companies in Banta City, it required a hundred thousand gold coins to buy it. With your current abilities, Im afraid you wont have enough.”

“Un, I understand this, but chairman Xu, we dont want to purchase all the Magic Fan related technology from you. We just wish to purchase the Magic Array technology.”

“Oh” Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “Although the Magic Array is the core of the Magic Fan, you cant make the Magic Fan just with this. From what I can see, for the Magic Fan, the most important thing other than the Magic Array is the design and the parts assembly.”

“We are confident in this.” Freeman said in a confident voice, “Our Ireland Chamber of Commerce has worked in components for over a year now, so everyone is confident in making suitable components. I wont hide it from you, we have already understood the basic structure of the Frestech Brand Magic Fan. Everyone believes that as long as we work hard, we can even produce a Magic Fan that is like your Frestech Brand Magic Fan.”

“Ah, you have enough confidence.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “But Freeman, I feel that youre making this a bit too simple. For a magic machine, it isnt just assembling the parts, rather it includes quite a bit of knowledge on machines. If you dont have this, I think that youll have difficulty when it comes to making the Magic Fan.”

“I know.” Freeman was still confident, “But I want to try it with everyone. Chairman Xu, can you give us this chance”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Of course I can. To be honest, I am very happy hearing this idea from you. I wont hide it from you, if it was possible I want more companies to have the courage to make higher grade magic machines like yours. Because only then will the magic machines industry develop even faster.”

“Really” Hearing Xu Yis answer, Freeman was pleasantly surprised. He grabbed Xu Yis hand and forcefully shook it as he asked, “Then Chairman Xu, are you willing to give us the Magic Array technology for the Magic Fans to us” After saying this, Freeman revealed an embarrassed look, “But…..chairman Xu, you also know that our company doesnt have that much money. Can you….sell it to us cheap”

“Alright.” Xu Yi nodded, “Since I agreed, I wont make it hard on you.” Xu Yi stretched out a finger, “Ten thousand gold coins, that is the fee for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce transferring the technology to your Ireland Chamber of Commerce. How about it Can you accept this”

Freemans worries disappeared as he broke out in laughter.

“Yes, yes! Of course! Its only ten thousand gold coins, this is too cheap! Chairman Xu, I wont hide it from you, our initial estimates were…..” Freeman suddenly stopped.

Seeing Freemans expression, Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head with a smile, “Was it Kovac who told you not to tell me the price in your heart”

Freeman awkwardly rubbed his hands and after hesitating a bit, he made his decision, “That kid Kovac was thinking too much, theres nothing to hide in front of chairman Xu. Actually our estimates in the beginning were at least thirty thousand gold coins. I never thought that you would be this generous, only wanting ten thousand gold coins from us. This really is too cheap!”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Ten thousand and thirty thousand gold coins isnt much of a difference to me. But for you guys, its a large difference. Since I want you to develop magic machines to another level, then I have to think of you guys as well. If you save twenty thousand gold coins, you can invest that money into research and save yourself some trouble.”

Freeman had a face filled with gratitude as he said with an emotional sigh, “Chairman Xu, I really have to say that you really are the benefactor of me and my brothers. If it wasnt for you, me and my brothers would still be normal villagers in Ireland Village, how could we have a company like we do now that is earning several tens of thousands of gold coins a year.”

“You dont need to say anything else.” Xu YI waved his hand, “Listen well, I can give you the technology, but since youve decided to conduct this research, dont ask for any help from me. This time you have to do this alone as the Ireland Chamber of Commerce, otherwise I will be disappointed in you. Do you understand what I mean”

Freeman quickly nodded, “I understand. Chairman Xu is thinking about our long term development.”

“Very good, then this matter is set.” Xu Yi said, “You can prepare over the next two days and make an official application to our company. I will inform CEO Kennard and chief Evita to have them authorize this application.”

Freemans face was filled with gratitude, but he paused before saying, “Other than this, chairman Xu, can you help me with another small favour”


“That…..We also want to recruit some magicians…..Can you…..introduce a few of them to us” Freeman asked in a worried voice.

“This isnt a small favour.” Xu Yi looked at Freeman with a deep gaze, “Other than this, Freeman, it seems like your Ireland Chamber of Commerces ambitions arent small…..”

Freeman just laughed, but he gave silent acceptance.

“Alright, magicians with real power wont go to a small company like yours. I will give you a suggestion, of the magicians who graduate from Baron Rickto Magic Academy this year, there are some who havent found jobs yet, so you can try there.”

Freeman immediately understood and nodded with a bright smile.

After Freeman thanked him continuously, Xu Yi finally returned to the small house that he and Still had been living in. He found that Still had been waiting for him for a long time.

“Didnt you say you were coming back for lunch Why are you only back now” Still sniffed Xu Yi and smelled the scent of alcohol, so she asked with a frown, “What happened Who did you go drinking with”

“I met the Ireland Chamber of Commerces chairman Freeman after getting off the carriage and he dragged me off to a meal since he had something to discuss.” Xu Yi explained before asking Still about her trip to Anvilmar City.

“It can be considered good.” Still had Xu Yi sit down before saying with slightly knit brows, “The Royal Parliament isnt too strict about labour cards for dwarves and elves and they agreed with me being their agent. The New Moon Chamber of Commerce is the only company in the kingdom with this qualification. But as for the beastmen workers, the Royal Parliament has opposed this.”

“Oh Why are they opposing it”

“Basically they are worried that the beastmen are savage by nature. Even if they are willing to work for human companies, if they ever expose their true nature, it would be very easy to harm humans.” Still said.

“It isnt that their worries are unjustified, but they havent noticed that its different this time, they cant just see this problem in the same old way.” Xu Yi said in an emotional voice. He thought for a bit before asking Still, “I remember that there was a famous singing troupe in Anvilmar City Or were they a performing troupe”

Still was very surprised that Xu Yi would suddenly ask this and after staring at him, she replied, “Its the Morgana Opera Troupe. They mainly perform operas, not song and dances or performances.”

“Oh, opera, thats even better.” Xu Yi asked with a smile, “Still, are you interested in starting an opera troupe and suppressing the Morgana Opera Troupe”

Still was even more confused as she asked back in a daze, “Why are you suddenly caring about an opera troupe What do you actually want to say”

Xu Yi laughed, “Its nothing, I was just thinking that if we create an opera troupe with humans, elves, dwarves, and also various beastmen, if they were to perform to those important people in Anvilmar City, wouldnt it reduce their vigilance towards other races”

Stills eyes instantly lit up.

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