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“Chairman Xu, are you really planning to close the canned fruit factory at Koror Village” Elder Illusia slightly knit her brows as she looked at Xu Yi with a trace of worry, “I think that making concessions with Count Stagg like this isnt good because he will become more and more excessive.”

“If we dont make concessions, we can only fight head on. Its a real pity that me and our Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesnt have the strength right now.” Xu Yi smiled, as if he didnt care about this matter, “Of course, I will not always make concessions. When the time comes, naturally I will fight back. Count Stagg is currently in his peak condition, but after a while, he will become a sacrifice.”

“Because of the political struggle in your Lampuri Kingdom” Elder Illusia looked at Xu Yi with a look of deep meaning.

Xu Yi laughed. He didnt go any further into this topic and returned to elder Illusias first question.

“As for this canned fruit factory, although there is no way of running it right now, I will not close it and keep it there.”

“Why Without any work, is there any meaning in keeping the factory” Elder Illusia asked in a surprised voice.

“No, there is a big meaning. First is a symbol, meaning that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is not giving up the idea of canned fruits. Next, Im very satisfied with the location of this factory, so as long as the time is right, it can be opened at any time in the future.” Xu Yi said.

“But havent you already moved the workers of the factory to the Stantine Duchy through the Cantona Chamber of Commerce” Speaking of this, elder Illusia praised, “Speaking of this, I really thought that chairman Xu was this bold, actually renting a hundred thousand hectares of land from the Stantine Duchy. That is equal to one fifth of the farmland in the Stantine Duchy.”

“This isnt much.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Actually if possible, I want to rent all of the farmland in the Stantine Duchy. But its a pity that although the Stantine Duchy has some boldness, it isnt enough.”

Elder Illusia pursed her lips into a smile, “Chairman Xu, you might as well say that you want to buy the entire Stantine Duchy.”

“If Duke Stantine was willing to sell, I would really want to buy it.” Xu Yi said with a shrug, “Of course, with our companys current strength, we cant swallow the Stantine Duchy at once, so we can only move slowly.”

Elder Illusia looked at Xu Yi for a while before slowly shaking her head and saying with a sigh, “I feel that the Stantine Duchy has invited a tiger into their home. Im very curious why Duke Stantine was willing to rent such a large piece of land to you, could it be that he doesnt know the drawbacks of this”

“He knows, but he doesnt care.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Compared to the future of the Stantine Duchy, Duke Stantine only cares about his current benefits. Not to mention that the people of the Stantine Duchy are very lazy, so even if we didnt rent it, that land would be uncultivated anyway. Now that our company has rented this land, not only will we pay him three hundred thousand gold coins each year, we also pay thirty percent of the wheat to the Stantine Duchy. There is no loss here, so why wouldnt he agree”

Elder Illusia thought about it before shaking her head with another sigh, “I really dont understand you humans. Why are some humans as astute and industrious as chairman Xu, while there are humans that are lazy and stupid like Duke Stantine”

“So I told you a long time ago, there are big differences between humans. It isnt like the dwarves and elves where their personalities are basically the same.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Perhaps this is the flaw that us other races have.” Elder Illusia then asked, “But chairman Xu, your company not only has to pay three hundred thousand gold coins per year, but you also have to leave the Stantine Duchy 30% of the grain harvested. I dont understand, how will your company earn money from this”

Xu Yi looked at elder Illusia and seeing the look of asking for guidance in her eyes, he couldnt help smiling.

Since the Night Song Tribe established their rubber processing factory, not only Amelud in charge of the factory and Delil in charge of external affairs started learning large amounts of human business knowledge, even elder Illusia took the opportunities to learn business experience from Xu Yi.

Xu Yi was happy to see them succeed and didnt hide anything. He replied, “If you go to the Stantine Duchy to investigate this area, youll find that the duchy is filled with natural resources. The land of the Stantine Duchy is very fertile and suited for growing plants. If one were to plant there, they just needed to throw the seeds into the field and they could have a rich harvest without doing a thing. The one problem is that there are natural disasters.”

“Is it really that exaggerated” Elder Illusia looked surprised, “No wonder the Moon Shadow Tribe compatriots far surpassed our Night Song Tribe, it should be because of the good environment.”

“You dont need to envy them. Right now the Night Song Tribes conditions are much better compared to before and isnt your population quickly growing”

Speaking of this issue, elder Illusia revealed a heartfelt smile.

“Right, this year isnt over yet and there are two newborn elves in our tribe, this really is a pleasant surprise.”

Seeing elder Illusias happy appearance, Xu Yi was a bit speechless.

The Night Song Tribe had a population of around a thousand and if they were humans, they would be giving birth to several dozen children each year.

Even for the Lampuri Kingdom hit with famine, as long as it was peaceful, the birth rate was no lower than 20% the population.

The Night Song Tribe only had two newborn elves in one year and it actually made elder Illusia this happy, it was clear how low the birth rate of the elves were.

Because the elves had much longer lives compared to humans, the birth rate being low was natural, but this birth rate was a bit too low.

But Xu Yi didnt have any special ideas. Anyway the low birth rate of elves was a good thing for humans, at least they didnt need to worry about there being many elves and being a threat to humans.

“Elder Illusia, right now the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is beginning to build a canned fruit factory and mines in the Stantine Duchy. Next when the Cantona Chamber of Commerce can stand firm in the Stantine Duchy, I plan on building a production base in the Stantine Duchy. Does your Night Song Tribe wish to use this opportunity to build a plastic processing factory in the Stantine Duchy When I went there last time, I found that there were many rubber trees there and they were very useful. If you grab this industry, you wouldnt need to worry about your survival in the future.” Xu Yi suggested.

Elder Illusia nodded, “Chairman Xu mentioned this matter to me last time and I already had this plan. With this opportunity, we can also become closer to the Moon Shadow Tribe, so Im very happy.”

“Then thats good. Next time chairman Cantona comes back from the Stantine Duchy, you should send your best people to investigate the Stantine Duchy with him, while also contacting the Moon Shadow Tribe.” Xu Yi said.


After she finished discussing this with Xu Yi, elder Illusia didnt immediately return to the Falling Rain Forest and went to the Night Song Tribes rubber processing factory for an inspection.

Since the Night Song Tribe built their rubber processing factory in the Falling Rain Valley, elder Illusia changed her idea of almost never leaving the Falling Rain Forest. Now she came to the Falling Rain Valley occasionally to take a look.

Other than discussing business with Xu Yi, the most important goal was to care about the working conditions of the factory.

It should be said that after the factory was established, it ran quite good for a few months.

With Xu Yis help and Delils efforts, the rubber processing factory had opened a market in Banta City.

After making the hundred plastic clothes hangers for big sister Sara, they received high praise for her and received an order for another thousand clothes hangers.

Then with big sister Saras advertisements and advertisements in the «Banta Times», the plastic clothes hangers became all the rage in Banta City.

These plastic clothes hangers were very smooth and there was no need to worry about the rough wood damaging clothes. They would even order them in various colours and designs, which was quite convenient to use.

The most important thing was that the plastic clothes hangers were cheaper than the wood clothes hangers.

Big sister Saras wood clothes hangers were of normal quality and they were rather cheap, so they cost on average around seventeen silver coins.

The plastic clothes hangers from the Night Song Tribes rubber processing factory only cost thirteen gold coins, so there was no doubt it was much cheaper.

So in only a month, the rubber processing factory had sold over forty thousand plastic clothes hangers. The clothes hangers in the various clothing stores of Banta City were all made of plastic.

For the rubber processing factory, because the materials came from the Falling Rain Forest and their workers were all elves, their cost was basically negligible. So of the five thousand gold coins gained from the forty thousand plastic clothes hangers, it was basically all net profit.

Although this wasnt much, other than some help in the beginning from Xu Yi and Still, the other work was all done by the Night Song Tribes elves alone. So to them, these five thousand gold coins brought them a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that surpassed the value of the five thousand gold coins themselves.

It was because of this that elder Illusia and the elves of the Night Song Tribe were grateful towards Xu Yi.

If it wasnt for Xu Yis support and help, if they worked alone, they might not have been able to take a single step even with a hundred years.

Moreover, along with selling the plastic clothes hangers, after the Night Song Tribe promoted their human shaped models, all the businesses related to clothing, including the Armani Chamber of Commerce immediately made their orders.

Moreover, there were many other companies that asked Delil if they could make other products that they could use out of plastic.

So during this time, whether it was Delil or the rubber processing factory, they were all very busy.

Of course, this kind of busy made them happy.

Seeing elder Illusia walking with a bit of a quick pace, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling. He turned to walk to the Falling Rain Road and his eyes fell onto a motorcade that was over two hundred meters long. Finally his eyes fell onto chairman Cruise, chairman Renersa, and chairman Vincent who had been waiting for a while and he waved his hand.

“Alright, lets set off.”

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