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Seeing chairman Cruise walking away with a thoughtful look on his face, Delil couldnt help asking Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, you said that for a merchant, the most important thing is benefits But according to what you described just now, this new source of profit has great benefits, so why are you giving it to the Amrit Chamber of Commerce”

“Its not completely giving it to them.” Xu Yi replied with a smile, “You should be able to hear that this new source of profits has benefits for both the Amrit Chamber of Commerce and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If we work together and the effects are good, both sides would win. Although the Amrit Chamber of Commerce would earn more, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesnt have any foundations in the construction business at all. If we were to do this ourselves, not mentioning if it would succeed or not, it would consume quite a bit of effort and time. For me, the thing I lack the most are those two things.”

Delil was silent for a bit before suddenly saying, “No wonder the elder was worried about your lifespan. Chairman Xu, if you could live several hundred years like us elves, that would be great.”

Xu Yi laughed, “There is life and death. I am a human, I have to accept the limited lifespan of humans. For me, only when I have a limited lifespan can I use my full power to do what I want to do. Then again, dont I have a chance to become an Arch Magus or a Grand Magus”

Delil didnt say anything.

“Alright, you know life is short and time is precious, we shouldnt waste time here. Come with me.”

Xu Yi waved his hand at Delil and moved towards the other chairmen in the hall.

The reason for bringing Delil was to use this chance for her to meet some of the chairmen at this banquet. It was good to see if there was a chance to cooperate with these large companies.

Between giving Xu Yi face and their curiosity towards elves, the other chairmen naturally wouldnt reject talking to Delil.

Delil was nervous at first, but she quickly adapted to talking with everyone.

Although she couldnt be as smooth as a normal merchant, with her status as an elf, her reactions made it easier to obtain the trust of the other side.

So with just a few short conversations, there were many companies that wanted to cooperate with the Night Song Tribes rubber processing factory.

Of course, those companies were the same as big sister Sara, they had some need for plastic.

They guaranteed that as long as Delil could give them suitable plastic products, they would certainly make an order to the Night Song Tribes factory.

Seeing Delil gradually adapt to this environment, Xu Yi moved to the side and let her face it alone.

The Armani Chamber of Commerces chairman Vincent who was already waiting on the side leaned over.

Xu Yi saw him and immediately asked with a smile, “Hey, chairman Vincent, Ive heard that youve been inspecting on the Black Rice Wasteland for two months now, what are the results”

Hearing this question, chairman Vincents expression became strange, “I dont know if its good or bad. The good news is that the beastmen on the Black Rice Wasteland indeed cant make clothes and they have a favourable impression of wearing human clothes, so in theory there is a very broad market.”

“Then what is the bad news”

“The bad news is that the Black Rice Wastelands beastmen are very poor. To them, even if they exchange the few resources they have with us humans, they prioritize things that they need like salt and other necessities. As for clothes…..I went to many beastmen tribes and found that many beastmen dont care about wearing clothes. I even saw over ten beastmen tribes where they were walking around naked, looking no different from beasts.”

Seeing the bitter smile on chairman Vincents face, Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “This reminds me of a joke from my hometown. There were two sales staff that were sent to inspect a beastman tribe. One of the sales workers was very depressed when he came back and reported that they didnt wear shoes. The other sales staff was overjoyed as he reported that it was great that the beastmen didnt wear shoes!”

Chairman Vincent laughed, “Chairman Xu, are you laughing at my indecisive feelings”

“I just want to remind you that for something like a market, it can be made if one doesnt exist. For example, look at the Voller Tribe, arent they wearing clothes now” Xu Yi said.

“Thats right. Beastmen didnt wear clothes before, so we can have them wear clothes. However theres still the problem of creating a condition where they wear clothes.” Chairman Vincent knit his brows in thought again.

“Ill give you some notice. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is planning on investing in a household magic machine assembly plant near the Voller Tribe this year, specially used to assemble household magic machines.” Xu Yi said.

Chairman Vincent was surprised, “Why If you want to do assembly work, should it be done in the Falling Rain Valley No matter how you look at it, its much more convenient and safe compared to the Black Rice Wasteland, right”

“The key point is the cost.” Xu Yi explained, “Speaking of the Black Rice Wasteland, perhaps everyone feels that it is a bit far, but actually youll find that comparing it, its closer to the north of the kingdom compared to Banta City and it has a direct border with the Sack Kingdom to the north. Adding in the smooth terrain, if we build roads, itll be easier to transport to the north part of the kingdom compared to transporting from Banta City.”

“You mean that youll save on transport costs like this But I feel that putting a factory in the beastmen controlled Black Rice Wasteland is very unsafe.” Chairman Vincent shook his head and said.

“Then do you think that our three companies building the mine and our companys non-ferrous metal smelting factory near the Voller Tribe is safe” Xu Yi asked.

“Its also unsafe, otherwise your three companies wouldnt have put so many guards near the mine.”

“That is only now. After a while, youll find that it will be very safe. If someone attacks the mine and the non-ferrous metal smelting factory, I dare guarantee that the Voller Tribes wolfmen and the surrounding tribes beastmen will respond even more intensely than us.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Why” Chairman Vincent was instantly stunned.

“Because there are many workers hired from the Voller Tribe and the surrounding beastmen tribes being hired at the mine and the factory. If the mine and factory are attacked, they will no longer be able to work and it would affect their wages. You think…..that after finally being able to get a fixed wage and being able to buy things from human companies at will, the beastmen who have lived their dream lives for just a few months will give up and let it be destroyed”

Seeing the strange smile on Xu Yis face, chairman Vincent couldnt help asking in a daze, “Chairman Xu, it cant be that this was your plan from the beginning, right”

Xu Yi smiled without responding.

Chairman Vincent was silent for a bit before letting out a long sigh.

“I think I understand your meaning. Letting these beastmen obtain stable incomes from stable work and then living stable lives, they will naturally be unwilling to return to their lives of poverty from before. But like this, it is equal to destroying the beastmens wild nature and taming them. Moreover, this will allow the beastmen to have the beastmen to gradually have the finances to purchase other things than daily necessities. For example, clothing from our Armani Chamber of Commerce”

Xu Yi nodded with a smile, “Not bad, chairman Vincent. Now do you know why I said that a market can be created According to my ideas, these beastmen in the future will not just wear clothes. Each beastman family will be using our Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines. There are over five hundred thousand beastmen on the Black Rice Wasteland, this is a huge market equal to several Banta Cities.”

Chairman Vincent couldnt help shaking his head as he said with a sigh, “Chairman Xu, I really have to say, you really are thinking too far ahead. Beastmen are no different from beasts right now, but you want them to use magic machines which are even considered luxuries for us humans. I really dont know whether your idea is really far ahead or if its crazy……”

“Ha, ha, sometimes super advanced ideas are no different from crazy ideas.” Xu Yi said while laughing, “Whether Im treated as a prophet or a lunatic will all depend on if it succeeds or not. So chairman Vicnent, even if you didnt come looking for me, I would have come looking for you. How about it Are you interested in being the same as me, investing in a few cotton factories on the Black Rice Wasteland I promise you that investing in the Black Rice Wasteland can save many costs. Other than transportation costs, the biggest thing youll be saving is human costs.”

“Oh What does that mean” Chairman Vincent asked in a curious voice, it was clear he was moved.

“Do you know how much were offering the beastmen workers every month at our mine” Xu Yi asked.

“According to your ideas, it shouldnt be less than the human workers at the Falcao Chamber of Commerces mines, right It should be…..no more than fifteen gold coins” Chairman Vincent guessed.

“No, its only five gold coins!” Xu Yi stretched out his hand.

“This little” Chairman Vincents eyes popped out in shock, “How could those beastmen agree to such low wages”

“Just the opposite, the beastmen are very satisfied with this wage and even chairman Cruise and chairman Renersa have thanked me many times for this. As for the wages of the workers at our Frestech Chamber of Commerces non-ferrous metal smelting factory, its even less. Its only four gold coins a month and those beastmen show their gratitude to me as the chairman. They always offer sincere blessing to me whenever they see me.” Xu Yi said in a proud voice.

“This……” Chairman Vincent was still in a bit of disbelief, but after thinking about it, he found it was very reasonable.

The beastmen couldnt get any gold coins at all, even when they exchanged things, they just received normal items from the human merchants.

Now that they could receive those shiny gold coins and use those gold coins to buy the things they needed from the humans, greatly increasing their standard of living.

To them, being able to receive a wage was already good enough, how could they receive the same high wages as the workers in Banta City

Chairman Vincent quickly calculated the difference in wage and transportation fee and when comparing it in the end, he was shocked to find that according to the wages of the beastmen workers that Xu Yi mentioned before, if he opened a factory on the Black Rice Wasteland, it would greatly decrease his costs!

After drawing this conclusion, chairman Vincents expression looking at Xu Yi became very strange.

This fellow, just how did he think of this

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