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“Chairman Xu, your industrial base has really opened my eyes. If possible, I really want to move this place to our Rudson Kingdom.” Newman looked at the contrast between the green flowers and the clean factories and he couldnt help giving a sigh.

“Ha, ha, if chairman Newman is willing, how hard would it be to really move it” Xu Yi said with a smile, “As long as your Rudson Kingdom agrees, it would be an easy matter for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invest in another industrial base.”

“Really” Newman looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Chairman Xu, I am not joking, I really want to bring everything back. At least when we want to buy agricultural magic machines, we wouldnt need to run this far.”

“Im also not joking.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Chairman Newman, if our Frestech Chamber of Commerce invests in a factory in your Rudson Kingdom, can you give us some preferential treatment”

Hearing that Xu Yi didnt seem like he was joking, Newman immediately gave a serious expression. He looked at Xu Yi for a while before saying, “I think that our king will be very happy to hear this news. When he heard my reports of Banta City, our king has always hoped that he could be introduced to your Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machine production methods. If chairman Xu is willing to satisfy this request, I think that our king will give you enough preferential treatment and guarantee that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can smoothly invest in our Rudson Kingdom.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile. Even though Newman looked welcoming on the surface, his words were completely different.

He proposed setting up a factory in the Rudson Kingdom, but Newman had asked the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for their magic machine production method.

In theory, it wasnt impossible for Xu Yi to agree to this because only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had all the technology right now. He hoped that all the companies of the Sines Continent could grasp the magic machine production technology, promoting the magic machine industry on the continent, creating a perfect magic industrial system.

Of course, he couldnt agree that easily.

Whether it was for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces benefits, for Banta Citys benefits, or the Lampuri Kingdoms benefits, he couldnt easily hand over this technology.

“As long as your countrys king is willing to accept our investment in a factory, we will definitely give priority to this.” Xu Yi replied, “Although the Lampuri Kingdom has many cities that have invited our company to invest, I have always treated becoming a first class company on the continent as the goal for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so opening a market in other countries is definitely something to consider.”

Hearing that Xu Yi didnt agree to giving up technology, Newman wasnt surprised. He just smiled and didnt keep asking.

This matter was very important, it couldnt be decided with a casual conversation between the two of them.

Using this to investigate Xu Yis intention was already enough. Hearing that Xu Yi was willing to invest in a factory in the Rudson Kingdom made Newman very satisfied.

Not mentioning anything else, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can invest in an agricultural magic machine factory in the Rudson Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom could produce agricultural magic machines locally. They wouldnt have to transport it from far away, which would save countless amounts of time and save the most important thing, money.

Take the most important small Magic Harvester that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced, the current factory price was seventy gold coins.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce took care of the transportation to the border, there was still several hundreds of kilometers from the border to the Rudson Kingdoms capital city.

This long path, even with the cheapest transportation method that Newman could think of, it cost around one gold coin for each small Magic Harvester.

It wasnt much for one, but for a three hundred thousand units, this was close to four hundred thousand gold coins that couldnt be neglected.

Even if the finances of the Rudson Kingdom was better than the Lampuri Kingdom, consuming this much was not something Newman or the king was willing to see.

Not to mention that these agricultural magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was just the beginning.

Last time Newman went back to the Rudson Kingdom, he had brought five of each kind of magic machine the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced back with him.

When Newman brought those products back to the Rudson Kingdom, it attracted the attention of countless people.

Newman was certain that if magic machines could be promoted in the Rudson Kingdom, they would be greatly welcomed.

When that time comes, what they needed to consider wasnt just importing agricultural magic machines, they also needed to include the other magic machines the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced.

If it cost an average of one gold coin to transport each magic machine, this would become an astronomical number.

So before coming here, the king had made a request for Newman. No matter what, he had to attract the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to invest in a factory in the Rudson Kingdom. If he could get the magic machine production methods from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would even be better.

Before this, Newman had already purchased the production methods for the Magic Kettle and the cement on behalf of the Rudson Chamber of Commerce.

Because they lacked the corresponding materials and production infrastructure, the Rudson Chamber of Commerce couldnt produce the Magic Kettle right now, but they had started producing cement.

Right now the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had three construction teams laying down cement roads all over the Rudson Kingdom. With the Rudson Kingdom producing local cement, there wasnt a need to purchase from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce over a thousand kilometers away.

So, the Rudson Kingdom royal family had saved over three hundred thousand gold coins on laying these roads.

Compared to this, the roads were being laid down quite quickly in the Rudson Kingdom.

With the support of the royal familys finances and the three construction teams from the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, as well as the escort of the Rudson Kingdoms army, the Rudson Kingdom had already laid down five hundred kilometers of road in less than three months.

One of the roads was from the Lampuri Kingdoms border to the Rudson Kingdoms royal capital, linking up to Banta City.

At the same time, the hundred kilometer road from Banta City to the border was also finished and could be used at the end of the month,

Newman came from Curaca City to the Falling Rain Valley, which was a trip of over eight hundred kilometers, going on all roads. It took less than three days and they traveled over two hundred kilometers each day, which was twice as fast as before.

Moreover, this trip was much more comfortable. Even in the horse carriage, because it didnt bump around, Newman could even fall asleep.

After experiencing this journey that was much more comfortable, Newman had even more trust in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or rather in Xu Yis abilities. He had a strong interest and yearning for the magic machines production technology the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had.

However, Xu Yi tightly held this technology and didnt reveal a thing, so Newman couldnt do anything.

But he didnt feel despair because of this. Based on the fact that Xu Yi gave away the production methods for the Magic Fan, the Magic Kettle, and cement, Xu Yi was different from the other companies of the continent. He didnt treat his technology as exclusive and reserved the right to disclose them.

Newman believed that as long as he was patient enough, Xu Yi will give the related technology eventually.

So Newman wasnt in a rush. At this time, he felt that it was better to guarantee that both sides had a good relationship first.

When he was about to change the topic back to the fifty thousand agricultural magic machines, a figure suddenly charged forward in front of them.

Qurik didnt even reach Xu Yi when he was stopped by the guards following the two of them.

“Chairman Xu, Im not here to cause trouble.” Quirk quickly raised his hands and stopped, as he loudly said to Xu Yi, “I just want to ask you for work.”

“Oh” Xu Yi looked at Qurik like he found it funny, “Im sorry, Im not in charge of hiring people. If you want a job, you can go find our companys human resource development to take a test.”

“But the job I want isnt something youre openly hiring for, I only came after hearing it from big brother Cantona.” Qurik continued in a loud voice.

“Cantona” Xu Yi looked at Qurik and thought for a bit. He waved his hand at a Frestech Chamber of Commerce worker and after saying a few things to him, the worker moved towards Qurik and whispered a few things for him, taking him away to the company office in the center of the Falling Rain Valley.

Seeing Qurik walking away with this worker while looking around, Newman couldnt help saying with a smile, “Chairman Xu, it seems like work for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is very popular. Are there young people who are introduced to you by acquaintances who come looking for you all the time”

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, “Theres no other way, it seems like everyone recognizes our company. Actually if were talking about salary, our companys workers dont have the highest in Banta City. You should know that the Amrit Chamber of Commerces workers building roads in your Rudson Kingdom, the highest wage they receive reaches thirty gold coins a month.”

“Its not the same. Those people are moving away from their hometowns and even going to another kingdom for work. If the Amrit Chamber of Commerce didnt give them enough compensation, not many people would be willing to go.” Newman paused before saying, “Actually, I made a suggestion to chairman Cruise to let him hire local Rudson Kingdom workers, which is not only convenient, it also saves money, but he didnt accept my suggestion. Chairman Xu, can you help me talk to chairman Cruise”

Xu Yi looked at Newman and gave a soft laugh. Your suggestion isnt to help the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, you just want to put people in the Amrit Chamber of Commerce and steal their road building technology.

Chairman Cruise was a smart person, how could he listen to your suggestion

But Xu Yi thought about it before nodding to Newman, “Alright, Ill find a chance to talk to him.”

Seeing that Xu Yi didnt just say this out of courtesy, Newman was overjoyed.

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