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All the large and small companies of Banta City were currently anxious over the actions that Count Stagg had taken after taking over as City Lord. While everyone was worrying, the Falling Rain Valley that was sixty kilometers away from Banta City was bustling, it was a scene filled with vitality and vigor.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt affected by being forced out of Sandton Manor, everyone was busy with their work just like before.

The company was operating very smoothly. Not to mention the companys leader Xu Yi not feeling anything, even the ordinary workers were very calm, without the slightest bit of unrest.

This wasnt strange.

Perhaps to the other companies and citizens of Banta City, Sandton Manor was a very important place for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Now that Count Stagg was hostile towards Xu Yi and forced the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to move, causing them to lose this important base, which was a serious attack on Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce which would create large losses.

In reality, Sandton Manor was far from being as important as other people had thought.

In the beginning, Sandton Manor was indeed very important to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been forced away from Viscount Leslies territory. They only had a single magic machine workshop and the household magic machine workshop left.

Although Sandton Manor wasnt big, it was equal to all of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production base, so it was clear how important it was.

However, after developing for a year and making progress in the Falling Rain Valley, the main production base of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had already been shifted to the Falling Rain Valley.

In the current Falling Rain valley, just the number of household magic machine workshops had already reached eight.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced household magic machines, they put them all in the same factory. The space was very crowded and the environment could be considered bad.

Now that the workshops in the Falling Rain Valley had been completed, Xu Yi provided a workshop for each household magic machine.

For example, there was a specific Magic Fan factory in charge of making Magic Fans.

This Magic Fan factory was even bigger than the two workshops at the Sandton Manor combined. The space and environment were naturally much better.

So when the Falling Rain Valley gradually started producing products, the two workshops at the Sandton Manor hadnt been producing as much.

Under Xu Yis instructions, it had gradually changed into the Frestech Chamber of Commerces machine development center.

It was different from the magic research facility that studied Magic Arrays that powered these magic machines, this development center was in charge of how the machines were designed.

Camby and the other dwarven magic mechanical engineers had made amazing progress at Sandton Manor, just this years agricultural magic machines had a total of thirteen improvements.

This years Banta Citys spring harvest went very smoothly and it went by even faster than last year, this development center had the greatest merit for this achievement.

So that meant that the machine development center was also very important to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but its importance was different from the production lines. The production lines most important parts were the workers, location, and the machinery. If they were forced to move, it would greatly impact the normal work of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But for the development center, the most important thing was the data they had received from their experiments.

These things wouldnt be affected by the move and at most it would just delay them by a day or two.

So in short, although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was being forced out of Sandton Manor, it didnt affect their work at all.

Rather because the workers of the machine development center were dwarves, now that they were at the Falling Rain Valley, allowing them to be with their dwarven friends and family in the Falling Rain Valley, it made Camby and the other dwarven workers much more enthusiastic.

Among these people, the only ones affected who didnt seem to adapt that well were the researchers of the magic research facility.

The magic research facility used to be in Banta City, so they could stroll around in Banta City in their free time.

But the Falling Rain Valley was a full sixty kilometers from Banta City. Even though the Fersen Carriage Company had opened a public transport line on Xu Yis request, it wasnt convenient to go back and forth.

But even if they didnt adapt that well, not a single researcher had a complaint.

After all, it was rare to see Xu Yi have such a strong stance on them moving. The researchers were already used to working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic research facility and if they lost this hard earned job by angering Xu Yi, it was not something that anyone was willing to accept.

Moreover, life in the Falling Rain Valley was not as they imagined, being boring just because it was far away from Banta City.

On the contrary, after Xu Yis investment that spared no expense, adding in the highest quality construction work from the Amrit Chamber of Commerce and the beautiful decorations from the elves of the Night Song Tribe. With over four thousand dwarves that had settled here, the current environment of the Falling Rain Valley was something that everyone praised.

There were many researchers who werent satisfied with working in such a remote place, but once they got out of the horse carriages, they were immediately sucked in by the environment and forgot all their complaints.

After half a month, all the Frestech Chamber of Commerce workers who had moved from Banta City quickly adapted to life in the Falling Rain Valley. They integrated with the dwarven and elven workers of the Falling Rain Valley and lived in harmony.

“Chairman Xu, it seems like you were right. Humans really are a race with strong adaptive abilities. As long as there is something that brings both sides together, humans can quickly become friends with other races.”

Elder Illusia watched several elven clansmen who were walking and chatting with human workers, even revealing happy smiles when they were being teased by the humans workers. She couldnt help revealing a happy smile.

Before cooperating with Xu Yi, she never would have imagined that her clansmen could create such a harmonious scene with humans.

Xu Yi laughed as he curiously looked at the elven and human workers in the distance before saying, “Actually without much contact with the elves, we humans thought that elves were proud and inaccessible. But after being together for some time, everyone has found that the elf clan is just a bit proud on the surface, but they are actually clean, pure, and easy to get along with. For example, when I first met Agnes, she seemed very proud and seemed very hard to approach. But now I see her as a normal little girl, I even hit her head when I am angry, not caring that she is an elf at all.”

Elder Illusia revealed a faint smile. When she was about to speak, there was a sudden distortion in the space behind them and Agnes had appeared. She looked at Xu Yi with a stubborn look, “Chairman, Im already eighty six years old! Im several times older than you, Im not some young girl!”

Xu Yi laughed, “But Agnes, eighty six years old for you elves is underaged for us humans, what problem is there in me treating you like a little girl”

Agnes kept thinking, but she couldnt think of anything to refute Xu Yi with. She could only keep explaining, “When I first met you, I wasnt that proud, right”

“Not proud Do you remember the first thing you said to me” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

“The first thing” Agnes knit her brows and after thinking for a bit, she shook her head, “I forgot.”

“I still remember. The first thing you said washuman, I dont trust you. You actually dare say that you werent that proud” Xu Yi asked.

“Its like this” Agnes thought for a bit and finally remembered the scene of her first meeting with Xu Yi, “I wasnt being proud, I was just speaking the truth. The elders of the clan told me since I was young that humans were deceitful and I couldnt easily believe in humans. When I first saw that the chairman was a human, of course I couldnt believe you.”

Xu Yi looked at elder Illusia and complained, “Honourable elder Illusia, youve always taught your clansmen like this You should at least teach Agnes that there are benefits and disadvantages in our human world, right Not every human is deceitful, for example, me……”

Elder Illusia said with a faint smile, “There was no other way, Agnes was still young and didnt have the ability to judge if humans were trustworthy.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug before looking back to Agnes, “See, didnt I say that you were young”

Agnes gave a soft snort and turned around, acting like she was ignoring Xu Yi.

Xu Yi couldnt help breaking out in laughter.

The Agnes before wouldnt perform such a human-like action, but now she had become like this. She was even acting like a spoiled human girl, it was definitely Stills influence.

Thinking of Still, Xu Yi thought of another question. He asked elder Illusia, “Elder Illusia, now that Banta City has changed City Lords, what I promised you about Still being your agent and being able to help you create an elven company might not work.”

“Why Didnt you tell me there wasnt a problem before Why is it not possible now” Elder Illusia was a bit doubtful.

“That was because Count Sean was the City Lord before, so I was confident that any request I had would pass. But now that there is a new City Lord…..his relationship with me isnt good…..”

Elder Illusia looked at Xu Yi before shaking her head, “I dont understand, why do you humans have all those rules and laws, but many times you dont follow those rules and laws and make decisions based on the relationship between sides. Are relationships that important for you humans”

“Definitely.” Xu Yi said with a nod, “To give an analogy, elder Illusia, if me and a person youre not familiar with asks you the same request and you could only help one of us, who would you choose”

“Of course you.” Elder Illusia replied without any hesitation.

“See, this is the use of relationships.” Xu Yi said.

Elder Illusia pondered this for a bit before giving a slow now, “I understand now, but the relationships between you humans is just too complicated.”

“Isnt that why you wanted your clansmen to study relationships by integrating with us humans” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Elder Illusia thought for a bit before revealing a smile, “Youre right. Alright, chairman Xu, I think you already have a solution for this matter Otherwise, I dont think you would take the initiative to bring it up.”

Xu Yi smiled as he gave elder Illusia a large thumbs up.

“See, you at least understand me now. Yes, although you cant establish an elven company right now, there is an alternative method.” Xu Yi paused before saying with a serious face, “That method is to become an affiliate.”

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