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Three days later, when the people of Banta City woke up in the morning, they found that Banta City was different from normal.

The most obvious thing was that the streets were filled with fully armoured city guards. Each crossroad had two guards standing there and all the streets were guarded.

After looking carefully, they would find that all the small and large streets had been cleaned very strictly.

The stalls that were along the normal roads had all disappeared today, it was like they had been erased by someone.

The stores by the roads were all different from normal. They didnt display their products outside and had taken them all into the store, placing them neatly without a single speck of a mess.

On the streets that would be a bit messy normally, they had been completely cleaned today. It was even so smooth that people could see their reflection.

Everyone was a bit surprised at first, but they soon quickly reacted.

Three days ago, the «Banta Times» had already announced something big would be happening today! The changing of City Lords!

Since the current king took the throne, Count Sean had been the City Lord and fifteen years had already passed.

After such a long time, everyone in Banta City was already used to him being there.

For most people in Banta City, when they mentioned the Lord City Lord, it was referring to Count Sean. Many people in Banta City even forgot the Lord City Lords name, they just knew that he was the Lord City Lord.

After being used to something for so long, now that the City Lord was suddenly changing, Banta Citys people felt a bit strange after learning this matter.

In the fifteen years that Count Sean had been the City Lord, he had been very proper.

Although for the first ten years, because of Banta City itself, Count Sean couldnt make Banta City richer, to the citizens, the City Lord had always fulfilled his basic duties.

In the first ten years, Count Sean didnt drive the economic development of Banta City, but he had properly managed the city.

In these ten years, although Banta City didnt have a high standard of law and order, it was still in good order without any major turmoil.

Moreover, what the citizens praised the most was that he didnt allow the small and large nobles to bully the citizens.

Under his management, there were few events each year where the nobles bullied normal citizens. Moreover, if it was discovered, the noble that committed the crime would be heavily punished by Count Sean.

To the citizens, just this alone was enough to make them support this Lord City Lord.

After these first ten years, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce appeared, driving the development of Banta City and greatly increasing the economy, Count Sean didnt hesitate to use the extra taxes collected to increase the standard of living for Banta City.

In these two years, Banta City had completely changed.

First, not mentioning large projects like the Sandy River bank project and roads connecting all over the place outside the city, just the fact that Banta City had a public transportation system made it much easier for people.

Just a few days ago, there were Magic Street Lamps that were installed on the major streets of Banta City.

It was like in the new city square, every night, those Magic Street Lamps would light up and illuminate those streets. It would allow the people of Banta City to walk around on those streets without heading into the darkness like before.

The street lamps were just the first phase. According to the plan announced by the City Lord Manor, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be building street lamps on every street of Banta City during the next period of time, lighting up the entire city. It would be like Count Sean had said in the «Banta Times» before, Banta City would be the “city without a night”.

The people of Banta City were waiting and expecting that day to come.

But since three days ago, when they saw the news in the «Banta Times» that the City Lord would be changing, people couldnt help feeling unsettled.

If Count Sean was to leave, all the city changes that were good to citizens in Banta City, would they continue as planned

“There is no need to worry at all.” Count Sean had the same confident smile as he said to the «Banta Times» editor in chief Nakhi, “Although I am leaving Banta City, chairman Xu and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce are still here. The Banta City changes that you mentioned, most of them came from chairman Xus suggestions to me. Even most of the money used to implement these projects came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the City Lords Manor doesnt have that much money. So that means that as long as chairman Xu and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce are here, everyone doesnt need to worry about this.”

The two of them were waiting with a large crowd of people outside Banta Citys northern gate.

Today was the day Count Stagg would take over, so as the previous City Lord, Count Sean had led all the people with power in Banta City to come greet Count Stagg.

Before Count Stagg arrived, Nakhi was having a short interview with Count Sean.

“But most of the projects could only continue with the support of the City Lords Manor.” Nakhi said with a frown, “Now that Lord City Lord is leaving, everyone is worried that the new City Lord Count Stagg wont support these city renovation projects like you did.”

“Ive already said it, there is no need to worry.” Count Seans smile disappeared and he said with a serious look, “Since Count Stagg is taking over for me, naturally he will work hard to develop Banta City. These city renovations are all helpful to Banta City, so Count Stagg will definitely continue supporting them on behalf of the City Lords Manor.”

Nakhi hesitated a bit as he secretly gritted his teeth. Then he asked, “But Lord City Lord, Ive heard that the Stagg Family is very biased against chairman Xu and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Youre not worried that after Count Stagg becomes the City Lord, he will stop supporting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because of this and even suppress them”

Count Seans face sunk, “Where did you hear this from Get it clear, even if the Stagg Family is biased against Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, that is not related to Count Stagg holding the position of Banta Citys City Lord. Count Stagg will be the City Lord of Banta City from this day forth and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is one of the most important companies in our Banta City, for the development of Banta City, naturally he will support the Frestech Chamber of Commerce like me. How can you make wild guesses!”

Although Count Seans tone was very strict, while Nakhi nodded in response, his lips couldnt help curling slightly, revealing his true thoughts.

Because Count Seans words sounded very righteous, it sounded like he supported Count Stagg, but if one carefully analyzed his words, they would find that he was trying to put him in an awkward position before he even arrived.

According to the meaning of Count Seans words, since Count Stagg was the Banta Citys City Lord, of course he has to consider the development of Banta City. That means that he would have to support the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that is very important to the development of Banta City.

If he didnt support them, it would mean that he didnt care about the development of Banta City.

With such a large hat on him, how could Count Stagg not have any scruples at all,

Moreover, Count Sean had even put a definition to this support, which was “supporting the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as much as him”.

How did Count Sean support the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As long as it was people who frequently read the «Banta Times», they would be able to see how Count Sean supported the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from the articles in the «Banta Times».

Moreover, the current Banta City renovation plan that the citizens paid attention to, Count Sean had given responsibility to Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

This was treating the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as part of the City Lords Manor.

This kind of support was not something a normal City Lord would give.

But if Count Stagg didnt do this, it would become him not caring about the development of Banta City.

It had to be known that the «Banta Times» sold over fifty thousand copies a day. The people of Banta City were already used to getting information from the «Banta Times».

Now that Nakhi had interviewed Count Sean at such a sensitive time, naturally it would be reported in the «Banta Times».

This meant that Count Seans words would be known to all of Banta Citys people through the «Banta Times».

To the citizens, the words that Count Sean had said was completely a warning for Count Stagg.

If Count Stagg didnt do well, he would lose the trust of the public.

“Chairman Xu, when Count Sean meets Count Stagg later, will he focus on introducing you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce” In the crowd not far away, the Amrit Chamber of Commerces chairman Cruise asked Xu Yi this in a low voice.

“Probably not.” Xu Yi shook his head, “I specially mentioned this matter to the Lord City Lord yesterday, I hoped that he wouldnt introduce me and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which he agreed to.”

“Why” Chairman Cruise was a bit confused, “Although I understand that you want to remain low key in front of Count Stagg, do you think thats possible Count Stagg had definitely researched our Banta City before coming here and adding in the Stagg Family…..Ke, its impossible he wouldnt notice you and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“This is what Count Stagg needs to consider, it isnt related to me.” Xu Yi gave a shrug and casually said, “Without a need, I would rather stay as low key as possible.”


Before chairman Cruise could keep asking, he heard the sounds of coming from around him.

Looking into the distance, they saw a line of horse carriages slowly heading in this direction.

There was no need to guess, this was the arrival of Count Stagg.

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