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Of course, this idea only existed in theory.

According to the data from Evita, although the stability of magic transmission was increased after the stabilizer was wrapped around the magic line, it wasnt zero consumption. The current limit was that it could transmit magic a total of five hundred meters and still maintain basic function, fulfilling the request of the Magic Array.

Once it went past five hundred meters, the magic would become unstable because of the consumption and it couldnt activate the Magic Array.

Although compared to the distance of a hundred meters from before, this was five times longer, compared to the electrical wires on earth that could transmit even thousands of kilometers away, the disparity was just too big.

But Xu Yi changed his thoughts and thought of another question.

Although when conducting electricity on earth, they just need to set a power grid and could transport the electricity, in reality when electricity uses a conductor, a part of it will be consumed.

The reason why earth can transmit electricity hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away from the power plant is because there wasnt just a single connection, rather there were electric substations between points that ensured that the electricity was at a certain level, so it could satisfy electrical needs.

Another reason was that the output was much higher than the voltage actually needed, so even if it was consumed in transfer, there was still plenty of room for adjustment once it reached the electric substations.

If this theory could be applied to magic power transfer, it should be using Magic Crystals to release a high energy magic power with a facility that adjusted the frequency of this magic in between and then releasing the magic from this station, allowing it to have the power needed to activate a Magic Array.

When Xu Yi told Evita this tentative plan, Evitas eyes lit up and they filled with excitement.

“This idea is great! Chairman, you really are a genius!” Evita excitedly walked around the lab bench several times as she became more excited the more she thought about it, “This idea can definitely work! Great! Why didnt I think of this before If we can use this, we could even transfer magic power from Banta City to Anvilmar City!”

Thinking of this possibility, Evita couldnt help breaking out in laughter.

Evita normally had a calm and cool appearance, but this was Xu Yis first time seeing her lose it like this. It could be seen just how excited she was at this moment.

Seeing how Evita couldnt keep her composure from her excitement, Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “Dont be happy too early. If you want to achieve this plan, there are many important problems to solve first. First, how will you adjust the intensity of the magic power Although there is a difference in intensity and frequency for magic power, the magic power from Magic Crystals arent stable at all and different Magic Crystals release different intensities, so how can we turn this magic power of different intensity into the magic power we need to activate the same Magic Array”

Hearing Xu Yis question, Evita stopped moving as her brows knit and she sunk into deep thought.

After a while, Evitas expression suddenly changed as she said to Xu Yi, “Chairman, I got it. You said before that when you want to mass produce something, you need to standardize it. When the product produced has the same standards, we can guarantee that there is no need to worry about different parameters of the same product. I think that…..this idea can also be applied to magic power”

Xu Yi gave a nod with a smile of praise, “This idea is very good. Thats right, magic power can also be standardized, but how do you think that this can be accomplished”

Evita fell into deep thought again before replying, “What determines the intensity of the magic power released from Magic Crystals is the magic power contained within it, so that depends on the structure of each Magic Crystal. There are small differences in each piece of Magic Crystal, so naturally there are differences in the output. So I think…..if we want to standardize magic power transfer, we need to use the simplest method of changing the source, which is standardizing Magic Crystals.”

“Oh” Xu Yi was a bit surprised. He thought about the specialty of electricity transfer back on earth, so he chose to discuss this with Evita. He wanted to see if it could be referenced for magic power transfer, but he never thought that Evita would realize all these things from his suggestion. He kept asking in a happy voice, “Then how should we standardize Magic Crystals”

Evita thought about it before drawing two Magic Arrays on the lab bench.

“Chairman, look. These Magic Arrays can extract magic from Magic Crystals and instantly explode. When using this Magic Array, one could display a good battle strength if they had enough Magic Crystals. But everyone found afterwards that this Magic Array was very inefficient in using Magic Crystals because the method of releasing magic from Magic Crystals was very crude. It didnt undergo any magic…..processing, so it was actually very wasteful.” Evita pointed at one of the simple looking Magic Arrays as she gave this explanation.

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Xu Yi looked down and with his strong understanding of Magic Arrays, he could tell that this Magic Arrays functions were very simple.

“Then you mean to say that you want to use this Magic Array to draw out magic from the Magic Crystals and then use another Magic Array to compress the gathered magic”

Evita looked at Xu Yi in surprise, as her eyes were filled with admiration.

“Right, sir chairman, you shouldnt recognize this Magic Array, right Its because I saw this one in a very old book a few years ago and there arent any magicians who know about this.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “I just guessed based on the characteristics of the Magic Array. Evita, you even know this unpopular Magic Array and can instantly think of these two Magic Arrays, you really are incredible.”

Evitas face turned a bit red as she said with a smile, “Sir chairmans praise is too much. I just considered this problem when I was doing research before, but I never thought that it could be used like this. If you didnt remind me of this, it would have been wasted.”

“Alright, no need to be modest. Since you already considered this problem before, you should have some ideas, right Do you think that with these two Magic Arrays, you can standardize Magic Crystals” Xu Yi asked.

“I cant say that for now.” Evita shook her head, “Because the second Magic Arrays development wasnt finished, so theres no way to gather magic power from Magic Crystals and compress them.”

“Un, based on this array, it shouldnt be finished.” Xu Yi looked down at the second Magic Array for a bit before falling into thought and giving a nod, “This isnt a problem. Since it isnt finished, then we can just finish it. Based on this array, this Magic Array was heading in the right direction. The problem we need to solve now is to finish the magic gathering Magic Array and not waste the magic contained within Magic Crystals. Then we must standardize the Magic Crystals that weve collected and even control their quality, letting them release the intensity of magic power that we want.”

“Un, this must be done.” Evita gave a nod before giving a smile, “Otherwise, wouldnt refining Magic Crystals lose their meaning”

“Youre right. Do you have confidence in doing this” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

Evita thought about it before giving a calm and confident nod.

“Good, Evita, Ill give you this project of refining Magic Crystals and standardizing them.” Xu Yi immediately made his decision, “This research is very important, so I approve a special research fund of ten thousand for you as the chairman.”

“Ten thousand gold coins Isnt this too much” Evita asked in a surprised voice, “At most research projects only received a fund of five thousand gold coins before.”

“This is because it is very important to me, do you understand what I mean” Xu Yi asked.

Evita nodded with a serious expression, “I understand. Chairman, I will do my best to research this topic.”

“Evita, Ive never had any doubts about your abilities.” Xu Yi revealed a smile, “But Evita, Im happy that you will work hard, but I hope that you will not spend all your time on this. Ive heard that youre always staying late in the lab and choose to work overtime all day, this is not a good thing. Although magic research takes a large amount of time, what I think is more important is a persons body. If you tire yourself out too much and hurt yourself, the gains are not worth the losses.”

“Many thanks for the chairmans care, I will be careful.” Evita said with a faint smile.

“Other than your body, you also need to spend some time on your personal life. Look at all the other researchers going out to play, Ive heard that Bella has even gotten close to a noble young master and her relationship with him is quite good. Why dont you learn from her” Xu Yi asked in a very gossipy manner.

Evita pursed her lips into a smile, “Bella and Rabukas relationship is quite good, I think they just need to announce it.”

“Youre not jealous You havent thought of finding a boyfriend Ive heard Still say that youve never dated back at school, isnt this a bit strange” Xu Yi began gossiping even more.

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