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Xu Yi and Still stayed at the Falling Rain Valley for a full week before leaving.

Compared to when they came, they had much more companions when they left.

Other than the three elf girls from the Moon Shadow Tribe and Agnes who was going back to work, there was an extra male and female elf from the Night Song Tribe.

These two elves were chosen by elder Illusia, she was planning on having them be managers of the plastic processing factory the Night Song Tribe was opening.

The male elf was called Amelud, in charge of internal affairs and the female elf was called Delil, in charge of negotiating with others on behalf of the factory.

Elder Illusia had the two of them follow Xu Yi to Banta City was other than to represent the Night Song Tribe, it was also to hand in the application to the Lampuri Kingdom for starting a factory. It was also to learn how to manage a factory and a company with Xu Yis help.

With Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current standing in Banta City, he could easily find them an opportunity to learn.

The other ones that needed Xu Yis help were the three elf girls from the Moon Shadow Tribe.

They wanted to work for companies other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which wasnt really that difficult for Xu Yi.

After the Armani Chamber of Commerce hired those five elves, it created quite a stir in Banta City and the surrounding cities.

That was because the elves only worked for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce before. No matter how much the other companies offered the elves, the elves didnt even spare them a glance, so the other companies had already given up.

But now the elves had joined a company other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, igniting their hopes again. They all contacted Xu Yi, hoping that they could also hire elves.

Not mentioning anything else, with just the high publicity elves had, it was enough for them to give the elves a high salary.

So if Xu Yi had released the fact that there were three elves that wanted to join another company, all the companies in Banta City and the surrounding cities would charge forth.

For Xu Yi, what he needed to consider wasnt what company to choose, rather what kind of work was suited for the three girl elves.

Still was their representative and agent, so she had asked them this question before, but since they didnt understand human work, it was hard to determine.

So after Xu Yi and Still brought them to Banta City, they first planned on letting them do a bit of work before deciding.

But thinking about how they had spent four months to inspect the Night Song Tribe, Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a bitter smile.

The Night Song Tribe was a small tribe of around a thousand elves. Its this simple, yet they had spent four months to understand it. If they were to work in human society that was more complicated, wouldnt they need to spend a year or two before getting a basic understanding

Thinking of this, Xu Yi couldnt asking Agnes who was riding in his horse carriage, “Agnes, what did Stasia and the others do in the Night Song Tribe over these months I dont believe that they needed four months to understand how your tribe cooperates with our company, that is too exaggerated.”

Agnes tilted her head to think, “They didnt do anything, they just lived with us. Chairman, is four months a very long time”

“What do you think” Xu Yi snappily asked back.

Agnes thought about it before saying with a look of understanding, “Oh, right, four months is very long for humans. With this much time, I could have made several new designs with Vivian.”

“Look, dont you know that time is very precious” Xu Yi said in a happy voice.

Agnes was the elf who had followed him the longest and under his unceasing influence, she was already gradually getting used to considering problems from the mindset of a human.

Perhaps it was because elder Illusia had seen this encouraging change from Agnes that she suddenly decided to take this step.

“But it was because the elder wanted them to stay in the tribe a bit longer.” Agnes guessed, “Although the elder didnt tell me, Ive noticed the elder talking to them frequently. She was asking them about the Moon Shadow Tribe, I think the elder wants to understand the Moon Shadow Tribe from talking to them.”

“There is this possibility, but I think that elder Illusia doesnt just want to understand the Moon Shadow Tribe…..”

Xu Yi thought of how elder Illusia had included rubber processing when setting up the plastic processing plant, which confirmed his guess.

The Lampuri Kingdom didnt have any rubber trees, but there were quite a few in the Stantine Duchy.

The Moon Shadow Tribe was the only elf tribe in the Stantine Duchy. Elder Illusia wanted to deepen their relationship with the Moon Shadow Tribe, it was very likely she wanted to cooperate with the Moon Shadow Tribe in producing processed rubber.

Of course, elder Illusias main goal wasnt just to cooperate, rather her true goal was to deepen the relationship between the two tribes.

The elves of the Sines Continent were spread all over and with how elves rarely left the region they lived in, elves of different tribes rarely contacted each other, even though they were the same race.

Now that there was this chance, elder Illusia naturally wouldnt give it up.

While talking to Agnes about her impressions of Stasia and the Moon Shadow Tribe, the carriage smoothly went from the Falling Rain Valley back to Banta City.

After entering Banta City, Xu Yi and Still acted separately.

Still brought the three Moon Shadow Tribe elf girls and the two Night Song Tribe elves to Sandton Manor, while also preparing a place for them to live.

Xu Yi and Agnes headed to the City Lords Manor together.

It was already the middle of June and according to the time Count Sean had disclosed to him, it was close to the day he left Banta City.

After Xu Yi entered the City Lords Manor, he saw the signs of the servants packing up their luggage.

When he saw Count Sean, Count Sean didnt evade him and directly said, “Three days, that is when Count Stagg will come to Banta City and Ill hand things over. So, Xu Yi, you only have three days left. If you need anything, quickly tell me within the next three days.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Lord City Lord, youve already helped me and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce enough, you should take care of your matters during these three days. Please be assured, Count Stagg becoming the City Lord doesnt mean doomsday is coming, right Although there will be many problems, I have already made enough preparations, so I think it will not affect the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development.”

“Its good that youre confident.” Count Sean gave Xu Yi a rare pat on the shoulder, openly displaying his appreciation of Xu Yi, “The Frestech Chamber of Commerce has you at its helm, Im certain that it will always develop smoothly. Of course, if there are any troubles, I hope that you can discuss it with her highness. The main reason I supported you was actually because her highness supported you.”

“I understand.” Xu Yi nodded. He hesitated a bit before asking, “Lord City Lord, her highness…..has her situation become better”

Count Sean gave a soft laugh, “You know that caring for her highness is a good thing, but I suggest you dont care about this for now. Since I will be leaving soon, Ill be direct with you. Xu Yi, although you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce have enormous prospects, her highness and I both have favorable views of you, right now you are just too weak and cant participate in this matter. Since her highness and I both regard you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerces potential as important, naturally you just need to steadily develop and not destroy yourself halfway. Do you understand what I mean”

Xu Yi gave a slow nod, “Yes, last time her highness explained this to me. I just…..am a bit unwilling.”

“What unwilling.” Count Sean said with a serious look, “Remember, you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce being able to develop is her highness and mines true wish. You dont need to care about other things right now!”

Xu Yi gave a long sigh as he nodded with a helpless bitter smile, “Alright, Ill remember it. Right, Lord City Lord, lets not discuss these unpleasant things, rather lets discuss business. According to the time, today is when the people major MacConley promised me would arrive, are they on time”

“Come with me.”

Xu Yi followed Count Sean to the back of the City Lords Manor.

After passing the corner, he heard all kinds of shouts, that seemed to be at least several hundred people.

Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice, “Could it be theyre training in the City Lords Manor”

Count Sean laughed, “Actually they arrived yesterday, but it wasnt convenient to keep them in the city guard barracks, there wasnt a suitable place for them and you werent here to take care of them, so I put them here for now.”

Xu Yi touched his nose in embarrassment and explained, “I thought that they would only arrive on the day of the agreement. Moreover, I had something come up in the past few days, so I couldnt come back ahead of time.”

Count Sean shook his head, “No need to explain, handing these people safely to you is the last thing I can do for you in Banta City, so it isnt much.”

Xu Yis heart filled with warmth. He gave a slight nod, but he didnt say anything as he followed Count Sean, arriving at a small field behind the City Lords Manor.

There was a group of strong men in the field being led in training by Hart. Their movements seemed to be quite uniform, which seemed shocking.

When Xu Yi looked over them, he counted them silently before being surprised.

“Why are there so many people”

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