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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 171 - Agent

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Entering April, the people of Banta City suddenly found that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had calmed down.

It wasnt that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt calm before, it was just that people were used to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce releasing big news once in a while. It was either announcing a new product or some explosive piece of news, but no matter what, peoples attention would be drawn to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

After entering April, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been silent for a month.

This silence didnt mean that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt do anything at all.

Rather, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces factories were still functioning and Frestech Chamber of Commerce products were leaving the factory, being sold in the various parts of the Lampuri Kingdom.

As for the Banta City renovation plan that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was in charge of, it suddenly moved much faster.

Before there was only one road construction team from the Amrit Chamber of Commerce working outside the city, only constructing one road at once.

But now there were four of them, constructing four different roads at once.

At the same time, the «Banta Times» had indicated that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu was planning to install street lights in Banta City to light up the night, but since the technology was limited, they needed some time to prepare it. They could only strive to complete it within the year.

Half a month after the report in the «Banta Times», many people in Banta City saw workers constructing some lamp posts on the sides of the new city square, as they started installing Magic Lamps on them.

Although some people thought that this was moving too fast, how could they start constructing it already when chairman Xu said that the technology wasnt ready But most people supported this action.

The Magic Lamps in the city square had already proved how important it was for the night to be as bright as daytime. If they could install Magic Lamps all around Batna City, it would no longer be as dark when it came to night and it would be as bright as day, making it just as lively as daytime.

However, other than these improvements to the city, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt do anything big in April.

If one had to mention something, it was that the canned fruit factory near Koror Village was related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But the canned fruit factory only produced canned fruit and they only used normal fruits, so it wasnt anything that special to people and naturally they wouldnt pay that much attention to it.

So in short, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce seemed to have suddenly slowed down and didnt rush forward like they did before.

“Theyre saying that Im already satisfied with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and have lost my ambitions” Xu Yi looked at the «Karma Times» in his hand and couldnt help laughing, “Those fellows really are bold. According to them, I shouldnt be allowed to rest at all”

“It isnt that you cant take a rest, but everyone is already used to you taking out new things once in a while. Now that nothing new has appeared in such a long time, I think that everyone isnt used to it.” After Still replied, she turned around in front of Xu Yi and asked, “How about it Does it look good”

Xu Yi stuck up his thumb and said without holding back, “Its very good!”

Still revealed a faint smile as she looked down at the special milky white dress the top designers of the Armani Chamber of Commerce had made. She slightly knit her brows as if she wasnt satisfied with something.

“Although this dress isnt bad, why do I feel like this doesnt look as good on me as it does on Marta”

“How could that be possible” Xu Yi immediately refuted, “Martas figure isnt bad, but she is an elf in the end. She has a noble and aloof feel, she cant compare to your sunny vigor at all. You make people happy with just a single look, alright This dress does look good on her, but it is far from being able to compare to you!”

“Is that so” Still gave a wink to Xu Yi with a smile, “You just have a sweet mouth, but if Marta were to hear this, she would definitely be hurt.”

“Che, what would they be hurt over. Even if they were here, I would still say the same. Im praising my wife, would they dare say anything Then again, you are their agent right now, so they wouldnt have any opinions towards you, isnt that right” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Hey, Ill only be your wife in another three days, dont say random things.” Still reprimanded with a smile. She thought about it before shaking her head with a bitter smile, “After being their agent for a while, I finally realize why you had me do this. Those elves really are…..un, it isnt dumb, but they dont understand our human customs. If they were to negotiate with an old fox like chairman Vincent, they might be sold by him and even count the money for him.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Chairman Vincent wouldnt do that, but now that they are big stars, there will be more people trying to reach out to them. If there isnt an agent helping them, something like this might really happen. I never asked you this, but Still, are you happy with your current work If you dont like it, I can have you do something else. For example, the Frestech Academy is about to be finished and its still missing a principal and many teachers, so you can be either.”

“Forget about that, Im very happy being their agent. These elves are very pure and its quite simple being with them, also its very fun. Being able to help them and letting them integrate into human life, I feel has a very great sense of achievement.” Still said.

“Its good that youre happy.” Xu Yi gave a nod with a faint smile.

Last time Still told him she had nothing to do and was feeling bored, even feeling a bit useless. Xu Yi had carefully thought about it and suddenly had the idea of Still becoming the agent of the five elves working for the Armani Chamber of Commerce.

Although the Night Song Tribe elves had appeared in Banta City many times, the only humans that can go to the Night Song Tribe in the Falling Rain Forest were Xu Yi, Still, and Vivian.

For the Night Song Tribe, only those three people could be truly trusted.

Xu Yi was very busy with many things and there was no need to mention Vivian who was still in school, so only Still was very suited for doing this work.

The so-called “agent”, it was just like the agent of the big stars on earth. It was to help the elves negotiate with the Armani Chamber of Commerce, getting them the best treatment and better integrate with their work, making it safer and more convenient to make contact with humans.

Before those five elves were cautious towards humans, so their work at the Armani Chamber of Commerce wasnt going well.

But after Still became their agent, with Stills experience of being a star before and adding in the fact she had the trust of the elves, she took care of this quite easily. Not only did the elves work become much smoother, they became much more relaxed and were more relaxed when it came to talking to humans.

“Basically there is no problem between them working with the Armani Chamber of Commerce, so Im very free right now. I dont have much work to do.” Still said, “But Im very happy that I could become friends with Marta through this work.”

“If you are satisfied with this line of work, then have you considered expanding” Xu Yi asked.

“Expanding How” Still asked back in a surprised voice.

“Its that…..if nothing unexpected happens, there will be more elves, dwarves, and even beastmen who will work for human companies. Do you want to be their agent and help them with various things”

Still suddenly knit her brows, “Its fine with the dwarves, but do you really want me to be with those barbaric beastmen all day”

“It isnt that every beastmen is barbaric. Although there are many barbaric and fierce beastmen clans on the Black Rice Wasteland, there are also many beautiful beastmen who arent barbaric. For example, when chairman Vincent went to the Black Rice Wasteland, he went to several fox and rabbit tribes, where the beastmen look similar to humans. Moreover, they are quite beautiful. Chairman Vincent told me that he was planning on recruiting some fox tribe and rabbit tribe girls to be models for the Armani Chamber of Commerce.”

“Fox tribe Rabbit tribe” Still thought about it, but she couldnt put the words beautiful and pretty with the beastmen, “Alright, even like this, I dont want to do it all alone.”

“Its very simple, you can just create a talent age…..Oh, a talent company. The business of the company will be being agents for other races, helping them with the process of working for human companies. You cant do it alone, so you can find a few helpers. For example, if youre not willing to work with the barbaric looking wolf tribe or the bull tribe, you can just find someone who is willing to do this work.”

“This idea isnt bad……” Still honestly thought about it before saying, “Marta and the others said that they were very happy working for the Armani Chamber of Commerce, it is much more enriching than a normal day in the Night Song Tribe. She even said that she wasnt willing to return to the Night Song Tribe. Based on them, there should be other races that are willing to work for human companies, living together with humans. Un…..there should be promise in this work, but you should let me consider whether I want to keep going first……”

Seeing Still deep in thought, Xu Yi revealed a smile as he took her waist and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“You can consider whether you want to do it or not in the future. As for right now, you should prioritize marrying me in the most beautiful form as possible.”

Still rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, “Could it be that Im not beautiful now”

Xu Yi immediately broke out in laughter, “Beautiful! Definitely beautiful! My Xu Yis wife is the most beautiful at any time!”

Still revealed a happy smile as she reached out her arms and gave Xu Yi a strong kiss.

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