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Magic Industry Empire Volume 1 Chapter 31

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Xu Yi left Great Magician Camillas lab covered in dust.

When he saw the Magic Air Conditioner earlier, Xu Yi remembered that when he studied the Magic Air Conditioner, he had consulted Great Magician Camilla several times and obtained many modifications of the Frost Array from him. So he wanted to invite Great Magician Camilla to be his research adviser. With his excellency Great Magicians powerful magic strength, there were many problems that could be easily solved.

When Xu Yi found Great Magician Camilla, their discussion at first was quite harmonious, with Great Magician Camilla even agreeing to Xu Yis request, temporarily giving some magic knowledge to solve some problem that he couldnt solve. But when Xu Yi offered to pay him in gold coins for his services, Great Magician Camillas face instantly changed. He angrily slapped the table and pointed at the entrance to have Xu Yi scram, not giving him a chance to explain at all.

“This Great Magician Camilla, does he have some kind of grudge against money” Xu Yi couldnt help wondering about this.

Although he already knew that Great Magician Camilla didnt mix magic research and business, he never thought that it would reach this kind of situation.

“Hey, uncle, what do you have a distressed look for Does someone owe you money” There was a beautiful voice that suddenly came from beside him.

“Nobody owes me money. Other than that, Im only twenty seven years old, stop always calling me uncle, alright” Xu Yi snappily looked at Still.

After a single night, Stills face didnt show any sign of the heartbreak from last night and she recovered her youthful appearance.

Of course, she was still obviously a bit thinner. This was something that couldnt be recovered in a single night.

“Who told you to always regard me as a child” Still gave a snort. Seeing the Great Magicians exclusive laboratory behind Xu Yi, she asked in a low voice, “What Did you make grandfather angry”

Xu Yi told Still about the matter that made him depressed and it caused her to break out in laughter and teasing.

“Ha, ha, you deserve it! You already knew that my grandfather didnt like these things, but you still propose paying him to him. Isnt this just looking for trouble”

“Ai, how could I have known he hated it this much.” Xu Yi gave a sigh and couldnt help but ask, “Still, his excellency Great Magician, why is he so opposed to this The other Great Magicians clearly wouldnt reject this.”

“You want to know” Still revealed a sly smile, “This wont do if you dont pay a little price.”

Xu Yi shrugged his shoulders and looked at the sky outside the window, “Its not time to eat yet, so how about we get some afternoon tea”

After ordering two cold drinks in a snack bar near the Magic Tower, still told Xu Yi the entire story.

In the beginning, Great Magician Camilla had several disciples and there were two who he placed high expectations on. He thought that as long as they were willing to put in effort, they would become powerful magicians eventually and could even surpass him.

But in the end, these disciples couldnt resist the call of money. They were hired at a young age by large companies and became guards for those companies. They completely disregarded their magic research and didnt advance at all after many years.

Great Magician Camilla was very hurt by what they did, while also abhorring the actions of those companies. It accumulated after several times and it turned into his current manner.

“After grandfather looked at your Magic Fan, he felt that your magic talent was outstanding and was filled with great expectations towards you. In the end, not only did you reject studying under him, you even made your own company, so naturally he was very disappointed. Let me tell you, if grandfather wasnt filled with hope towards you and your magic power has indeed kept growing, he would have chased you out of the Magic Tower already. How could he let you see him whenever and even solve your questions about magic Now that you are discussing a business agreement with him, will he not be angry So I told you you deserved this, but you didnt believe me.”

Towards Stills final statement, Xu Yi could only open and close his lips without saying a thing.

“It really is a pity, I wanted to invite his excellency Great Magician to be our chief researcher and I even hoped that he could be the spokesperson for our companys products. According to what you said, doesnt that mean there is no hope” Xu Yi helplessly said.

“Are you dreaming” Still looked at Xu Yi before asking in a curious voice, “But what do you mean by chief researcher and spokesperson Why havent I heard of this before”

“Chief researcher…..Actually its just someone who helps me research the Magic Arrays needed inside the magic machinery that I make. Because your grandfather is a Great Magician and very strong, of course he could become the chief. Un, chief means number one, boss. You should understand that.”

“What about spokesperson This is my first time hearing of this, what does it mean”

“Spokesperson…..Its a bit complicated talking about this.” Xu Yi thought about the situation of the stars on earth and after thinking for a bit, he replied, “For the so-called spokesperson, its inviting someone to represent the companys products. As for the specifics, its using someone to represent certain products and people will think of those products if they look at that person. Normally speaking, the representative has to have a good self image and its best if he has some fame. This way, everyone can indirectly learn about the product by knowing about this person, so its a kind of mutual advertising.”

“Then if the product they represent isnt good, wouldnt it also tarnish the image of the spokesperson” Still immediately asked back.

Xu Yi was stunned, “Your reaction is quite fast. Thats right, this is a mutual relationship, so the product and the spokesperson will be mutually affected. Not only will the spokespersons image be affected if there is a problem with the product, if there is a problem with the spokesperson, it will also affect the product. So, whether it is the spokesperson or the company choosing the spokesperson, they have to carefully think this over.”

“Youre thinking is quite good to choose my grandfather as a representative.” Still gave a soft snort, “My grandfather is a Great Magician, he is very famous in the entire Lampuri Kingdom. If everyone knew that he was suddenly representing a product, everyone would ask what the product is. Then again, my grandfather has always been a serious person, so his image is incredibly good.”

“Thats why I wanted him as a spokesperson.” Xu Yi stretched his hands out before saying in a regretful voice, “But based on the attitude of his excellency Great Magician, there is no need to mention this spokesperson matter with him at all, he definitely wouldnt agree.”

“It would be strange if he did agree.” Still nodded. She looked at Xu Yi before suddenly asking, “Thats right, Xu Yi, since you are asking someone to be your spokesperson, then there must be a pay for that spokesperson, right”

“Of course, how could we let that person work for free”

“Then can I ask how much youre prepared to offer”

“This is not certain, it depends mainly on who the spokesperson is. Normally speaking, the more famous a person is and the better their image, the higher theyre paid. If it was his excellency Great Magician, I wanted to pay him a thousand gold coins a year as a spokesperson fee……”

“One thousand gold coins” Without waiting for Xu Yi to finish, Stills eyes popped wide open and her mouth opened wide, “That much Its just to represent something”

“Thats right, what about it”

Still looked at Xu Yi with a strange gaze, “Hey, Xu Yi, you shouldnt have sold that many Magic Fans, so how could you give my grandfather one thousand gold coins right away You have that much money”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “You dont understand this This is called investing in advertisement and it is a very cost effective investment. This thousand gold coins doesnt seem like much, but compared to the benefits brought by his excellency Great Magician, it cant be considered anything.” Speaking of this, Xu Yi couldnt help sighing, “Its a pity his excellency Great Magician wouldnt agree to this at all, so its a waste talking about this. Thats right, Still, are you familiar with any other Great Magicians How about you introduce me to them”

Still knit her delicate brows as she considered this before shaking her head, “I do know several Great Magicians through grandfather, but Xu Yi, I can honestly tell you that those Great Magicians will not care about a small company like yours. You can just give up on this.”

“I thought it would be like this.” Xu Yi revealed a self-deprecating smile, “My company doesnt have anything right now, those venerable Great Magicians not caring about us is very normal.” Putting aside this matter, Xu Yi suddenly thought of something else, “Thats right, Still, Vivian said you wanted her to tell me that you wanted to see me when you left. You said you have something to discuss, what is it”

“Un, I indeed have something, but now Ive found this matter has already been solved.” Still said with a smile, “I wanted to ask if you could find something for me to do. Im very bored right now staying with grandfather, it isnt interesting at all. Moreover, you always seem like youre very busy, so perhaps you could have found something for me to do.

Xu Yi honestly looked at Still. He thought that this fellow suddenly wanted him to find something for her to do, could it be that she wanted to use work to push through the pain in her heart

“Its not a problem if you want something to do. For example, I wanted to ask your grandfather to become the chief researcher, its actually because Im planning to build a magic research laboratory exclusive to the company. If youre interested, you can do magic research in the laboratory and help me finish next products.”

“I was indeed interested in this work and I was prepared to have you prepare this work for me. However, now that Ive heard what youve said, I feel that another kind of work is more interesting.” Still narrowed her large eyes and spoke with a smile.

“What work”

Still slowly sat up and she revealed a birght smile, revealing two rows of silver teeth. She said in a soft voice, “Xu Yi, what do you think about making me your companys spokesperson”-

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