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“Chairman, youre here……”


Seeing Xu Yi suddenly appear, the people who had been focused on their discussion all immediately politely greeted Xu Yi.

Xu Yi waved his hand and stopped Ankhto from getting a chair for him. He toko the tire from the ground and put it standing up, as he pressed down on it.

Feeling the resistance from the tire that didnt even reach his waist and was less than five centimeters wide, Xu Yi gave a satisfied nod.

“Not bad, it seems like its taking shape. Next you just need to take care of some details and this tire will be considered finished.”

Seeing that Xu Yi approved it, the surrounding people let out a sigh of relief.

Bordeau smiled before asking Xu Yi, “Chairman, did you specially come to see this”

“No, the elite researchers of our company have been gathered for this thing, so theres nothing to worry about. I just came to take a look since I was passing by.” Xu Yi shook his head before suddenly asking Yldan, “Yldan, if other companies gave you a wage starting at three hundred gold coins a year, would you be willing to go”

Yldan was stunned, “Three hundred gold coins a year…..Thats just over twenty gold coins a month, which isnt much higher than what I receive here. With how well Im treated here, why would I go”

“Then how about five hundred gold coins a year That is much more than what you receive here.” Xu Yi asked.

Yldan still shook his head, “No, I wouldnt go even if it was a thousand gold coins. Im very good here at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and whether it is humans or dwarves, they all get along with me here. I dont want to run to an unfamiliar environment and start over again.”

Seeing that Yldans answer was firm, Xu Yi couldnt help giving a sigh.

“It seems like you elves dont like to change your environment. Although I as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman am happy to hear this from you, Im afraid elder Illusia wouldnt be that happy.”

Yldan slightly knit his brows, “Sir chairman, for you to suddenly mention this, is it because something has happened”

“Un. Its because theres another company that also wants to hire elves as workers and has given a wage of three hundred to five hundred gold coins. Before I ask elder Illusia, I wanted to ask you for your opinion.” Xu Yi said, “But based on your attitude, Im afraid the other elves here arent willing”

Yldan gave a certain nod, “Yes.”

“Then will elder Illusia be moved by this” Xu Yi asked.

“This……” Yldan thought about it before slowly shaking his head, “I cant guess what the elder would think. I think its best if the sir chairman asks her yourself.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “It seems like I can only do this.”

After discussing the new tire with everyone, Xu Yi left the tire factory and headed to the most conspicuous steel mill in the Falling Rain Valley.

In this large area, there were currently two brand new steel smelting furnaces prepared.

As the Frestech Chamber of Commerces business expanded, there was more demand for all kinds of steel.

Adding in the urgent demand of the armys weapon factory for steel, as well as the other companies in Banta City that needed steel products from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the current steel mill production already couldnt keep up.

Chief Siluka and chief Monto had already asked Xu Yi to build some more furnaces to increase the production quantity of the steel mill.

Although Xu Yi had already expected this, he didnt quickly agree. Rather he confirmed the cooperation with the army and then did a strict investigation with the companies of Banta City, especially the ones that produced magic machines to get an accurate analysis of the demand, did he decide to set up two new furnaces at once.

When these two steel smelting furnaces were finished, the steel mills monthly production would reach two hundred thousand tons.

According to Xu Yis estimate, it should be able to satisfy the army and Banta Citys steel needs for close to two years.

If the produced amount reached two hundred thousand tons, just with a single steel mill, their sales revenue each month would be around eight hundred million gold coins.

Although after deducting the cost, which puts it at around a million gold coins, this was still a terrifying amount.

It had to be known that if the profits of the various household magic machines were added up, it would be a total of around three hundred thousand gold coins a month.

Of course, the reason why the gross profit of the household magic machine department couldnt compare to this small steel mill was because the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current household magic machine market was centered around Banta City and the surrounding cities.

But as the household magic machines were sold by the Walmart Chamber of Commerce around the Lampuri Kingdom, the market would grow by several dozen times and the profit would also explode.

Just a while ago, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce had made another large order to the magic machine companies of Banta City for three million gold coins.

In this order, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce took the lions share of one million and eight hundred thousands. The remaining one million and two hundred thousand was divided by the other companies.

This was still because household magic machines were still being introduced in the other regions and many people hadnt accepted this new thing yet.

According to what Xu Yi discussed with Hank Wilson last time, the household magic machines had very good responses across the kingdom. This was why the Walmart Chamber of Commerce suddenly decided to submit a large order of over three million gold coins.

According to Xu Yis analysis, this three million gold coin order wasnt enough to satisfy the needs of everyone in the kingdom.

If every family in the Lampuri Kingdom had the same financial power as the people of Banta City, this order might not just be three million in time, it wouldnt be strange even if it reached thirty million.

So based on this trend, the household magic machine market and the steel market were both very stable markets and the profits wouldnt differ.

The reason why the Frestech Chamber of Commerces steel mill could have such profits was because the current steel market was being monopolized by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As for the two hundred thousand tons produced, it wasnt worth anything if it was placed on earth. It would be considered a very small steel mill and it couldnt compare to any steel mill on earth.

In short, whether it was the household magic machine market or the steel market, they all had good prospects in Xu Yis eyes. So he wasnt worried about the development of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at all.

By the newly built steel mill, Xu Yi wasnt surprised to see chief Siluka and chief Monto.

But after seeing them, Xu YIs first question wasnt about any factories in the Falling Rain Valley.

“Chief Siluka, chief Monto, have you prepared the workers”

Chief Siluka and chief Monto looked at each other before giving nods, signaling to Xu Yi to follow them.

Following the two chiefs, they left the Falling Rain Valleys industrial sector and headed to the living area that was upriver. Shortly after, they came to an open area that was the size of a soccer field.

This area was something that Xu Yi had the Amrit Chamber of Commerce make when they made the living area, leaving it as an exercise area for the dwarves.

In the field right now, Xu Yi saw rows of strong dwarven men with bare upper bodies, holding giant clubs in their hands as they roared out while sparring with each other.

Hearing the strong thuds of the wooden clubs hitting the dwarven upper bodies, it had to be known that these people didnt hold back when they were training and each hit was filled with power.

Xu Yi was certain that if he were to go up with his physique, just a single club would knock half his life away.

“These people are the ones you decided on” Xu Yi pointed at the strong dwarven men in the field as he asked the two chiefs, “There seems to be several hundred of them Why are there this many of them”

Chief Siluka and chief Monto looked at each other again as their expressions became strange.

Seeing the hesitant expression on their faces, Xu Yi was very confused.

He hadnt known these two dwarven chiefs for a short period of time and the dwarves were very straightforward people, they wouldnt be hesitant over anything. It was like they were embarrassed about something

“Two chiefs, just tell me if you have something to say. Could it be that you still trust me” Xu Yi couldnt help asking with knit brows.

“No, no, no, of course we trust you, but……” Chief Siluka scratched his head and revealed an embarrassed look, “Chairman, we did pick these people out and we guarantee that these dwarven brothers are the strongest in the Falling Rain Valley, they definitely meet your needs. But…..But they arent prepared to join the guards…..”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Not prepared to join the guards What did you bring me here to see them for I say, chief Siluka, what is wrong with you and chief Monto Is there something you cant just say If the dwarves arent willing to sell their lives to humans and dont want to join the companys guards, I definitely wont force them. You can just tell me.”

“No, it isnt that the brothers arent willing. Rather, hearing that the chairman wanted to form company guards, the brothers unexpectedly rushed to register to join the guards.” Seeing that chief Siluka couldnt keep going, chief Monto continued for him, “There are three hundred dwarven brothers here, they were picked out from a thousand dwarven brothers by me and Siluka. I guarantee that each one can fight ten of your strongest human warriors. Theres no problems even if its one against a hundred, I….Ah, sorry, chairman, I wasnt looking down on you humans……”

Xu Yi waved his hand, “Its fine, humans are regarded as the weakest in terms of combat strength, this is common knowledge and I wont deny this. Keep going. Since the dwarven brothers are willing, why did chief Siluka say that they werent prepared to join the guards”

“This…..” Chief Monto also hesitated a bit before nodding like he had made up his mind and he asked Xu Yi, “Chairman, I heard that…..the fifty elven warriors from the Night Song Tribe didnt join the guards and were just working as mercenaries for the company”

Xu Yi nodded, “Thats right, elder Illusia clearly told me that the elves werent willing to be used by humans, so her sending out the fifty elves was just based on cooperation. The elven warriors were not my subordinates and I didnt have any rights to command them.”

Thinking of this, a light bulb lit up in Xu Yis mind and he suddenly understood.

“Two chiefs, you…..dont want the dwarven brothers to be inferior to the elves, so you dont want them to join the guards, right”

Chief Siluka and chief Monto were both stunned before revealing bitter smiles.

“Chairman, you really are keen.” Chief Siluka said with an awkward look, “Thats right, since the elves didnt join the guards, if us dwarves join it, Im afraid our brothers wont be able to lift their heads in front of the elves. So me and chief Monto have discussed this and can we have the three hundred brothers work as mercenaries But if the chairman isnt assured, we wont be like the elves and just say some nice sounding words. You will have complete control over these three hundred warriors, they can do anything.”

Seeing the somewhat disturbing smile on chief Siluka and chief Montos faces, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

These dwarves really were straightforward to the point of being cute.

Didnt they just want a bit of face in front of the elves, it wasnt anything that special. Why did they make it seem like it was weighing heavily on their minds

“Alright, this is simple. Let me think…..How about this, well found a Falling Rain Valley dwarven guard group under the names of you two chiefs. This dwarven guard group will in name protect the dwarven brothers of the Falling Rain Valley from outside invaders, while also keeping the peace in the Falling Rain Valley, but they will also take orders from me. What do you two think of this arrangement”

Chief Siluka and and chief Monto looked at each other again before nodding at the same time.

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