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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 144 - Greedy people

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Volume 2 When he left the Wein Manor the next day, Xu Yi took the initiative to ask head Wein to give him the two maids who served him last night.

Head Wein was already planning on doing this and now that Xu Yi had asked, naturally he was overjoyed. Without another word, he waved his hand to let the two maids follow their new master and he said that they should never go against him.

As for the slave transfer process…..They would have to follow procedure in the Lampuri Kingdom, but in the Stantine Duchy, slaves were just slaves, they were no different from ordinary goods. If head Wein wanted to give them to Xu Yi, no one would say anything.

The horse carriage left the manor being sent off by head Weins happy gazes, as they headed to the capital of the Stantine Duchy, Faraday City.

Anklo sitting opposite Xu Yi looked at Xu Yi for a while. After hesitating a few times, he finally couldnt help asking, “Chairman Xu, according to my understanding of you, you shouldnt be someone who cares about beauties, right Why did you ask head Wein for those two maids”

Xu Yi said with a smile, “You think that Still isnt beautiful”

Anklo was stunned before shaking his head, “No, no, no, I didnt have that meaning. Young miss Still is like a goddess, there is nothing to say about chairman Xus eyes. But based on what Ive observed, when it comes to that…..eh…..you dont crave it that much. Moreover, I can see that those two maids are still virgins, so you didnt touch them at all last night. So Im very curious, why did you go against the norm to ask for them”

Xu Yi was instantly stunned, “You can actually see that the two of them are virgins”

Anklo revealed a promiscuous smile, “This…..For an experienced man like me, I can see it. Moreover, not only could I see it, I believe head Wein can also see it.”

“Head Wein can also see it” After hearing Anklos certain response, Xu Yi fell into thought. Not only was he not surprised at all, he rather broke out into laughter, “That is good. Its good that head Wein can see this. I asked for those two maids from him to show my attitude. Now that he knows that these two maids are still virgins, me asking for the two of them shows my attitude.”

Anklo slightly knit his brows, “Chairman Xu, you mean that youre really planning on cooperating with him”

“Why not” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “I wasnt joking yesterday when I was talking about the canned fruit factory and the rubber processing plant, I really think that there are prospects with these two factories. After I return to Banta City, I will prepare to build those two factories here. I might even…..open a few more factories.”

Seeing the expression on Anklos face, Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

“What is it Mister Anklo, didnt you always try to get me to invest in the Stantine Duchy Now that Im willing to build several factories other than buying the three mines, why does it seem like youre not happy”

“No, it isnt that Im not happy. If you can invest this much, I strongly welcome you on behalf of the Stantine Duchy.” Anklo quickly said with a smile, “Im just a bit worried about head Wein.”

“Worried that I wouldnt be able to cooperate with him” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Anklo gave a bitter laugh, “Chairman Xu really is sharp. Thats right, with my understanding of head Wein, he has no merit other than being greedy and he has no outstanding abilities. I am very worried that you chose to cooperate with him. Im worried that he might ruin your matters and make you lose confidence in our duchy.”

“Greedy Being greedy is good, Im afraid if he isnt greedy.” Xu Yi said with a smile, not caring at all, “Greedy people have quite clear goals, so they are easier to deal with. As long as head Wein isnt excessively greedy over certain things, I think that Ill have a very good cooperation with him.”

Anklo still had the same bitter smile, “Im afraid hell be too greedy. Chairman Xu, perhaps you dont understand the personalities of the nobles of our duchy. For a fellow like head Wein where he wants to take everything in his arms, dont look at how friendly he was just now, he could become angry at any time for benefits.”

Hearing the helplessness in Anklos voice, Xu Yi thought about it and couldnt help asking him, “Mister Anklo, I thought that you had me stay in Wein City intentionally to see this head Wein because you had an agreement with him about having me invest near Wein City. But hearing you say this, I think that this isnt your real intention”

Anklo paused for a bit before saying with a sigh, “Since chairman Xu has already seen through this, I wont hide it anymore. I did indeed have this agreement with head Wein. If you could stay in his manor for a night and give head Wein a chance to meet you, he would give me his support.”

“Un, I can understand this.” Xu Yi nodded, “But I still dont understand why you said all those depressing words to me. Could it be that youre suddenly dissatisfied with head Wein”

“It isnt that Im dissatisfied with head Wein…..Alright, that is right.” Anklo revealed a bitter smile, but there was a trace of sincerity in his smile, “Chairman Xu, actually although I invited you to invest in our duchy, I didnt have much hope towards this. Because our duchy has been the same like dead water for a long time, I didnt feel that we could rely on just a single person or a single company to change it.”

“This isnt that strange because I also feel that just based on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, we cant change the entire Stantine Duchy.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

But after you spent a day in our duchy, I found that perhaps I was wrong.” Anklo looked at Xu Yi with a bit of hope in his eyes, “The other companies might not be able to change the entire country, but chairman Xu, I really feel this possibility coming from you!”

Xu Yi was stunned before he quickly waved his hands, “You have too much expectation in me.”

“No! It isnt much at all!” Anklo seriously said, “Chairman Xu, youve only been in our duchy for a day and only saw a few things, but you already came up with a canned fruit factory and a rubber processing plant. If you could examine the entire duchy, how many new ideas would you have If you could realize each one of those ideas, I dare guarantee there will be large changes with our duchy!”

“Youre too exaggerated.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Investing in factories is just something small, but to change the entire country, that would depend on the people of the country.”

After hearing this, Anklo was stunned. Suddenly he went from a balloon filled with hope to someone who was quickly deflating whether it was his expression or his body.

“People…..” Anklo turned to look out the window and gave another bitter laugh. He said with a soft sigh, “To change these people, how could it be that simple…..”

Seeing the desolate look on Anklos face, Xu Yi suddenly felt that it was the first time since he went from a passionate man to someone who was incredibly lonely.

After a morning passed, the horse carriage brought Xu Yi and Anklo to Faraday City. Xu Yi was quickly brought by Anklo to see Duke Stantine and the other ministers of the Stantine Duchy.

After a short meeting with the same fat Duke Stantine and the other ministers, Xu Yi suddenly realized why Anklo had felt so alone.

Before seeing Duke Stantine, Xu Yi had thought that since the duke had taken the initiative to sell the Stantine Duchys three mines to an unknown company of another country, he would be a bold leader. He was planning on using these three mines to attract companies from other countries to invest, changing the situation of the Stantine Duchy.

But after seeing Duke Stantine and having lunch with him, Xu Yi found that after talking to him, his guesses on Duke Stantine had been completely wrong.

This duke was not just fatter than head Wein, he was even greedier than head Wein.

After seeing Xu Yi, with just a few greetings, Duke Stantine quickly changed the topic to the three mines.

What made Xu Yi surprised was that Duke Stantine had completely different views from Anklo.

When Anklo negotiated with Xu Yi, he hoped to obtain some technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for these three mines, but Duke Stantine directly asked Xu Yi how much he would pay to buy these three mines.

When Xu Yi said that he hadnt checked these mines out yet and couldnt decide on the price, Duke Stantine and the other ministers actually forced Xu Yi to give a general estimate. They said that if Xu Yi gave them enough, they could even decide to sell the three mines to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce right now.

Xu Yi was helpless, so he could only give an estimate of around one million to one and half million gold coins.

He had estimated the three mines to be around two million gold coins, but after seeing the expressions of Duke Stantine and the other ministers, he didnt dare say one million to two million.

This was because after they heard his price, the eyes of Duke Stantine and the other ministers lit up. They immediately ignored the offer of a million and set the price on one and half million.

Xu Yi was almost certain that if he had said one million to two million, these fellows would have set the price at two million gold coins.

Thinking about what Anklo had said on the way and seeing the greedy and happy expressions of Duke Stantine and the other ministers, Xu Yi thought that Anklos appraisal of these people before wasnt that severe, but rather it had been quite conservative.

They were far greedier and more unreliable compared to head Wein.

To Xu Yi, the leaders of this duchy, including Duke Stantine were all greedy and unreliable!

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