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Volume 2 In the woods a kilometer to the northeast of the Wein Manor, with a weak flash of green light, Agnes and Xu Yi appeared.

“Not bad. Agnes, you said that you didnt have confidence in bringing me out, but we came this far.” Xu Yi praised Agnes.

Agnes eyes narrowed as a smile appeared, looking like the crescent moon in the sky.

“It seems like Ive made progress.”

“Thats right, elder Illusia said that you were the one with the highest talent in magic in several hundred years for the Night Song Tribe. I didnt believe it at first.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “You said you didnt even know the Shadow Dive Spell a few months ago when I asked you and now youre this good at using it. I think that not long after, you will be as powerful as elder Illusia.”

Agnes shook her head with an honest expression, “That is impossible. Elder Illusia is the one who has the highest talent in magic for our Night Song Tribe and she has practiced magic for several centuries, how could I catch up to her”

Xu Yi just gave a shrug. After being with Agnes for a while, she was much better compared to before, but she still had that inborn foolish disposition. He really didnt know when she would be able to change.

It cant be…..that she would be like Heinz who could never change how petty he was, right

Xu Yi thought about these random things while telling Agnes, “Alright, contact the elves of the Moon Shadow Tribe, we dont have much time.”


After Anges replied, she lowered her head and placed her hands on her chest. She softly opened her mouth and a delightful song slowly drifted out, spreading in every direction of the forest.

Even though he had seen how elves contacted each other many times before, Xu Yis heart still skipped a beat whenever he saw Agnes using this method of communication.

In the dim night, Agnes being covered in this faint green light really conformed to the fantasies of elves that Xu Yi had read about in fantasy novels. She was beautiful and filled with mystery.

Not long after the singing drifted out, there were the sounds of leaves rustling that came from the forest.

After a while, three slender forms fell from the tops of the trees.

When both sides saw each other, the three elves who suddenly appeared were surprised.

“Human” The male elf in the middle looked at Xu Yi in surprise before looking at Agnes with a confused look.

Agnes greeted the three elves with a faint smile, “Are you from the Moon Shadow Tribe I am Agnes, I am from the Night Song Tribe of the Lampuri Kingdom.”

The three elves were stunned again. The male elf in the middle nodded in response before he couldnt help asking, “Since you are from the Night Song Tribe, why are you with a human And you used the magic that we elves use to summon compatriots with in front of him Could it be that your Night Song Tribe elder didnt tell you that you cant do that”

Hearing the impolite tone of this male elfs voice, Xu Yi slightly knit his brows.

It seemed like although the elves of the Stantine Duchy revealed themselves to the people of the duchy and they frequently made contact with humans, that didnt reduce their hostility towards humans at all. It was even worse when Agnes had first met Xu Yi.

“He is not a normal human, so theres no problem using this magic in front of him. Even the elder agrees with this.” Agnes explained for Xu Yi, “Moreover, I came with him this time with the hope of introducing him to you all.”

“Introducing a human to us” The three elves were stunned again. The male elf in the middle looked at Xu Yi before suddenly drawing out the shortsword at his waist, pointing it at Xu Yi as he roared, “Human, you must have used some despicable charm magic or threaten this young clansmen to bring you to us, is that right”

Agnes and Xu Yi were stunned. They never thought that the elves of the Moon Shadow Tribe had such a deep prejudice against humans.

Agnes quickly waved her hands and explained, “No, he didnt use any charm magic on me or threaten me, I voluntarily brought him here…..”

Xu Yi couldnt help sighing in his mind. It was fine if Agnes didnt explain, but this explanation really sounded like a bad lie.

As expected, the three elves looked at Xu Yi with unkind gazes. The other two elves took out their weapons and prepared to attack him.

Xu Yi pulled back Agnes who wanted to keep explaining and took out a letter from his chest.

“Perhaps I have the power to charm or threaten a little elven girl, but you dont think I have the power to charm or threaten an elven elder, right This is the letter that the Night Song Tribes elder Illusia had me bring, I am supposed to hand it over to elder Lisanya Shadow Song, she will be able to see the truth.”

“You actually know the elders name” The male elf in the middle looked at Xu Yi in surprise before looking at the letter Xu YI was holding, causing the shocked expression on his face to become deeper.

As an elf, of course he could sense the powerful elven magic that was attached to the letter. If a person who wasnt strong enough tried to open the letter, they would be heavily injured by the magic on the letter.

Just feeling the powerful magic coming from the letter, he knew that this human was speaking the truth.

No matter how strong he was, it was impossible for him to threaten an elf that could put such powerful elven magic on a letter.

As for charming…..what a joke!

Thinking of this, he relaxed his vigilance against Xu Yi a bit.

After taking the letter to ensure that he didnt make a mistake, his eyes looking at Xu Yi filled with more doubt.

He couldnt understand it. If what this human male and this young female elf said was true, why did the Night Song Tribes elder send a human male to bring elder Lisanya Shadow Song a letter

She even had an elf guide this man to come meet them.

This human male…..what was his origin

“How about it Do you believe Agnes now” Seeing the doubt on the elfs face, Xu Yi asked this with a smile.

The male elf in the middle looked at the letter in his hand and couldnt help nodding, “It should be true. But human, are you really just here to send a letter”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Thats right, I did just come here to send a letter. As for whether there will be anything after, that will depend on elder Lisanya Shadow Songs decision after seeing the letter. But I think that if nothing unexpected happens, after elder Lisanya Shadow Song sees the letter, she should choose to meet me.”

The male elf in the middle looked at Xu Yi with knit brows, not understanding why he spoke with such a big tone.

But looking at the letter in his hand, he took back his doubts. After thinking about it, he asked, “But if the elder decides to meet you, how should we find you”

“Its very simple. I will be in the Stantine Duchy for a bit and will be going to Duke Stantines place later. The matters Im taking care of will be quite big, so youll easily be able to find news on me. I think it wont be hard to find me.” Xu Yi replied.

Hearing Xu Yis voice filled with confidence, the elf who took the letter couldnt help looking over him a few times. After hesitating a bit, he still suppressed the questions in his heart and put the letter away.

“I will deliver this letter to the elder and pass your words to her.” The elf who took the letter said this. When he and his two companions were about to leave, Agnes suddenly called out.

“Can I go with you back to your tribe” Agnes asked.

The three elves were stunned. The male elf who had been responsible for negotiating knit his brows and said, “Although according to the rules, I shouldnt reject a guest that has come from afar, but since you are with a human, Im afraid I can only say sorry.”

“No, youve misunderstood. Hes not coming with me, itll be me alone.” Agnes shook her head and said, “I want to come with you to prove to elder Lisanya Night Song that this letter is real. Moreover, I feel that elder Lisanya Night Song will have many questions after reading this letter and I can explain it for her.”

The three Moon Shadow Tribe elves looked at each other. The male elf thought about it before giving a nod, “Alright. If the human isnt coming, I represent the elder to invite you to our Moon Shadow Tribe as a guest.”

Agnes nodded before turning to say to Xu Yi, “Chairman, Ill be going.”

Xu Yi gave her a smile, “Un, go ahead. I hope that you can explain to elder Lisanya Night Song elder Illusia and my thoughts and let her understand them.”

“I will do my best.”

Seeing that Agnes was about to leave with the three elves after saying this, Xu Yi hesitated a bit and he couldnt help calling out to Agnes.

“Sir chairman, is there anything else you need to say” Agnes looked at the somewhat worried Xu Yi with doubt.

“Agnes…..Remember, no matter what happens, you have to consider your safety first. If there is something that is wrong, dont think about it that much and just keep yourself safe, nothing else is important. Do you understand”

Hearing Xu Yis words, the three elves from the Moon Shadow Tribe looked at Xu Yi with angry gazes.

The male elf said in a deep voice, “Human, you think that we elves are as shameless and despicable as you humans She is our tribes honoured guest, how could we let her encounter any danger!”

Xu Yi gave a shrug and didnt argue with him, as he kept warning Agnes, “Remember what I said. No matter what happens, nothing is more important than your safety. You have to remember that!”

Although Agnes felt that Xu Yis warning was a bit weird, when hearing Xu Yis words, her heart strangely felt happy.

She gave a strong nod to Xu Yi and replied in a clear voice, “I will. Sir chairman, wait for my good news.”

Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile as he watched Agnes and the three Moon Shadow Tribe elves disappear into the forest.

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