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When chairman Cruise and chairman Renersa saw Xu Yi bringing a bunch of fully armed elves with all kinds of leather armour, the two of them were shocked.

Chairman Cruises mouth twitched before he revealed a forced smile. He stretched his hand out to chairman Renersa, “You have to accept a loss when betting, pay up chairman Renersa.”

Chairman Renersa stared at the elves behind Xu Yi for a while before taking out a gold coin to give to chairman Cruise. He shook his head and said with a sigh, “Chairman Xu really isnt a normal person, he actually got the elves to become his guards. This really has opened my eyes.”

Seeing the actions of the two, Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

“You were betting”

Chairman Cruise carefully put the gold coin in his pocket with a smile before replying to Xu Yi with a nod, “Un, I made a small bet with chairman Renersa. I bet that you could recruit elves as guards and he bet against it, but Im the winner now, ha, ha…..”

Xu Yi was speechless. One of them was almost fifty and the other was also over forty, but they were bored enough to bet over this matter.

What made people even more speechless was that their company made millions of gold coins each year, but they only put a single gold coin on this bet!

Being too lazy to care about these fellows who were betting on whether the elves would become guards for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi looked over at the carriages not far away and asked, “Has everything been packed”

Chairman Renersa ended his argument with chairman Cruise and replied, “Un, this is the first batch of mining equipment. Other than those mining magic machines from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Falcao Chamber of Commerce also provided some necessary equipment. They also sent a bunch of mining experts who are over there.”

Chairman Cruise and Xu Yi looked at the people whose clothes and manners were different from the Renekton Chamber of Commerces workers. He couldnt help asking Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, did you secretly make some secret arrangement with the Falcao Chamber of Commerce Otherwise, why would chairman Morgan agree to help and send this much equipment”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and ambiguously replied, “When I went to Anvilmar City, I met Marquis Jole and had a small talk with him.”

Chairman Cruise and chairman Renersa looked at each other, seeing the shock in each others eyes.

Xu Yi had actually made a deal in secret with the Jole Family, this really was outstanding.

Since everyone was here and the equipment had been prepared, their group no longer delayed and set out from Samara Town, heading off to the Voller wolfmen tribe.

The three companies were planning to open a mine at the Voller wolfmen tribe, therefore they had prepared a large variety of equipment. Therefore, there were thirty four large horse carriages in this motorcade, with drivers and guards from all three companies, so this motorcade was quite large.

Before this, including the Renekton Chamber of Commerce, all the human companies only resold some commodities to the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland. Even if they formed caravans, it would be just a few horse carriages, there was nothing that could compare to this scale.

According to what chairman Renersa had said, this current caravan was the largest human caravan that had ever entered the Black Rice Wasteland.

The biggest would naturally attract attention.

So as soon as the motorcade left Samara Town and entered the Black Rice Wasteland, the guards of the Renekton Chamber of Commerce reported that people were monitoring them.

As soon as he received this news, chairman Cruise became a bit nervous.

“Chairman Renersa, is this news true Are there beastmen watching us Then do you know how many beastmen there are Are they strong Are our guards enough”

Chairman Renersa shook his head, “I just know that there are beastmen watching us, but as for what tribe and how many there are, I dont know.”

“Then what do we do” Chairman Cruise was a bit worried, “If there are too many beastmen, what do we do if our guards cant fend them off”

Chairman Renersa laughed, “Relax, the current beastmen arent like the beastmen from several thousand years ago. Even if the beastmen really dare come, there wouldnt be too many. We should be able to deal with them with our guards and then again, chairman Xu also brought fifty elven warriors. Just them alone can match several hundred human warriors, so theres no problem.”

Hearing this, chairman Cruise finally relaxed. He looked at the elves who had been silently following by the sides of the motorcade and he seemed to feel comforted.

“Chairman Xu, it would be even better if you brought elven guards.” Chairman Cruise suddenly thought of a problem, “Thats right, Im very curious. Why did you bring elven guards and not dwarven guards Even the arrogant elves were willing to become guards for your company, so why werent the dwarves willing”

Xu Yi helplessly replied, “This…..The reason cant be explained in a short period of time, in short, dont think about dwarven guards for now. Even these Night Song Tribe elven warriors, they cannot be considered guards of our company. If you really want to describe them, they can only be considered mercenaries.”

“Then will they listen to your orders” Chairman Renersa noticed a key problem.

“They will listen to my orders, they just wont listen to my specific instructions since I dont know how elven warriors fight.” Xu Yi replied.

“Its good that they listen to your orders. If anything happens, I hope chairman Xu will have them cooperate with the guards of my company.”

“Thats easy.”

The beginning journey was considered peaceful, but according to the reports of the Renekton Chamber of Commerce guards, there were more and more people surrounding them.

Although these people didnt do anything, it made the atmosphere of the caravan quite anxious.

According to what chairman Renersa said, when his company came to do business in the Black Rice Wasteland, they would be observed by beastmen most of the time. Those beastmen would normally obediently leave and they didnt take any action, there were only a few times they really tried to rob them.

But no matter what time it was, there werent this many people watching them.

Based on this, not only did they make a big move, the beastmen side might also be making a big move.

Moreover, since they openly made this big move, the beastmen might not be willing to leave like this and might choose to really attack.

Hearing chairman Renersas analysis, chairman Cruise became nervous again.

He proposed that they ask the royal army to guard them, but this was rejected by chairman Renersa.

This caravan was a private action and was unrelated to the royal army.

Without an order, the royal army definitely would not run over to become guards for a company.

Although with the connections of the three, they could get Count Sean to give an order to the army, this matter was not just an one time occurrence. Even if the royal army could guard them this time, could it be that they would have them guard them next time as well

Not to mention that the three companies would be opening a mine at the Voller Tribe, they couldnt get the army to guard their mine, right

“The beastmen are a race who care about force. If we cant use this chance to shock all the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland, even if we set up our mine, there will be all kinds of problems.” Chairman Renersa revealed his true plan with a serious look, “So this time, we have to use this chance to hurt the beastmen and make them remember to never offend us!”

“I agree.” Xu Yi immediately showed his attitude, “Instead of guarding each day, we might as well get it over with.”

The two of them showed their attitudes this clearly, so naturally chairman Renersa had nothing to say and showed his support.

According to chairman Renersas experience, because beastmen have sharper senses than humans, they would most likely choose to attack at night.

Based on the distance between Samara and the Voller Tribe, the trip would only take a day.

So if the beastmen wanted to attack, they would only have a chance tonight.

So when Xu Yi heard this analysis, he didnt care about the jolting of the carriage and immediately went to sleep.

When night came, the motorcade prepared to camp out on the plains and Xu Yi woke up.

Seeing chairman Renersa quickly getting the guards to set up camp, Xu Yi jumped out of the horse carriage and came to one of the Night Song Tribe elves to ask, “Hey, Furio, hows it going”

This elf called Furio was the leader of the fifty elven warriors.

According to elder Illusias agreement with Xu Yi, Xu Yi could give these elves orders for a target, but as for specific directions, that was up to Furio and Xu Yi couldnt interfere.

Xu Yi naturally trusted Furio and naturally wouldnt talk to these elves if he had no reason, so he only came to ask about the situation now.

No matter what Furio was thinking, he was very respectful to Xu Yi on the surface and replied after giving him a salute, “Sir chairman, we have already smelled the evil scent of the beastmen on the wind and can feel their evil intentions. According to our understanding of them, they should be launching their attack tonight.”

“Un, thats good. You can help the other guards protect the caravan tonight.” Xu Yi paused before adding, “But I hope that you will pay attention to your own safety. The cargo doesnt matter, but if you are injured or even killed, that is a loss that cant be recovered. Do you understand”

Furios expression changed a bit before he replied with a nod, “As per your order.”

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