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The reporters of Banta City and the surrounding cities suddenly found that since coming back from Anvilmar City, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu seemed to rarely appear in front of them.

Not only did he rarely accept interviews, since the announcement that they were selling the cement production technology, he had general manager Kennard take care of everything and he didnt show himself at all.

Even at the production announcement that they held for the first time in several months, Xu Yi didnt reveal himself and the host was still the general manager Kennard.

Moreover, what made the reporters even more disappointed was that there was a shocking piece of news that would be announced at every Frestech Chamber of Commerces product announcement, so they all expected a large scoop when they heard the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was holding a product announcement. In the end, Xu Yi never showed up and there wasnt even a large scoop.

Although the Magic Water Heater that was announced would be something that would attract attention because it wouldnt be troublesome to have hot water for baths in winter, which made it a very appropriate thing for this season.

This product was not something that Xu Yi announced and there was no large scoop, so the reporters felt that something was missing.

The most important thing was that Xu Yi had been absent from the press conference and the product announcement, as well as not revealing himself to the public recently, giving most of his work to general manager Kennard to handle. What was the deal with this

Could it be…..he was planning on stepping down”

“This is simply nonsense, Im not even thirty yet, Im still young. Why would I be stepping down” Xu Yi shook his head at Hannas in front of him and he couldnt help smiling as he said, “Have these fellows really become too sensitive after working as reporters for too long”

Hannas had come to Banta City with Newman and Anklo, but naturally it wasnt to send them off, rather he had specially made a trip to hold an inspection.

On the surface, he was here to do a series of reports called “Banta City this year” for the «Lampuri Weekly». Specially reporting on the changes that had occurred in Banta City during this year.

In secret, he had accepted the kings request to specially survey and give positive promotion to prepare for the king designating this place as the Lampuri Kingdoms special economic zone.

This work couldnt be done in a day or two, so even after Newman had returned to the Rudson Kingdom and Anklo had gone back to the Stantine Duchy first under Xu Yis urgings, Hannas was still here.

Hannas had come looking for Xu Yi today, other than to ask the question that all his peers had been curious about was to do an interview with Xu Yi for the report he was writing.

Now that he saw that Xu Yi had other ideas, Hannas immediately asked, “Then why did you let Kennard take care of the press conference and the product announcement Why didnt you appear at all”

Xu Yi looked at him and asked back, “Then tell me, why are you not running around yourself to do interviews and are letting the reporters under you do it”

“Nonsense. With all that news, can I even do that” Hannas answered in a natural manner, “The things that the subordinates can do will naturally be given to them. I can save this time and do more important things.”

“That is also my reply.” Xu Yi spread his hands, “I found a great general manager like Kennard with great difficulty, then if I didnt seize this chance to give him more things to do and relieve the pressure on my, wouldnt I be stupid”

Hannas laughed, “That is right. But Xu Yi, compared to you, Kennard gives just too little news. The peers from Banta City and the surrounding cities are very disappointed with this.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Then arent you praising Kennard He is our companys general manager and he does the real work, so isnt what I hope to see is that there is no news If he created all kinds of news like me, that really wouldnt be a good thing.”

“That is where you and I have different opinions.” Hannas gave a shrug before continuing, “Alright, lets not talk about this. Lets talk about the next step of the Banta City renovation plan that youre in charge of. After I finish this interview with you, the first part of my series report will be over, so you need to give me a good start and give me something that can attract people.”

“What is hard about this There are all kinds of new and attractive things all around Banta City, just talk about any of them.” Xu Yi easily said.

“Then you can give an example first.” Hannas took out his notepad and prepared to write his notes.

“Eh….There are just too many, I cant talk about all of them…..” Xu YI stroked his chin and thought about it before saying, “Thats right, did you not go to the Sandton industrial district yesterday I think you should have taken the Fersen Carriage Companys horse carriage, right”

Hannas gave a nod, “Indeed. Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered that your company has reached an agreement with the Fersen Carriage Company, right I saw several Fersen Carriage Company carriages moving between Sandton industrial district and Banta City, never stopping. I even saw some that werent filled with people, isnt this too wasteful”

“You dont understand this” Xu Yi broke out in laughter, “Let me tell you, this is a very new thing, you should remember it. Your guess is right, our company has reached an agreement with the Fersen Carriage Company and have asked for a Fersen Carriage Company carriage to leave for Sandton Manor every hour. At the same time, there must be a carriage leaving Sandton Manor heading towards Banta City. It starts at six in the morning and ends at eight at night.

“My god, then that means…..” Hannas found about it and found that he couldnt calculate it, “There must be at least ten horse carriages running at the same time”

“Its not that exaggerated.” Xu Yi shook his head, “There is fifteen kilometers between Sandton Manor and Banta City and now that the roads have been built, a single trip adding in the stops in between would only take around an hour. So calculating this, there only needs to be four horse carriages to fulfill this need. Of course, in order to be safe, the contract I signed with the Fersen Carriage Company has at least six horse carriages running at the same time.”

“This is still too much. You rented those six carriages for the workers of your company But I noticed that people from other companies are also riding those horse carriages.” Hannas said in a confused voice.

“No, I just reached an agreement with the Fersen Carriage Company, they signed the official contract with the City Lords Manor. Whether it is the City Lords Manor or our company, neither of us is paying a single copper coin, all the expenditure is being handled by the Fersen Carriage Company. Even……” Xu Yi laughed, “The Fersen Carriage Company needs to pay the City Lords Manor a thousand gold coins a month.”

“How is this possible!” Hannas immediately shouted, “This is something that makes it convenient for your companys workers and the people who work in the Sandton industrial district, its fine if the Fersen Carriage Company doesnt ask money from the City Lords Manor, but how could they even pay money Is chairman Pompeii a fool”

“You think that chairman Pompeii is a fool” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Relax, he isnt a fool at all. Let me tell you, although the Fersen Carriage Company is paying, these six carriages are earning daily profits for the Fersen Carriage Company. According to what he told me before, he made close to a hundred gold coins on these horse carriages last month.”

“A hundred gold coins per month” Hannas knit his brows, “That is not enough. Like this, he can only earn around a thousand gold coins a month, what is left after they make their payment”

“This thousand gold coins isnt just for this line. Actually, these thousand gold coins is the payment the Fersen Carriage Company made to secure the transport system of the entire city. Its not even enough in my opinion and its actually a bit too little.” Xu Yi said.

“Wait, the transport system for the entire city” Hannas tapped his head and thought for a bit before suddenly crying out, “I remember now, you mentioned this matter to me before, so its like this…..That means that after the Fersen Carriage Company has paid this thousand gold coins, all the public transportation in the city will be given to their company”

“Right, according to the plan, the line from Banta City to Sandton Manor is just the first trial transport line. Now that there havent been many problems this month, there will gradually be more public transport lines opening soon. The final goal is to lay roads all over Banta City and to connect them with public transport lines.”

“Let me calculate it…..” Hannas lowered his head to think for a bit, “If even a far place like the Sandton Manor is considered, there must be at least twenty different lines, right But I still have a problem, because there are enough people going to the Sandton industrial district, there are enough people riding this transport line and the Fersen Carriage Company can earn money from this. But there arent enough people going to the other places of Banta City, right Wouldnt the Fersen Carriage Company lose money from running these transport lines”

Xu Yi gave a soft snort, “The public transport system is something that a city should offer, how could he earn money on every line. Its already good that he isnt losing money. But you dont need to worry about the Fersen Carriage Company, right now the transport lines are connecting the places with the most people. For example, the next transport line being opened will connect Banta City and the Vanilla Orchid Suburb. The Vanilla Orchid Suburb has expanded by several timers now and there are several thousand people living there. This line will be short, so the Fersen Carriage Company will be earning a large amount from it.”

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