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Volume 2 Three days later, when Xu Yi left Anvilmar City, he had a detailed list of magicians in the Sixth Grade and above from the Magicians Guild.

This list was something that Xu Yi wanted a long time ago and had mentioned to president Palmes Eren before, but president Eren had rejected him to protect the privacy of the magicians who registered with the Magicians Guild.

The register that he had now was something that Anke Eren had transcribed himself from the Magicians Guilds records room.

Exchanging it for the contract acknowledging his debt of ten thousand gold coins, Xu Yi was the one who suffered a loss in this deal, so Anke Eren quickly agreed to this deal. He felt that Xu Yi wouldnt be able to do anything if he obtained this register and nothing would happen.

But to Xu Yi, this register was very important.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce needed large amounts of magicians in the future, especially higher grade magicians.

There was no need to mention Great Magicians, so Xu Yis goal became Sixth Grade and higher magicians.

With this register, he could use the situation of the high grade magicians in the register to target them with personalized invitations to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As the register clearly showed, the current Lampuri Kingdoms Magicians Guild had less than five hundred Sixth Grade and higher magicians registered even including Xu Yi.

Compared to the total number which was around ten thousand magicians. This without a doubt showed that the population of the magician world was in the shape of a standard triangle.

Xu Yi mainly focused on magicians who specialized in a single type of magic, especially magicians who specialized in Wind Magic.

Most of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces machines relied on Wind Magic Arrays and only a few parts used Magic Arrays of the other three elements.

But according to Xu Yis plan for development, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce not only needed research on Wind Magic Arrays, they needed to perform research on Magic Arrays of the other three elements.

Even though the current researchers had decent magic and they have adapted to the magic machine research work during this time, these researchers alone were far from being able to match Xu Yis requirements.

Just relying on this material, he wanted to use lucrative conditions to recruit some magicians to the magic research facility.

As for how it would be done, he could only slowly think about it after returning to Banta City.

Thinking of how Anke Eren had let out a sigh of relief when he obtained the contract from Xu Yi for this information, Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a faint smile.

This fellow thought that everything would be fine if he got the contract, he really was too naive.

“Chairman Xu, do you think that my proposition is feasible” Newman sitting opposite him in the carriage saw Xu Yi suddenly reveal a smile and thought that he was showing agreement to what he said earlier.

“Oh, of course.” Xu Yi quickly gave a nod, “Constructing a road from Banta City to the border between our countries, it would definitely strengthen the relationship between Banta City and the Rudson Kingdom. When the road from Banta City to Anvilmar City is complete, it will also strengthen the relationship between our countries and strengthen the alliance between our countries.”

Newman said with a laugh, “Chairman Xu is completely right. The public roads are too convenient, once they are built, it will take less than two days to go from the border to Anvilmar City. It is much more convenient compared to the four or five days it used to take. But chairman Xu, just building roads on your side wont be enough, dont you think that our Rudson Kingdom should also construct some roads”

“Your Rudson Kingdom also wants to build roads” Xu Yi narrowed his eyes as he looked at Newman. This fellow had been beating around the bush for a while and he finally spoke of his goal.

This morning, when Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce members left Anvilmar City, Newman, Anklo, and Hannas had suddenly appeared and said that they wanted to go back to Banta City with Xu Yi.

Hannas reason was that he wanted to see what kind of changes had occurred in Banta City recently. As for Anklo and Newman, they said that they wanted to return to their respective countries, so they would go with Xu Yi to Banta City before returning to their countries.

If they left from Anvilmar City, whether it was returning to the Stantine Duchy or the Rudson Kingdom, it would be a detour to go to Banta City. It was very clear that these two fellows had matters to discuss with Xu Yi.

As expected, once they entered the carriage, Newman had begun chatting with Xu Yi and he had finally revealed his goal.

Hearing Xu Yi ask this back, Newman said with a smile, “Of course. When I came to Anvilmar this time, I experienced the benefits of the public roads. I think that as long as its a person with normal eyes and brains, they can immediately notice the benefits of the roads. Since its like this, naturally our Rudson Kingdom would also like to build roads.”

“Since you understand the roads, you should also know that the one building the roads is not our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but rather the Amrit Chamber of Commerce. Why are you looking for me rather than the Amrit Chamber of Commerce” Xu Yi asked in a confused voice.

Newman spread his hand and helplessly said, “I did before, but the Amrit Chamber of Commerces chairman said that his company has too much work right now, it is impossible for them to have time to go to our Rudson Kingdom to build roads.”

“Un, chairman Cruise is right. Just based on what I know, their company has close to ten roads to build that has a length that surpasses a thousand kilometers. With their companys current manpower, they really cant send people to your Rudson Kingdom.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

“So I specially came with chairman Xu this time to ask chairman Xu to help me ask if you ever see chairman Cruise. I heard that chairman Xu and chairman Cruise has a close relationship, so I think that if chairman Xu says something, chairman Cruise would at least give you some face.” Newman said.

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Im afraid that isnt right Even if chairman Cruise has a good relationship with me, I cant change the fact that he doesnt have enough manpower.”

“Theres no problem since our Rudson Kingdom has people, the problem is that we need the technology for building the roads.” Newman said with a faint smile, “Chairman Cruise has already promised me to teach us the basic techniques of building roads, but as for construction materials, especially the most important cement…..that depends on chairman Xu.”

Hearing the word “cement”, Xu Yi immediately understood.

This Newman had gone around in a large circle and even pulled in chairman Cruise, but his goal in the end was for him to provide the technology for creating cement.

Seeing the expectant look on Newmans face, Xu Yi couldnt help sighing.

He was certain that this demand for the cement technology was not just from Newman, it also contained the wishes of chairman Cruise.

He could understand chairman Cruises wishes since no one wanted their most important thing to be held by another company.

But Xu Yi still had to feel emotional over this. Because the merchants of the Sines Continent were limited by their technological level, especially in terms of construction, it made their vision a bit narrow.

On earth, there had never been a contractor that mastered the art of making cement as well.

This was because there was no need at all. They could just buy cement if they needed it, there was no need for them to make it themselves.

Of course, on the current Sines Continent, only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had a cement factory. So it was normal for chairman Cruise to be worried in this situation.

However, after Xu Yi thought for a bit, he replied, “Alright, I can support your Rudson Kingdoms idea of building a road. But our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has a contract with the Amrit Chamber of commerce, we will give priority to the Amrit Chamber of Commerce in terms of produced cement. If you can convince chairman Cruise to sell it to you, I dont have any opinions.”

Hearing this response, Newman immediately revealed a disappointed look. After thinking about it, he asked without giving up, “It really is troublesome bringing cement from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce back to the Rudson Kingdom, just the transport cost is not something we can accept. Since its like this, how about chairman Xu just sell us the technology for producing cement This is a good thing for both of us, what do you think”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit and didnt express any opinion. Anklo who had been silent on the side suddenly said, “Chairman Xu, I welcome your Frestech Chamber of Commerce to construct a cement factory in our Stantine Duchy. Our Stantine Duchy also wishes to construct roads, but we cant afford the technology nor can we afford to buy it. As long as your company builds a cement factory in our duchy, you can produce cement for us to use locally.”

Newman slightly knit his brows and looked over at Anklo with a bitter gaze.

If this fellow didnt say anything, he could keep pressing Xu Yi. Now that Anklo had proposed this kind of solution, how could he keep asking for the production technology

But thinking of it, he suddenly remembered that if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce built a factory in his kingdom, that factory would be in the area controlled by his company. It would be incredibly easy for him to obtain what he wanted from this factory.

Thinking of this, Newman looked at Anklo with a look of praise instead.

This rough looking fellow who seemed more like a farmer seemed rather humble, but actually he had quite the plans.

Compared to directly selling the technology, Xu Yi was more willing to agree to Anklos suggestion.

However, what surprised Newman was that after Xu Yi finished thinking, he nodded at Newman with a smile, “Alright, selling you the cement production technology is indeed more convenient. Only I wonder how much chairman Newman is willing to pay for it”

Newman and Anklo never thought that Xu Yi would agree to this request so easily, so both of them were stunned for a bit.

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