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While giving free reign to his imagination to show strange scenes of Great Magician Camilla generating electricity, Xu Yi had to use quite a bit of effort to stop himself from laughing. It really was quite hard for him.

But this good mood had completely disappeared once he and Great Magician Camilla returned to their residence.

Other than Still, there were a bunch of Frestech Chamber of Commerce researchers here wearing the same uniform.

Seeing their looks of righteous indignation, with even Akali and Bella revealing looks of rage, Xu Yi couldnt help being surprised. He quickly asked Still, “Whats going on Did something happen”

Still had her brows slightly knit. Although her expression was considered calm, once could see there was a trace of anger in her heart.

“At the magicians exam just now, there was a researcher who was injured.”

“Injured Was it serious” Xu Yi quickly asked.

“Very serious.” Still nodded and said in a deep voice, “But weve already asked Housekeeper Lahm to get the best doctor in the city and the doctor said that there wasnt any life threatening danger

Xu Yi let out a sigh, “Its good that there is no life threatening danger. Then are there any lasting consequences, like…..being crippled”

“It wont go as far as being crippled, but several of his bones were broken and hes still unconscious now. The doctor said that it would take at least half a year before he can recover.”

“Then thats good, as long as theres no threat to his life and he isnt crippled, everything else can be solved.” Xu YI finally calmed down, “Theres no problem healing for half a year. Since he is an employee of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, then the company will take care of him. I announce that he will receive his wage as normal for the next half a year and because he was participating in the exam under the company, all his medical expenses for the next half a year will be paid for by the company.”

As for the latter half, Xu Yi had slightly raised his voice to let the other researchers hear this.

Hearing what Xu YI said, the worried expressions on the researchers faces faded quite a bit, but there were still looks of indignation.

Bella loudly said to Xu YI, “Sir chairman, Aleri suffered this heavy injury because of our company, so it is normal for the company to heal him. But this just isnt enough, chairman, arent you going to stand up for us”

“Stand up Stand up for what” Xu Yi felt a bit confused at this point. After thinking about it, he finally reacted, “Right, the low level magician combat test is just to test the level of the magician, so who was the one in charge that dealt such a heavy injury to Aleri”

“Its because the one who did it was named Anke Eren.” Still said with a sigh, “At the exam, we dont know why, but Anke Eren was Aleris examiner and he kept insulting our Frestech Chamber of Commerce to Aleri. Aleri couldnt take it and used his full strength, but he was heavily injured by Anke Eren who accused him of attacking an exam official.”

“Right, its that one called Eren!” Bella loudly said, “Sir chairman, that fellow ran over to provoke you when we were outside the exam site. I think that its because he has a grudge on you and doesnt dare seek revenge on you, so he started attacking the people under you. He really is too shameless!”

“Anke Eren” Xu YI tightly knit brows. He looked over at Great Magician Camilla who had been watching the entire time with an inquisitive look.

Great Magician Camilla gave a cold snort, “President Erens son was spoiled by him, not mentioning him meddling with the Magicians Guild exam at will, he even attacked a magician taking the exam so heavily. I cant just ignore this matter. Xu Yi, Ill go look for president Eren to properly talk about this.”

Xu Yi nodded before turning to the researchers and saying, “Everyone, theres no need to worry. His excellency Great Magician Camilla has already agreed to find president Eren for justice, I think that this Anke Eren will be punished accordingly.”

Bella still wasnt convinced as she shouted, “But sir chairman, Ive heard that this Anke Eren is president Erens only son. Even if Great Magician Camilla goes looking for president Eren, president Eren wouldnt do anything to him, right”

Claire on the side pulled Bella back and complained in a low voice, “Are you a fool You already know that this fellow is the Magicians Guilds presidents son, what do you want sir chairman to do Could it be that you want sir chairman to also heavily injure him Dont forget that his father is the president of the kingdoms Magicians Guild!”

“Why not He dares to heavily injure other people, why cant he suffer the same punishment” Bella wasnt willing to give up as she pointed at Xu Yi and angrily said, “Sir chairman, Ive always worshipped you, but if you dont get justice for Aleri, I wont like you anymore!”

Xu Yi almost couldnt help laughing. Bella was still twenty years old this year, how could she be as impulsive as a little girl

Of course, he wouldnt really laugh, so he forced it back and said to Bella with a nod, “Relax, I will get justice for Aleri. But since Great Magician Camilla has already said that he would talk to president Eren, we should wait until Great Magician Camilla and president finish talking about this to decide what to do. If president Eren insists on shielding Anke Eren, then I will find another method to get justice for Aleri.”

Bella nodded with satisfaction, “Sir chairman, this is what you promised me.”

Still and Great Magician Camilla on the side couldnt help slightly knitting their brows.

Still wanted to say a few things to Xu Yi, but thinking about it, she didnt say it in front of everyone.

After comforting everyone, Xu Yi went in to see Aleri.

Aleris injuries were indeed very serious. He was currently unconscious, but the doctor in the room said that his life wasnt in danger and there werent any side effects in the future, so Xu Yi relaxed.

After that, Xu Yi had the other researchers return to the Sheldon Inn to rest. He strongly refused Bellas request to nurse Aleri, saying that he would spend money to find the best caretakers, so nothing would happen to Aleri.

After sending off the indignant researchers with great difficulty, Great Magician Camilla thought about it and decided to go see president Eren right now.

Xu Yi remained and asked Housekeeper Lahm to help him with two things.

The first was to find the best caretakers in Anvilmar City to nurse Aleri all day.

The second was to have someone contact Baron Hannas.

After an hour, Hannas rushed over to the residence.

When he saw Xu Yi, he immediately asked, “Who was injured It wasnt you, right”

He went around Xu Yi after saying this, looking him up and down.

“Of course its not me.” Xu Yi snappily slapped down Hannas outstretched hand that wanted to touch him, “If it was me, do you think that kid Anke Eren would still be alright He would be on the bed unable to move.”

Hannas laughed, “Its good that its not you. But when you talk about him being unable to move, I remember back to last year at the Magicians Guild exam. You had heavily injured that fellow and he was confined to his bed for a month before being able to go out, isnt that right”

“I did injure him, but saying that he was confined to his bed for a month is a little too exaggerated. I think that president Eren had confined him to home for a month.” Xu Yi said.

“Whether it is being confined to bed or being confined to home for a month, in short that kid didnt come out for a month and Anvilmar City was much more peaceful. There were many people who applauded you for this.” Hannas said with a smile.

“Oh This fellow is hated by this many people” Xu Yi asked in a surprised voice.

“Of course. Let me tell you, there are three plagues of Anvilmar City that you definitely shouldnt provoke, one of them is this kid. Do you think he is hated or not”

“There are three plagues What are the other two plagues” Xu Yi asked in an interested voice.

“Other than this kid, the other two plagues…..” Hannas suddenly broke out in laughter, “One of them is related to you, its Victor. But since that kid listened to you and started a store with Cell and Urgot, they rarely do the same things as the other plagues. Speaking of this, although you havent come to Anvilmar City many times, you have made quite the remarkable contribution.”

Xu Yi and Still on the side couldnt help smiling at the same time. Still couldnt hide her smile as she asked, “Who is the last plague”

“The last one, speaking of him, he is a bit related to Xu Yi because hes from the Jole Family. Its Vincent Jole.”

Hearing this name, Xu Yi couldnt help looking at Still.

Still was stunned, never thinking that she would hear this name here.

“Why is he one of the three plagues” Still couldnt help asking, “When he and I were classmates, although this person is indeed a bit loathsome, his reputation isnt that bad, right”

“Not that bad” Hannas looked at Still and gave a grating laugh, “That is that kid putting on airs. Eren and Victor are called plagues because they rely on their families influence to bully normal people, but really it isnt anything that is that bad. But this Vincent is different. He is called one of the three plagues because he often relies on his appearance and his family to trick innocent girls. Let me tell you, the girls that hes tricked and thrown away surpass at least ten!”

After saying this, Hannas paused before asking Still, “Young miss Still is this beautiful, has that Vincent never pestered you But since you know that he is loathsome, you wouldnt be tricked by him. Let me tell you, being handsome doesnt mean everything. Although this Vincent is more handsome than Xu yi, he cant come close to comparing to him. Youve picked Xu Yi which means that your eyes are quite good.”

Stills face turned completely red. Hannas thought that she was shy because he praised her for picking Xu Yi and wanted to keep talking, but Xu Yi suddenly gave a cough and stopped Hannas.

“Alright, lets not talk about this. Hannas, I called you over here to help me investigate that Anke Eren.” Xu Yi said.

“Oh What are you investigating him for Could it be that you want to take revenge” Hannas asked back.

“Lets not talk about that now. I just feel that Great Magician Camilla wont receive any results from his meeting with president Eren, so I just want to prepare some things ahead of time.” Xu Yi said.

Hannas nodded, “President Erens wife is famous for spoiling her son, so I think nothing will come of it. But are you really planning on doing something to Anke Eren If that kid is really injured by you, president Eren wouldnt let you off.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “To make people feel pain doesnt mean theres only the choice of injuring them.”

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