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Since getting in the horse carriage on the way back, Great Magician Camilla had a strange smile as he looked at Xu Yi the entire time.

Xu Yi felt uncomfortable being stared at by him and couldnt help saying, “Your excellency Great Magician, what are you smiling at Didnt you accept what I used to pass the test You cant say that Im cheating now, can you”

“If I felt that you were cheating, I would have exposed you earlier.” Great Magician Camilla shook his head and said, “I just feel that I still cant understand this thing even now. You were clearly using a simple Wind Spell, but through a small magic machine, you could trigger Lightning Elemental Energy and release a Lightning Spell What is even stranger is that the might of this spell is this strong and even exceeds the limit of the magic that you can control.”

“So I didnt control it at all.” Xu Yi spread his hands and said, “If there wasnt the magic barrier at the exam site, the lightning would have spread in all directions and perhaps someone might have been injured.”

“Injured” Great Magician Camilla broke out in laughter, “Although the might of your spell was indeed big, since it wasnt consciously controlled, the power was scattered and didnt have any destructive might at all. It might not even be at the level of a Sixth Grade Magician, so who would you have injured”

“Then what if I were able to control it” Xu Yi couldnt help asking.

Great Magician Camilla seriously considered it and his expression became serious.

“If you could control it…..even I would have to seriously deal with it.”

After pausing, Great Magician Camilla stretched his hand out to Xu Yi, “Let me see that whatever generator again, I want to properly research it.”

Xu Yi pulled up his sleeve and revealed the densely wrapped self made little generators around his arm. He took one off and gave it to Great Magician Camilla.

This little generator was the sudden idea he had that night on how to solve the street lamp problem.

On earth, electricity was an important part of the industrial system.

Xu Yi thought that he could use magic and Magic Arrays to create magic machines that would replace the machines from earth, so he had maintained this same thought process when it came to the street lamps.

Then when he found how difficult it was to solve the street lamp problem, there was a thought that suddenly appeared in his mind.

The electricity on earth could be transformed into different forms of energy, so based on this, magic power could also be transformed into electricity.

He didnt first think about Lightning Spells, but rather he thought of a generator.

The generator could be invented because the enclosed coils could turn inside this magnetic field which created an electrical current, converting kinetic energy into electric energy.

On earth, the main types of energy that powered this system was heat, water, wind, as well as nuclear power.

The first thing that Xu Yi thought of was wind energy.

Do using the general structure of a wind turbine, Xu Yi had created a small wind generator after several days of research.

When Hannas had brought Kennard, Sophia, and Hank Wilson to Banta City to see him, he was already researching this thing.

As for how to provide wind energy, Xu Yi could only think of using a Wind Magic Array for now. He used the wind energy generated by the Magic Array to drive the magnetic coils.

The initial experiment was considered a success. Xu Yi had successfully used the Wind Magic Array to turn the coil and this small Wind Generator had actually created an electric current.

But Xu Yis research was stuck at this point for now. As for how to control this current, how to store it, and how to make it stronger, he still didnt have a clue on how to progress.

He didnt think that this was something urgent and had planned on slowly studying it, but after Great Magician Camilla told him that he had to demonstrate high grade magic to pass the high grade magician exam, he could only helplessly think of this method.

Although he really didnt know any high grade magic, as a magician whose magic power had reached the Seventh Grade, he had some understanding of high grade magic.

And for him, he did excel in Wind Magic, so the high grade magic that he paid attention to was naturally Lightning Magic.

When conducting experiments with this small Wind Generator, Xu Yi was surprised to find that the electric current released was similar to the Lightning Elemental Energy used with Lightning Spells.

So he attempted to control these electric currents with the method of controlling Lightning Elemental Energy.

The result was shocking, he could actually use magic to control these electric currents!

This made Xu Yi understand that the so-called Lightning Elemental Energy was just controlling the electric charge in the air!

According to the theory of Lightning Magic, magicians used their magic power to influence the Lightning Elemental Energy. This was basically using magic to affect the space around them and controlling the electric charge in the air, creating Lightning Magic.

There was very strong evidence to Xu Yis analysis, which was that on stormy days, Lightning Attributed Magicians would become stronger.

So when Xu Yi was thinking about the problem of the high grade magic demonstration, he thought about his experiments from before.

And yesterday afternoon, he presented his ideas to Great Magician Camilla and Still.

Although Great Magician Camilla and Still didnt understand or dare to believe in his ideas, but personally seeing Xu Yi induce Lightning Elemental Energy with the small Wind Generator and then controlling it with magic, the two of them were shocked and had to admit that this was indeed a good method of tricking people.

Of course, the electricity generated by a single small Wind Generator wasnt much and there wasnt enough Lightning Elemental Energy, so even if it could be used to create a Lightning Spell, its power would be too small that people would be suspicious.

So to be careful, Xu Yi had Housekeeper Lahm buy a bunch of material to make small Wind Generators and then he created over twenty of them with Great Magician Camilla and Stills help. Then he tied them to his arms and created two series of Wind Generators.

During that high grade magic demonstration, Xu Yi had poured his magic into the twenty small Wind Generators and activated the Wind Magic Arrays inside. He had the twenty small Wind Generators create electric currents at the same time and then generate large amounts of Lightning Elemental Energy.

The following was even more simple.

Although Xu Yi couldnt control all that Lightning Elemental Energy with his magic right now, there wasnt a problem to simply guide it.

He just needed to urge it with his magic power, controlling the Lightning Elemental Energy to explode in a line like a normal Lightning Spell.

The fact proved that this was very effective.

After the rushed training guided by Great Magician Camilla, Xu Yi released this Lightning Spell at the high grade magic demonstration. He had shocked everyone with the might of the spell and easily passed this test.

But even after seeing Xu Yi release electric currents with this small Wind Generator, Great Magician Camilla still couldnt understand the logic behind it.

After taking the small Wind Generator from Xu Yi, Great Magician Camilla turned it around in his hands several times. He used the magic power inside him and the small Wind Generator came to life as the coils began to turn at high speeds, letting out a humming sound.

In the blink of an eye, there was a magic current that came from it.

Great Magician Camilla was in thought for a bit before using his magic again, creating a small bolt of electricity in his hands that looked quite beautiful.

“Xu Yi, just how did you think of this thing It really is too amazing, it has completely subverted my understanding of magic.” After he stopped using magic, Great Magician Camilla looked at the small Wind Generator in his hand and couldnt help asking Xu Yi this.

Xu Yi looked at Great Magician Camilla before looking at the small Wind Generator in his hand. If the people of earth knew that the magicians of the Sines Continent could directly control electric currents and create lightning, their world views would also be shattered.

It had to be known, kids had been taught since young on earth that they couldnt play with electricity, that also included things that used electricity.

It was already common knowledge that you could be shocked to death with electricity.

And in this world, not only did the powerful magicians not being shocked to death, they could even control lightning. This would subvert the thinking of the people from earth.

For example, Xu Yi never thought that he could control electric currents produced by a generator at will and even use those electric currents as a weapon.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi found that it wasnt possible to explain the theory of a generator to Great Magician Camilla and he didnt even know how to explain it. He could only vaguely reply, “This was just something that I found when I was bored and experimenting, I cant actually explain it even if you ask me the principle.”

Great Magician Camilla nodded without even thinking. He looked over the small Wind Generator in his hand and put it in his pocket without any politeness.

“Let me study this thing.”

Of course Xu Yi could only nod in response.

But after looking at Great Magician Camilla, Xu Yi suddenly found something that was even stranger.

According to the magic theory of the Sines Continent, for a Great Magician like Great Magician Camilla, he could easily use a large scale Lightning Spell and even use forbidden grade spells that were even higher than high grade spells, which could even compare to natural lightning.

But if these Magicians were to release Lightning Elemental Energy with a steady output, wouldnt they be able to become a generator

Thinking of this, Xu Yi couldnt help imagining it.

In the dark night, when their house suddenly had a blackout, Still called upstairs in a loud voice, “Grandfather, its a power outage, can you let out some electricity”

Then the honourable and respected Great Magician Camilla would respond and release his magic, creating electric currents all around himself.

In the blink of an eye, all the houses electronics would light up again…...-

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