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Magic Industry Empire Volume 2 Chapter 115 - I love you

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Perhaps it was because the Magicians Guilds certification exam had been pushed back by a month, so after the Primary Grade and Second Grade exams with the most people finished in the past two days, the Magicians Guild announced that the Third Grade to Fifth Grade exams would be compressed into two days.

Other than the Third Grade exam that would be finished today at the exam site, the remaining Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade exams could be taken at any time.

Xu Yi and Still arrived at the Sheldon Inn early in the morning and came together with the researchers.

The magicians of the research facility went from Third to Seventh Grade, so there were one Seventh Grade Magician, three Sixth Grade Magicians, and eight Fifth Grade Magicians.

These researchers were participating in the high grade magician exam with Xu Yi.

The remaining thirty seven researchers were all Third and Fourth Grade Magicians and they were participating in the low grade magicians exam with Still.

But when these forty nine researchers with Xu Yi and Still came together, they attracted quite a bit of attention.

It was because the fifty one of them were all wearing the same magic robes and on the chest of the magic robe, they had the same half wing badge. One look could tell that these magicians came from the same organization.

Although Anvilmar City had been filled with magicians who came for the certification exam, this was the first time that this many magicians had appeared with the same uniform.

When this group walked out the door of the Sheldon Inn, it attracted the attention of everyone outside the inn.

The people who didnt recognize the mark on their chests tried to guess what it symbolized.

“Hey, look, those magicians should be from the same place, right Look at them, could it be that theyre from some cult”

“Cult your ass! When has our Lampuri Kingdom ever had cults Moreover, a cult that is filled with magicians I think that you should go see a doctor to check if there is something wrong with your brain! If I had to guess, they should be under the same Great Magician because there would only be this many magicians under a Great Magician.”

At this time, the people who recognized the badge looked at the people from before with looks of disdain and began teaching them.

“Two inexperienced fellows, you dont even know wh at the badge on their chest means Let me tell you, that isnt any Great Magicians symbol and it isnt some damn cult, its the symbol of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Do you know about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce Its the one that sells those strange household magic machines. Let me tell you, I bought a Magic Bread Maker a bit back and its so easy to use…..”


After recognizing the Frestech Chamber of Commerces symbol, the crowd around them was even more shocked.

Although there were many companies that had some magicians, a company that could take out all these magicians at once like the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was rarely seen.

Just in terms of magicians hired, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fifty one magicians including Xu Yi and Still to everyone was enough to consider them a first class company of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Moreover, some people with discerning eyes saw the magic robe they were wearing and they found that although they were wearing the same robes, the materials were all high grade and it was made from fine craftsmanship. One look could tell that it should have been made by a famous tailor.

Not mentioning anything else, just these magic robes alone werent cheap.

It could be seen that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was really something, just the cost of making a magic robe like this for each one of the magicians under them wasnt cheap.

Not to mention that they had just walked out of the Sheldon Inn, it could be seen that the magicians had been living there during this time.

Thinking of the high price of the Sheldon Inn, everyone guessed correctly that the magicians didnt pay the cost themselves, rather it was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that paid for them.

If it was like this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces treatment of these magicians was really a bit too good.

Moreover, that wasnt everything. These magicians waited at the entrance of the Sheldon Inn for a bit before ten carriages with white horses drove up and stopped in front of them.

Seeing those magicians enter the horse carriages, the crowd was even more shocked.

Not mentioning how the horse was completely white without any impurities, just based on how magnificent the horse carriages were and the fine design that was drawn on the side, people recognized that these ten carriages had to be the most expensive “Duke Level” carriages of the Fersen Carriage Company.

It cost fifty gold coins a day just to rent a “Duke Level” carriage and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce rented ten at once!

After calculating that just these ten carriages cost five hundred gold coins, everyone looked at them with incomparable admiration. They watched as the horse carriages sped off towards the Magicians Guilds exam site outside the city.

“Ha, ha, look, those people must be dying from their envy!” In the first carriage, Akali was laughing as she pointed at the people watching from the street, looking quite excited.

Bella on the side was even more excited than her. She looked up at the fine drawing on the roof of the carriage and then she rubbed the real leather seats under her butt before opening a compartment under the seats to reveal several bottles of red wine. She couldnt help gasping, “God, this is the most luxurious carriage Ive ever ridden in my life! Sir chairman, I love you to death!”

Claire on the side looked at her, “Hey, Bella, be careful, Still is here. If you say things like this in front of her, be careful when Still gets mad.”

Still revealed a faint smile, “What do I have to be angry about Dont I understand Bella She likes to speak nonsense once she gets too excited.”

Bella looked over at Still and asked with a grin, “Still, what if Im not speaking nonsense and Ive really fallen in love with sir chairman”

Still gave a shrug, “You can love who you want, I dont care. Its fine as long as Xu Yi doesnt love you.”

“Humph, how do you know sir chairman doesnt love me” Bella looked at Xu Yi in an unwilling to give up manner, “Sir chairman, I am giving you my confession. I love you, do you love me”

Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry as he shook his head, “Alright, stop playing. Well be at the exam site soon, you guys arent nervous”

“What is there to be nervous about” Bella sat back down with a frustrated look, “Compared to being rejected by sir chairman, what is failing the test Ai, sir chairman, when will your heart change. If you ever dont want Still anymore, remember that I will always be waiting for you.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes before saying, “Alright, if it wasnt for advertising, I wouldnt rent such expensive carriages. Before we arrive at the exam site, you might as well enjoy it. I wont waste money like this in the future.”

Bella giggled before digging around in the secret compartment. But because she was about to take the exam, she couldnt drink, so she could only have a few small sips.

“Chairman, the advertisement you mentioned just now…..Then letting us live in the Sheldon Inn, giving us these robes, and renting these luxurious horse carriages was all for that Claire asked with a curious look.

“Not all of it. Letting you stay at the Sheldon Inn was to let you rest well during this time and let you be in better condition when it comes to the exam.” Xu Yi replied, “As for the magic robes, its half and half. Look, with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce badge on, it is very good advertisement. But normally you could take off those badges and you can still wear it, isnt that right”

“Un, these clothes are very beautiful and the material is also very good, I like it very much.” Akali looked over the robe she was wearing, looking very satisfied, “Sir chairman, you mean that youre giving us these clothes”

“Of course, what would I keep them for”

Hearing Xu Yis response, Akali, Claire, and Bella cheered as they gave each other high fives.

They had asked for the price of these magic robes, each one was no less than ten gold coins.

This to a magician with a normal background was a robe that was so expensive that they wouldnt be willing to buy.

Now that Xu Yi had said that he was giving these magic robes to them, they were definitely very happy.

Claire couldnt help looking at Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, you really are a good person. If you dont like Bella, you can also choose me. Even if you like Still at the same time, I dont mind.”

Still rolled her eyes at her, “Claire, youre also causing trouble like Bella”

Claire laughed, “I am being honest. Sir chairman is so young, handsome, rich, and generous, who wouldnt like him Arent I right, Akali”

Akalis reaction was a bit stiff. She looked at Xu Yi in a daze for a bit as her smile gradually disappeared, causing her expression to look a bit stiff.

Seeing this reaction from her, Claire and Bella who had been laughing calmed down and looked at Akali in surprise with Still.

Bella with her open personality wanted to say something, but Claire pulled her back and stopped her from talking.

The small actions of the two made the atmosphere in the carriage even more awkward.

Stills eyes passed over Akali and Xu Yis faces which had the same strange expressions.

She wanted to question them, but thinking about it, she could only swallow her questions.

The noisy carriage instantly fell into a deathly silence, as they could only hear the sounds of the horse hooves and carriage wheels running over the dirt road.-

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