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Although Xu Yi wasnt willing, he had to admit that major MacConley was right since there were things that he had already done. Moreover, the people who should have known already knew, so no matter what kind of attitude he had and no matter how much he wanted to avoid starting things, it was no use.

Moreover, he had to do the things that he had to do.

Major MacConley had specially invited him over, naturally it was not because he needed help solving these technical problems. It was like Xu Yi had said, for these simple technical problems, he just had to spend some specialists over.

Naturally it also wasnt just to explain or even warn Xu Yi because if it really was for that, it would have been better for the two of them to talk alone.

Other than this, the main thing was to have Xu Yi representing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce reach some kind of agreement with the army headquarters.

First they had to take care of the slaves that Xu Yi had transferred to Seveni. Like this, the workers that were chosen from the slaves would belong to Seveni, which means that the backbone to the factory would be firmly held in Sevenis hands.

Next was the order the army headquarters had major MacConley make with Xu Yi again.

This order included magic machine production lines for weapons and armours, over a hundred thousand tires, and the logistics department wanted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to develop certain magic machines with some abilities.

There wasnt a short delivery time tied with the order for the special magic machines. Strictly speaking, it as just an order for development, hoping that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could develop the corresponding magic machines that would satisfy the needs of the logistics department.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was very experienced in this aspect because there were companies like the Armani Chamber of Commerce, the Falcao Chamber of Commerce, and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce who had made these requests before.

The only difference was that the request of the army headquarters logistics department was a bit special.

For example, major MacConley hoped that a Magic Trebuchet could be developed to replace the giant wooden trebuchets that were very unwieldy that the royal army was currently using.

When Xu Yi heard this request, he already thought of several good choices. He just needed to tell Camby and the other dwarves back in the magic machine workshop to research a few things and he would be able to create a product.

So he very quickly signed this agreement with major MacConley.

When major MacConley saw how quick and confident Xu Yi was when it came to signing this, naturally he was very happy.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerce signing this contract, it would be of great help to the logistics department because although the things the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced were expensive, compared to how it cost thirty gold coins for a single set of armour from the Jole Family, it was without a doubt cheaper.

The more important thing was that working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it helped the logistics department with their poor financial situation. Not only could they meet the basic equipment requirement for the frontline, they could also increase the quality of the equipment and raise the battle strength of the soldiers.

If it wasnt for the fact that major MacConley didnt have enough authority, he would have directly broken the deal from before they had with the Jole Family and would work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Xu Yi, by signing this contract, first they would be able to earn a large amount of profit.

Even though it seems like they were supplying the army headquarters because of Sevenis support, so Xu Yi had given them a preferential price, just based on the hundred thousand tire order, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would earn a profit of over two hundred thousand gold coins.

If the other orders were added in, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be earning over three hundred thousand from these orders.

Other than the direct money profits, in providing equipment to the army and becoming their supplier, it would help raise the Frestech Chamber of Commerces position in the kingdom.

The Jole Family could become one of the top families in the kingdom, other than controlling the iron business, they also relied on this iron business to become the supplier to the army. Like this, it was equal to controlling the lifeline of the kingdom.

Of course, now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had inserted their foot, it was like stealing food from the tigers mouth and would get a reaction from the Jole Family.

But this was something that Xu Yi already expected.

Talking to the Jole Family was something that Xu Yi had planned before coming to Anvilmar City, so he told Vincent that he would be visiting.

But before this, Xu Yi had another matter that he had to settle.

Night had already fallen when Xu Yi came back to the housing that Count Sean had prepared for Great Magician Camilla, Still, and Xu Yi. Great Magician Camilla who had left early in the morning finally came back not long after Xu Yi had arrived.

When he saw Xu Yi, he immediately asked, “Kid, what level is your magic at right now”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Your excellency Great Magician, didnt you ask this a month ago”

“Nonsense, I naturally remember you telling me that you were close to being a Seventh Grade Magician a month again. I want to ask you that after a month, have you become a Seventh Grade Magician”

“You really think highly of me…..But your guesses are right, I think that I have become a Seventh Grade Magician.” Xu Yi replied with a smile.

“Good.” Great Magician Camilla gave a nod as he revealed a smile of praise, “Since its like this, clear your schedule for the day after tomorrow and prepare to take the Seventh Grade Magician certification exam.”

Xu Yi and Still were both stunned.

Still couldnt help asking, “Grandfather, dont you have to go to the City in the Sky for the Seventh Grade certification exam The City in the Sky is over a thousand kilometers from here, how will Xu Yi rush over there by the day after tomorrow”

“You think I dont know that” Great Magician Camilla glared at Still, “Let me tell you, I just received a notice today that those fellows in the guild have decided to change their ideas. From this year onwards, not only will Fifth Grade Magicians and below be able to take their certification exams at the Magicians Guild in their kingdom, those from the Fifth Grade to the Ninth Grade will also be able to take their certification exams in their kingdom. So, Xu Yi, you have just become a Seventh Grade Magician this year and you are in Anvilmar City right on time to take the certification exam.”

Xu Yi and Still were stunned again.

Still slightly knit her beautiful brows, “Since the Magicians Guild made this decision, why didnt they give a notice sooner Its starting the day after tomorrow, how is it possible to inform all the Sixth Grade to Ninth Grade Magicians in just two days Even if they receive the notice, how could they get here in time”

“Who told those fellows at the guild to be such scoundrels.” Great Magician Camilla gave a cold snort before waving his hand to say, “You dont need to worry about this matter.

“Then grandfather means that there are currently Sixth to Ninth Grade Magicians currently in Anvilmar City” Still asked.

“Un, Ive seen quite a few familiar faces in the city over the past few days.” Great Magician Camilla said with a nod, “Then again after the Fifth Grade, it is hard for any magician to raise their grade again in a year. Adding in the fact that there are few Sixth to Ninth Grade Magicians, there are even less people participating in the certification exam, so there arent many people who will come after receiving the notice this time.”

“Grandfather, did you forget about Xu Yi He was only a Fifth Grade Magician last year and hes already a Seventh Grade Magician this year.” Still looked at Xu Yi with a proud look, like the one who had increased by leaps and bounds was her.

Great Magician Camilla looked at Xu Yi and gave a strong snort, “Ive already said that this fellow has talent, but its a pity that hes not willing to work hard to study magic. Otherwise in less than ten years, he could become a Great Magician.”

Xu Yi rubbed his nose and said with an awkward smile, “Your excellency Great Magician, we already said that we wouldnt discuss this topic again. Then again, even if I listened to you and focused on studying magic, my strength wont increase as fast as it does now since theres no shortcut to increasing your magic.”

Great Magician Camilla gave another snort and didnt pursue this topic.

“Kid, its up to you if you dont want to focus on studying magic, but you have to go to this certification exam. This time its mainly Sixth to Ninth Grade Magicians of the kingdom at this exam, so when you participate, you can get to know those magicians better. If you can pull in a few people to join our magic research facility, the work in the future will be much easier.”

Xu Yi nodded to show agreement, while also finding it a bit funny.

Last year, Great Magician Camilla had hated mixing magic with business. The current him had not only changed his mind, he had even joined the magic research facility and even took the initiative to give Xu Yi an idea that would let him bring more magicians in.

This contrast was just too big.

After having this thought, Xu Yi asked, “Thats right, your excellency Great Magician, according to the rules, Fifth Grade and below magicians need a higher grade magician at their certification exam, so wouldnt Sixth to Ninth Grade certification exams be hard to hold When has there been so many high level magicians at the Magicians Guild For a level higher than the Ninth Grade, that would mean a Great Magician.”

“Thats right, so according to the rules, the Sixth to Ninth Grade certification exams will have a Great Magician present. Because they are holding the conference and called us old fellows over and its the first year theyre making this change, for this years high level magician certification exam, all five Great Magicians of the Lampuri Kingdom will be present.” Great Magician Camilla replied.

Xu Yis eyes instantly lit up, “Then that means youre responsible for the exam Then your excellency Great Magician, you already know the level of my magic, can you accommodate me and just let me pass”

Great Magician Camilla coldly looked at Xu Yi, “What do you think”-

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