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As the goddess in the minds of countless people in Banta City and the surrounding cities, because of her outstanding appearance and aura, there were many people who turned on the street and she attracted peoples gazes.

When Xu Yi was window shopping with her, there would be countless looks of admiration and jealousy. There were even more looks of shock when looking at Still and there were even a few people who revealed looks of greed.

But no matter how shocked those people were from seeing Still, they would have scruples and restrained themselves because of Xu Yi beside her.

But this man that they met now, his eyes revealed an incomparably strong look of greed that he simply didnt hide at all. When Xu Yi saw it, he immediately couldnt help tightly knitting his brows.

When he turned to look at Still, he found that she had a strange reaction, so Xu Yi asked, “Is he an acquaintance”

Still was only stunned for a bit before she revealed a deep look of disgust and gave a slight nod, “Un, he is Vincent.”

“Vincent” Hearing this name, the first thing Xu Yi thought of was the Armani Chamber of Commerces chairman Vincent. After thinking for a bit, he finally remembered that Akali had mentioned this name before. It was the male student that Still had liked back when she attended the Lampuri Royal Academy.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi turned and seriously looked over this Vincent.

Putting aside the look in his eyes that made Xu Yi very unhappy, based on just his outer appearance, this Vincent seemed like a very outstanding fellow. Not only was he tall and strong, his face was very good, with close to perfect proportions. Coordinating with the luxuriously made that he was wearing, if he was placed on earth, he could be considered a “tall, right, and handsome man”.

This kind of man was indeed like the white horse prince that many little girls dreamed of, it was no wonder Still liked him at first.

After looking over Vincent, Xu Yis eyes fell onto the girl beside Vincent.

This girl wasnt as shocking as Still, but she was still quite good looking with a weak aura to her. When she was placed by Vincents side, it created a sharp contrast.

Seeing Vincent holding the girl by the waist, Xu Yi asked Still in a somewhat strange voice, “Who is this girl It seems like shes quite close to him.”

“She is the one I mentioned before, Vincents fiancee.” Still replied in a small voice. She took another look at Vincent before turning while holding Xu Yis hand, preparing to leave.

Who would have thought that when they prepared to leave, Vincent would suddenly cross the street and run in front of Still, blocking the two of them.

“Hey, beautiful Still, when did you arrive in Anvilmar City Why didnt you contact me beforehand I could have properly entertained you.” Vincent revealed a graceful smile, as he said to Still with a loud laugh.

“What would I contact you for” Still looked at Vincent. Although her eyes were filled with disgust, she didnt want to argue with him in public, so her expression was considered quite calm, “Grandfather and I, as well as some friends had some business in Anvilmar City, so we didnt plan on bothering anyone.”

“How is it a bother” Vincent shouted in an exaggerated voice, “We were the best of friends back in school and as long as you come to Anvilmar City, how could I not entertain you Since Great Magician Camilla is also here, then that is even better. Please tell his excellency Great Magician that I am sending my invitation right now and I hope that you and his excellency Great Magician will come to be our guests tonight, we will treat you with the highest honour.”

“Want to entertain us” Still looked at him finding it a bit funny, “I think you should ask the opinion of your fiancee first.”

“You mean Michelle Relax, how could Michelle not agree, dont you think so dear Michelle” Vincent turned to the girl who looked rather hopeless as she followed him.

The girl called Michelle looked up at Still and a depressed look appeared on her face before she lowered her head again. She replied in a soft voice, “Un…..I…..I dont mind.”

Xu Yi and Still looked at each other, instantly noticing that Michelle had a rather weak personality. It was no wonder that even though Vincent had a fiancee, he dared to treat Still like that.

“Look, I told you Michelle would definitely agree. She is very hospitable, isnt that right, Michelle” Vincent asked Michelle again.

Michelle still had her head down as she softly gave an “un” sound.

Xu Yi knit his brows seeing this, thinking that if Michelle was to get married to Vincent, that wouldnt be a good marriage.

Of course, he didnt care.

Hearing Michelles response, Vincent proudly looked at Still, “See, Michelle doesnt care. Still, you should come by tonight with Great Magician Camilla, I will head back now and have the servants prepare.”

“Hey, even if your fiancee agrees, it doesnt mean that I agree. Then again, even if I agree, you have to ask if he agrees or not.” Still pointed at Xu Yi.

“Him” Vincent seemed like he only noticed Xu Yi and revealed a look of surprise as he looked over at him. His eyes passed over Xu Yi and Still holding hands and he narrowed his eyes as he revealed a look of hostility. He said with a cold snort, “Who is this fellow”

“Be more polite!” Still reprimanded him, “He is Xu Yi and hes my boyfriend. If you want to invite me over, if he doesnt agree, I definitely wont go.”

“Xu Yi” Vincent looked over Xu Yi and shook his head, “Ive never heard this name before, youre not a noble from Anvilmar City, right Could it be that you are a noble from that small Banta City”

“You really are ignorant. Dont you know that Xu Yi is……”

Still wanted to give a brief introduction to who Xu Yi was, but Xu Yi stopped her.

Xu Yi looked at Vincent and asked, “Mister Vincent, Ive heard Akali mention you before. If I didnt remember wrong, you should be from the Jole Family, right”

Vincent was stunned, “Akali mentioned me to you Thats right, Im from the Jole Family, what about it”

“Since youre from the Jole Family, thats much more simple. I dont think you need to invite Still and me to be your guest. If nothing unexpected happens, we should be coming in two days.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Youre coming” Vincent looked at Xu Yi in surprise before giving a cold laugh, “You think that youre an honoured guest like young miss Still and Great Magician Camilla Our Jole Family wouldnt care about a little fellow like you,”

Vincent turned to Still after saying this and revealed a pained look as he said, “Still, if it is because I hurt you last time, so you found this fellow to be your boyfriend to make me angry, I really am sorry. Actually, after you left last time, my heart has been filled with regret and I even went three days without eating and drinking. Do you know Ive always been thinking about you during this time. When I saw you again today, my heart almost exploded from happiness, I……”

“Wait!” Still reached out her hand to stop Vincent from continuing with his speech that made her break out in goosebumps. She looked at him with a look of disbelief, “I say, Vincent, Michelle is here and she is your fiancee! Youre actually saying all of this to me in front of her You dont care about her feelings at all”

“Fiancee” Vincent turned to look at Michelle and he said with a bitter smile, “Still, you should know that the so-called fiancee was an arrangement between families. You can ask Michell if you dont believe me, neither of us are willing to accept this. I only like you in my heart. If you give me a chance, I can even talk to the family and have them cancel this engagement! I will marry no one else but you!”

Still looked at Vincent in a daze for a while, she simply couldnt believe that there was someone with such thick skin in this world!

Turning to look at Michelle on the side, she saw that she was looking down without saying a word, as if silently agreeing with what Vincent said.

After a long while, Still let out a long sigh and shook her head. Without another word, she pulled Xu Yi away.

Vincent behind them kept calling out to Still, but she moved even faster and quickly disappeared around the corner with Xu Yi.

When they couldnt hear Vincents shouting anymore, Xu Yi finally couldnt hold back his laughter.

“What are you laughing at” Still snappily looked at Xu Yi.

“Because its just too…..too funny.” Xu Yi looked at Stills angry face and he couldnt help smiling, “It really has opened my worldview today. Theres actually such a shameless person, Im really dying from laughter.”

“Humph! Although I already knew that he was shameless from the matter last time, I never thought that he would be even more shameless than I thought. It really angers me to death!” Still angrily said.

“What are you angry about” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Its like you said last time, you should be happy. For such a shameless fellow, the sooner you can see his true colours, that is a good thing. To be honest, I really dont understand, what did you like about him before Dont you think that this kind of person is laughable”

Stills face turned a bit red as she angrily said, “I was very weak before. I was still a young girl back in school and I only liked him because he was handsome, he also had quite the demeanor before. Actually I never had contact with him that much, so of course I didnt know that he was this shameless.”

“Then Im even more confused. Still, you are such a beautiful girl, for that fellow to not endlessly chase you back in school, it really is a bit unbelievable.” Xu Yi said.

“I was focused on studying when I was in school and had as little contact with male students as much as possible, so he didnt have a chance at all. To be honest, thinking about it now, when I said that I liked him, I only felt like he was the white horse prince of my dreams, I didnt really like him that much.” Still explained.

“This should be the fantasies that every young girl has, right” Xu Yi teased.

“What It was my unreal fantasy, you have an opinion about it” Still glared at Xu Yi.

“No, no, no, how could I have an opinion I should be very blessed, that you abandoned this fantasy after meeting me. Otherwise with how Im not handsome, you wouldnt have liked me.”

Still suddenly grabbed Xu Yis face and said with an honest expression, “Youre not allowed to say that youre not handsome. Xu Yi, you have to remember that since I like you, you are the most handsome. Perhaps in the eyes of many girls, Vincent is very handsome, but now I can see that he is very weak and he doesnt even have ten thousandth of your charm.”

Seeing the honest look on Stills face, Xu Yi felt a bit emotional. He kissed Stills hand and said in a soft voice, “Thank you for your praise. Being able to receive your love, I feel very blessed.”

Still revealed a bright as a flower smile before taking Xu Yis hand and heading in the direction of the Lampuri Royal Academy.-

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