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“And then Did you agree to him” Still asked Xu Yi with a curious look on her face.

“Of course not.” Xu Yi shook his head, “He kept on talking and in the end, he just wanted our Frestech Chamber of Commerce take the lead in dropping the price, then the other companies in Banta City would all follow suit and reduce their prices. Like this, their Walmart Chamber of Commerce could lower their inventory costs and lower their prices.”

“If their purchase price decreases, the selling price in the store would also decrease.” Still said, “I feel that chairman Rundst is right, if the price is lowered, the sales amount would be increased. With this, it is very likely the overall profit would be increased.”

Xu Yi looked at Still and shook his head as he gave a soft sigh.

Still didnt understand the market, so she said these words that were so one sided.

First not mentioning if the Walmart Chamber of Commerce would lower the prices if their purchase price was lower, to Xu Yi, this was a very dangerous thing to do.

Just like a phrase that was popular in the stock markets on earth before becoming a common phrase, people bought low and sold high.

If the price of the product could drop, then peoples first thought would be not to be in a rush to buy it. They would think that since it could drop once, it can drop a second time or a third time…...Anyway, there was no need to rush to buy it.

Moreover, once the matter of price dropping began, it would be hard to stop it.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce dropped their price, even if Xu Yi didnt say anything, the other companies producing magic machines in Banta City would also drop their prices.

As long as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce took the lead in this, the other companies will find that this is a good method and will drop their prices even more to increase their sales volume.

If there were many companies that imitated this, it would become a price war like back on earth.

The magic machine industry was a very weak industry. Before this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had the power of a monopoly, so Xu Yi could implement the ideas that he wanted to implement.

But now under his guidance, the other companies had joined this industry. So now Xu Yi had to consider the development of this industry and he had to consider the effect on the industry for everything he did.

If there was a price war when the magic machine industry was just developing, it would decrease the profit margins of all the companies that were engaged in this industry. It would also make companies that had just entered the industry to lose confidence and interest, which would be a large blow to the entire industry.

So after the Banta City Magic Machine Business Union was formed, Xu Yi and the chairmen of the other companies made the first decision that when any company sold magic machines, they had to consult on a price and couldnt try to outbid each other.

But now chairman Rundst had requested Xu Yi to take the lead in dropping the price, so naturally he couldnt agree.

Of course, the Walmart Chamber of Commerce was the most important partner for most companies in Banta City that produced magic machines, so Xu Yi couldnt refuse chairman Rundst to his face. Although he couldnt lower the prices, Xu Yi provided another plan which was to build roads.

Since it would affect the most important factor of selling magic machines in other cities which was transport cost, it would also lower the cost of the goods.

In front of chairman Rundst and vice chairman Wilson, Xu Yi took out the examples of the Banka Road and Bansa Road.

According to the data that Xu Yi took out, compared to before those two roads were constructed, the price in transporting the same amount of cargo from Banta City to Karma City and Saltan City had dropped respectively by 34% and 38%.

And then there was also the consideration of taking tolls.

For the Sines Continent that didnt have a developed transport system, transport cost was the largest hindrance when it came to transporting goods. For the Walmart Chamber of Commerce that dealt in groceries, they understood this better than any other companies.

So when they heard Xu Yi mention the numbers of 34% and 38%, chairman Rundst and vice chairman Wilson were both shocked.

After confirming that Xu Yis data was not a joke, chairman Rundst almost immediately decided that the Walmart Chamber of Commerce would invest in building roads.

It wasnt hard to guess from his appearance that the Walmart Chamber of Commerce wouldnt just stop at a single road.

“Un, Xu Yi, tell me, why didnt you agree I feel that this proposition isnt that bad.” Seeing Xu Yi deep in thought and not replying, Still couldnt help speaking up.

“Ah Ah…...Its too much trouble explaining this and this matter cant be decided by me alone, so at least I need to go back to Banta City and discuss this with chairman Rank, so I told chairman Rundst that I would consider it.” Xu Yi simply replied before quickly changing the topic and asking, “Dont just focus on asking me, I also want to ask you, didnt his excellency Great Magician say that he would be bringing me to the Magicians Guilds conference Why is it that now that Im here, hes not here”

“Oh, there was someone from the Magicians Guild who came looking for grandfather and the grandfather went with him.” Still replied.

“Then did he leave any messages behind Does he want me to wait here for him or what” Xu Yi asked.

Still shook her head, “Grandfather didnt say anything. It seemed like he was in a rush, I dont know if something happened or not.”

“In a rush” Xu Yi was a bit confused, “The old man has only come here from Banta City for a few days, what rushed matter happened at the Magicians Guild that he had to go for”

“I dont know about that.” Still shrugged her shoulders, “Grandfather is a Great Magician in the end, if something big has happened at the Magicians Guild, since he is in Anvilmar City, they would definitely contact him.”

Xu Yi thought for a bit and found that he had too little information, so he could only give up.

“Then what do we do now Ive already left this morning open, but now that his excellency Great Magician is busy, I have nothing to do.” Xu Yi spread his hands.

“Isnt that perfect” Still hooked Xu Yis arm with a smile and pulled him out, “Its rare that were in Anvilmar City together and we have some spare time, so if we dont take a stroll, it would have been a waste to come here. Come, Ill take you for a walk around Anvilmar City. From what I heard Viscount Leslie say, when you came last year, you were busy with all kinds of things and didnt have spare time at all. Really, its hard enough to take this trip and you dont have time to play, that really is a pity! Today, this miss will lead you on a scenic tour of Anvilmar City!”

Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry as he was pulled along by Still.

Because today was the first day of the Magicians Guild certification exam, the magicians participating in the exam were all at the test site outside the city. Even those magicians not participating went along to watch, so the city wasnt completely filled with magicians like yesterday and it was rather peaceful.

Of course, as the capital of the Lampuri Kingdom, Anvilmar City would be busy no matter what the time was. No matter where the two of them went, there were people all around them.

Still had studied at the Lampuri Royal Academy for four years and had stayed in Anvilmar City for four years, so she was very familiar with this place.

Under her lead, the two of them avoided the most crowded places and passed through the streets of Anvilmar City. From time to time, they went into a store and appreciated the goods that were inside. After a while, they rested by the Rhine River that ran through the city, appreciating the red leaves falling by the bank of the river, while having a street artist drawing their portrait.

Seeing how happy Still was, Xu Yi let go of all his thoughts and accompanied Still in happily wandering the city.

For that time, it was like he was back on earth when he was young and a female colleague had dragged him around window shopping.

After the two went around the city, Xu Yi suddenly told Still that he wanted to see the Lampuri Royal Academy.

Still looked over, “I think that you dont want to see the school, but rather the students studying magic, right Be honest, you are planning to convince those students to work for our company after they graduate, right”

Xu Yi laughed, “I do have this idea, but they are graduating from the top academy in the country, so Im afraid they wont care about our small company.”

“That isnt certain.” Still gave a soft snort, “Didnt you even get an outstanding student like me to work for you Isnt it the same with Evita and the others Let me tell you, with how good our company treats our researchers, I think that not only do the students of Baron Rickto Magic Academy want to join our company, its the same for the students of the Lampuri Royal Academy.”

“Of course it would be good if it was like this. But right now I feel that it isnt the best choice for those students to come work for our company.” Xu Yi shook his head, “IF possible, I want to build a school that will specialize in teaching magicians magic mechanical engineering theory. The magicians that graduate from a school like this would be a real magic mechanical engineer that I could use.”

“Do it if you want.” Still said with a relaxed expression, “Anyway you arent lacking in money right now and you have the support of the Lord City Lord and her highness, so there should be no problem with the procedure. Not to mention that grandfather can take a role in the school which will attract many people to come study there.”

“Un, not bad. After you said all this, I feel that this idea is possible. Alright, when we head back, Ill discuss this with the Lord City Lord. As for right now, lets go to the Lampuri Royal Academy. Im very curious how they trained an outstanding girl like you.”

“Humph, that is my natural charm, it doesnt need to be trained.” Still gave a soft snort. When she grabbed Xu Yis hand and was about to head in the direction of the Lampuri Royal Kingdom, her feet suddenly stopped.

Xu Yi was a bit surprised and pulled at the unmoving Still, but he found that she was looking at a path on the opposite side and she looked stunned.

Xu Yi followed her gaze and found that on the other of the path, there was a young couple.

The young man was also staring right at still with his eyes filled with shock and greed.-

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