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The Voller Tribe chief Leiming Voller turned his large wolf head to look over the three humans and his wolf eyes were filled with doubt.

He knew chairman Renersa because once in a while, this humans Renekton Chamber of Commerce would bring large amounts of salt, iron tools, and clothes that only humans could make to trade here.

Although this human traded for many precious furs and rare materials from the beastmen tribes of the Black Rice Wasteland, when both sides agreed to this, it was considered a fair trade. So most of the beastmen tribe was quite polite to this chairman Renersa.

But this time, chairman Renersa didnt come alone, rather he brought two unknown humans.

What surprised chief Voller was that the rather young and weak looking human actually immediately said that he wanted to partner with the Voller Tribe!


Humans and beastmen

This was simply a joke!

The continents races had a deep pain caused by the human cunning. Because the beastmen werent very intelligent, they had been tricked by humans countless times.

So in the minds of the beastmen, humans were liars.

As for human merchants, they were liars among liars.

The Renekton Chamber of Commerce and the other companies could do business with the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland because they brought goods to the beastmen to trade, so there was no leeway for cheating.

But even so, many beastmen had been swindled countless times. They traded their tribes precious items for the lower quality goods of the merchants.

So after hearing what Xu Yi said, chief Voller immediately recognized Xu Yi as a large swindler.

If he said that he wanted to make a deal with the Voller Tribe, chief Voller could have chosen to try believing in him, but to be partners…..

This was basically a joke!But because of chairman Renersa, chief Voller didnt immediately chase Xu Yi out. Rather he gave an inquisitive look before waving his hand and saying in a deep voice, “We dont cooperate with humans. If you want to make a deal, first take out the goods for me to see.”

Because of chairman Renersas reminder from before, Xu Yi was not surprised by the cold response of chief Voller. He revealed a smile and continued, “Sir chief, dont be in a rush to reject me. How about you hear the cooperation plan first”

Chief Voller impatiently snorted. After thinking about it, he suppressed the irritation in his heart and said with a snort, “What cooperation plan Isnt this your humans way of taking advantage of us”

“If you still feel this way after hearing the cooperation plan…..then Ill leave immediately and never bother you again. But before this, I hope that you can listen to the plan. Actually, this plan is very beneficial to your tribe.” Xu Yi still had the same smile as he spoke.

“Chief Voller, please let me interject.” Chairman Renersa suddenly said, “Chairman Xu has a very good reputation in our Banta City. The human merchants who have cooperated with him have all received great benefits, so you dont need to worry about him cheating you. Other than that, I can tell you something that will shock you. In the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that chairman Xu has set up, other than human workers, there are over a thousand dwarf and elf workers.”

“Dwarves and elves” Chief Vollers eyes popped out, as his wide eyes filled with disbelief, “How is this possible! I can still imagine the dwarves working in your human companies, but how could the elves possibly lower themselves to work for you humans I dont believe it!”

“If you dont believe me, there are currently eleven elven workers from our company waiting outside. I can call them in for you to personally confirm.” Xu Yi said.

Chief Voller narrowed his eyes to look at Xu Yi and after thinking about it, he shook his head, “Forget it, I dont like those fellows who always look down on people. Alright, chairman Xu, since youve said all of this, then you can tell me your so-called cooperation plan.”

After finally moving chief Voller, Xu Yi let out a sigh and explained his plans in detail to him.

According to Xu Yis plan, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was first planning to open a mine in the Voller Tribe and mine the non-ferrous metal lodes near the Voller Tribe.

Then because it would take too much effort to transport the ores, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be directly making a non-ferrous metal processing plant here.

Adding in the fact that the byproducts of the non-ferrous metal processing plant was useful in making cement, they would also be building a cement factory here.

But if they wanted to transport the refined non-ferrous metal out, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Renekton Chamber of Commerce would cooperate with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to build a road from Banta City to Samara.

Later they would first build a small road from the Samara to the Voller Tribe, as well as constructing other roads based on the situation.

So like this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be investing in building a mine, two factories, and a road in the Voller Tribe, which was a large investment.

“But what benefits are there to my tribe What do you want to cooperate with me on” After listening to Xu Yi, chief Voller said with a snort, “Human, let me tell you, the mine youre talking about is in our Voller Tribes territory, so we should be the one who decides on what to do with it, not you. Now since I know that I have this good thing, if you cant satisfy me, dont think of cooperating with me.”

“Of course I understand this.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. Since you said the word cooperation, it means that your heart has already been moved, “Chief Voller, I understand that the non-ferrous metal vein is in your tribes territory, so I specially came here to purchase this vein from you.”

“You want to purchase the entire vein” Chief Voller narrowed his eyes and a rare cunning look flashed in them, “Alright, human, how much will you pay Ive heard that you humans would spend quite a bit to buy iron mines.”

“Right, an iron mine can sell for quite a lot to humans, but chief Voller, what Im buying is not an iron minne. This will only produce non-ferrous metals and this is very rarely used in our human society, so it isnt worth that much. So I cant pay the same price for this mine as an iron mine.” Xu Yi said with a timely bitter smile.

Chief Voller thought about it. With his understanding of human society, they rarely used non-ferrous metals. It seems that this human called Xu Yi shouldnt be lying to him.

“Even if it wont be the same price as an iron mine, it cant be too cheap. Speak, how much are you planning to offer” Chief Voller asked.

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, thinking that this chief Voller was really moved.

Who said that beastmen were simple, at least this wolfmen chief only cared about money.

Xu Yi looked at chairman Renersa and chairman Cruise. The both of them nodded to him, allowing him to decide.

Xu Yi nodded to show her understood and he stretched out his palm to chief Voller.

“Five hundred thousand.”

Instantly, Xu Yi could see countless stars in chief Vollers wolf eyes.


Four days later, Xu Yi, chairman Cruise, and Still were heading back to Banta City first.

Agnes and the other ten elves remained at the Black Rice Wasteland.

Following Xu Yis request, they were investigating the situation of the Black Rice Wasteland. They were to draw a complete map of it.

Other than inspecting how to control the Black Rice Wastelands desertification problem, their most important task was to clearly draw up the distribution of beastmen clans.

According to Xu Yis plan, cooperating with the Voller Tribe was only the first step the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was taking into the Black Rice Wasteland.

With the materials he currently had, the Black Rice Wasteland didnt just have the non-ferrous vein near the Voller Tribe.

The minerals hidden deep under the Black Rice Wasteland were rich. According to his early estimates, it even surpassed all the non-ferrous metals hidden in the Lampuri Kingdom added together.

As for why Xu Yi was so clear on this…...

It was because the five dwarves Xu Yi had sent out last year to explore the minerals in each region of the Lampuri Kingdom had finally come back.

In the span of a year, the five dwarves had explored in five different directions. They carried a detailed exploration of every part of the Lampuri Kingdom. One of the dwarves named Ramph had explored west, stepping foot into the Black Rice Wasteland.

It had to be said, the dwarves really were talented in this aspect.

In this year, the five dwarves had gone to every inch of the Lampuri Kingdom, learning everything about the underground minerals of every region.

When Xu Yi had sent them out at first, they were mainly responsible for finding the distribution of iron ores.

But the dwarves had found that most of the iron deposits had been found and over half of them had been explored, so the five dwarves focused on the non-ferrous metal veins that Xu Yi had mentioned.

The conclusion drawn was that the Black Rice Wasteland contained large amounts of non-ferrous metals.

Even in the ore samples that Ramph brought, Xu Yi had actually found some rare earth elements!

To control the danger of the river, he had to control the geological environment of the Black Rice Wasteland that was upriver. So Xu YI used this chance to come to the Black Rice Wasteland, looking to cooperate with these beastmen.

The other humans had scruples about cooperating with other races, but Xu Yi didnt have this at all.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had many dwarves and elves working there, so adding in a few beastmen wasnt considered anything.

Of course, right now this cooperation was only at its beginning stages.

Their group had remained in the Voller Tribe for two days and chief Voller had said that there was no discussion with the money.

So Xu Yis group could only give up for now and return to Banta City to discuss their next moves.

It would cost around three hundred thousand gold coins to construct a road from Banta City to Samara. Then for the road from Samara to the Voller Tribe, it was narrow and it wasnt over ten kilometers, so it wouldnt cost more than two hundred thousand.

Other than that, adding in the five hundred thousand to buy the mine and some other initial investments, calculating everything, Xu Yi, chairman Renersa, and chairman Cruise would have to invest over a million gold coins.

Because Xu Yi was in charge of this matter and chairman Cruise and chairman Renersa didnt really understand the non-ferrous metals, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would invest six hundred thousand and take a 60% share. The Amrit Chamber of Commerce would invest three hundred thousand with a 30% share and the Renekton Chamber of Commerce would invest a hundred thousand with a 10% share.

As for the toll for the road, they would divide it based on their shares.

Moreover, this was only the profit distribution of the mine. As for the non-ferrous metal processing plant and the cement factory, it was financed completely by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce and the Renekton Chamber of Commerce didnt have any shares.

Actually, chairman Cruise had requested to buy stocks in the processing plant and the cement factory, but Xu Yi had rejected this.

It was because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sole possession of the technology used in these two factories, so if they cooperated with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, it would be leaked eventually.

Chairman Cruise naturally understood this, so after Xu Yi rejected his request, he didnt keep insisting.

Because he had already discussed with chairman Cruise on what needed to be done on the road, after the horse carriage entered Banta City, Xu Yi rejected chairman Cruises invitation to dinner for both him and Still and rushed back to Stills house with her.

Because as soon as they entered the city, they received a shocking piece of news.

Great Magician Camilla had suddenly announced he was closing his Magic Tower!-

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