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A rare double horse carriage sped out of Banta Citys west gate and its wheels rolled over the Falling Rain Road, as it charged towards the Falling Rain Valley.

Xu Yi looked at the roads being built in the suburbs of Banta City before turning back to look at the people in the carriage. Finally his eyes fell onto Still and Agnes sitting with Sophia on the other side and he suddenly revealed a smile.

Sophia immediately glared at him, “What are you smiling at”

Xu Yi shook his head, “No, dont misunderstand. Im just surprised, why did you insist on coming with us The Falling Rain Valley is close to sixty kilometers away and even with the road, it isnt a comfortable matter to go there. I think that staying in Banta City is the better choice.”

“Humph, I like it, what do you care” Sophia said in a firm voice.

Xu Yi shook his head as he thought that he really didnt care.

But he was indeed curious about why Sophia insisted on staying in Banta City instead of returning to Anvilmar City.

She wasnt willing to leave when Hank Wilson headed back and said that she wanted to stay with Kennard. But now that Kennard was staying as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces general manager, he would be staying in Banta City for a period of time, so it wasnt right for Sophia to stay here.

Of course, it wasnt right for Xu Yi to ask this question, otherwise it would seem like he was chasing Sophia away.

“Chairman, Sophia is just this willful, please forgive her.” Kennard apologized form beside Xu Yi.

Before Xu Yi could reply, Sophia glared at Kennard and pointed a finger as she lightly stomped her foot, “Big brother, youre actually not helping me! Is it because now that youve become his subordinate, everything is about him You wont even help your little sister”

Kennnard looked up, “I help whoever makes sense. The chairman is right, we are here because of official business, so why do you need to come with us”

“So what if its official business” Sophia said with a cold snort, “Im not following you guys, Im following big sister Still and big sister Agnes, so you dont need to care about me!”

After saying this, Sophia pulled up Still and Agnes beside her without any reservation with a look saying come bite me if youre not satisfied.

Kennard knit his brows, but because Sophia pulled up Still and Agnes, it wasnt good for him to speak.

However, Still and Agnes reactions surprised Sophia.

Still was still fine, only slightly knitting her brows. She helplessly shook her head and gave a sigh, looking like she had no way of dealing with this little sister Sophia.

Agnes directly pulled her hand away from Sophias and looked at her as she honestly said, “Young miss Sophia, I am out on official business with the chairman, so please dont hinder me.”

“Hinder” Sophia never expected that Agnes would say such impolite words, so she looked at Agnes with wide eyes, “Youre actually saying that Im hindering you Big sister Agnes, you…..youre really making me sad!”

“Sad” Agnes looked at Sophia before turning to ask Xu Yi, “Chairman, you said that humans would cry when they are sad. But she isnt crying right now, so she must not really be sad.” She turned to Sophia after saying this and said with a strict expression, “Young miss Sophia, the reason why us elves didnt like making contact with humans is because humans like to lie. If you really want to become friends with me, I hope that you will not lie to me again, or I will be very unhappy.”

Seeing Sophias helpless gaze, Xu Yi almost couldnt help breaking out in laughter.

For someone like Sophia who had grown up spoiled at home and had become a willful young miss, it wasnt easy for others to talk her down.

To control her, you needed someone who was naturally dull like Agnes.

The expression Kennard had was very bright.

He was the most familiar with Sophias willful attitude and how she causes scenes, normally not even their lord father could take care of her. But now she had become speechless from what Agnes said, which even made him want to laugh a bit.

Of course, this was all based on the fact that Agnes was an elf.

Otherwise if it was a human girl that Sophia deeply admired like Still who had said this to her, it would definitely make her unhappy and she might even talk back.

Seeing the aggrieved blank look on Sophias face and her little lips pouted, Still revealed a faint smile and explained to Agnes, “Agnes, humans dont always shed tears when they are sad. There are some people who even if they are very sad, you cant see it on the surface at all. Some people will just show sad expressions. Only when a person is sad to a certain extent will they break out in tears.”

“Really” Agnes looked at Xu Yi with a doubtful look.

“Un, it is like this.” Seeing Sophia revealing a real aggrieved expression, Xu Yi could only quickly mediate for her, “I told you before that a human will cry when they are said, that is just a general description. There are other details that you need to pay attention to and are hard to describe. For example, humans can shed tears even when they arent sad. There are some who will shed tears when they are happy. So to tell when a human is sad or not, just basing it on tears doesnt work.”

“Its like this.” Agnes gave a slight nod. After thinking for a bit, she couldnt help sighing, “Humans really are complicated. We elves will just directly reveal whatever mood we are feeling.”

Hearing this, Sophia forgot her aggrieved feeling and curiously asked, “Then big sister Agnes, have you cried before when you were sad”

Agnes thought for a bit before nodding, “Un. I remember that when I was young, there was a flower that gradually withered and I cried because I was sad about it.”

Everyone in the carriage was speechless.

Sophia was stunned for a bit before saying in an emotional voice, “Big sister Agnes, you are this sensitive. If you can burst into tears over a flower withering, arent you sad most of the time and cry all the time”

Agnes shook her head, “No, not now. Because of the elders teachings, Ive understood that life and death are natural rules and it is very normal, so theres no need to be sad. I think that even if you died in front of me, I wouldnt cry from sadness.”

Everyone was speechless again.

Although this was the personality of the elves, when Agnes said it directly in front of everyone, they all felt a bit cold.

Xu Yi couldnt help asking, “Agnes, if I were to die in front of you, you wouldnt cry from sadness”

Agnes looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Chairman, according to the life span of humans, you still have quite a bit of time before you die.”

“I just said if because human life is filled with accidents. If I were to die in front of you because of an accident, would you calmly accept it” Xu Yi kept asking.

Still looked at Xu Yi with knit brows. She thought about it and didnt say anything as she just looked at Agnes, waiting to see how she responds.

With everyone watching, Agnes honestly thought for a bit before replying, “I think…..it depends on what kind of accident. If the chairman was killed by an enemy, I would be very angry and kill your enemy to take revenge for you. It is because you are my friend and taking care of this is the responsibility of a friend.”

“Then if I wasnt killed by an enemy and killed by a natural accident, like if a rock fell out of the sky to kill me Or for something more normal, if I were to suddenly die from an illness” Xu Yi kept asking.

“If it is like this…..” Agnes thought for a bit, “This should be the natural cycle of life and death that the elder mentioned, it happens to all living beings, so I dont think I would be sad.”

Hearing this answer, everyone let out long sighs.

Still looked at Xu Yi, “What Is the honourable chairman Xu disappointed”

Xu Yi clutched his chest and made an exaggerated hurt expression, as he wailed into the sky, “I am far more than disappointed, Im simply filled with grief! I thought that I had a good relationship with Agnes, but I didnt think that she wouldnt be sad if I were to suddenly die, not even to shed a single tear! I really am too disappointed!”

Seeing that everyone else in the carriage broke out in laughter after Xu Yis actions, Agnes had a bewildered look on her face.

Still saw that Agnes was still confused, so she explained it with a smile.

The carriage continued forward while the three girls chatted and Xu Yi and Kennard discussed matters of the company. After three hours, they finally arrived at the Falling Rain Valley.

This was Kennard and Sophias first time seeing the Falling Rain Valley. Although when in Banta City, there were many people that described the Falling Rain Valley to them, personally seeing it, the two of them were shocked by the beautiful and magnificent scene in front of them.

“Chairman, this really is a lot.” Kennard couldnt help saying with a sigh, “I think that anyone with doubts towards you, as long as they see this Falling Rain Valley, their doubts will scatter like smoke.”

“Oh Youre saying that before seeing the Falling Rain Valley, you still had doubts towards me in your heart” Xu Yi teased with a smile.

Kennard laughed, “Of course Im the exception. If I had any doubts about you, I wouldnt have taken the initiative to become the general manager.”

“That is more like it.” Xu Yi made an inviting gesture with his hand, “Then as the new general manager, let me show you where the real power of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce lies.”-

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