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On the desk in front of Great Magician Camilla, there was a small Magic Array that was around the size of Xu Yis palm that was currently glowing with azure light.

Above the Magic Array, there was a visible small tornado that was currently spinning.

It was clear that this was the Ninth Grade Wind Magic Array, the Storm Array.

What was more clear was that since this Storm Array was this small, it meant that Great Magician Camilla had succeeded in miniaturizing Magic Arrays!

Moreover, although the Magic Array and tornado seemed very small, their might wasnt small.

When Xu Yi wanted to approach, he felt an enormous suction coming towards him. If he hadnt used his magic to negate the wind elemental magic energy in the air in time, he would have been pulled right in.

“It isnt a complete success.” Great Magician Camilla pointed at the Miniature Storm Array, “Other than to tell you this good news, I called you here to let you see how it should be modified to suit your needs.”

“Needs…..” Xu Yi carefully kept his distance from the powerful and small tornado of the Storm Array and carefully examined it. After thinking for a bit, he said, “Your excellency Great Magician, you should understand the structure and the principle of the Magic Fan. What do you feel would be the result if this Storm Array was placed in the Magic Fan”

“Magic Fan” Great Magician Camilla knit his brows, “This Storm Array is much stronger than the Magic Array used in the Magic Fan. If this is placed in the Magic Fan, once it is turned on, the entire Magic Fan would be ripped to shreds.”

“Un, I feel the same.” Xu Yi nodded, “So your excellency Great Magician, the problem that we need to solve is how to safely and effectively use the kinetic energy that this Storm Array generates.”

“That is your specialty, what do you think” Great Magician Camilla simply said.

“Alright, lets try this first…...”


Since Great Magician Camilla had succeeded in making the Storm Array smaller, it meant that his understanding of this Magic Array was very refined and he could casually modify it.

So the experiment the two of them did went very smoothly.

Following the experiments that Xu Yi proposed, Great Magician Camilla kept changing the Storm Array. Xu Yi kept a detailed record of the process and result of every experiment.

The two of them were currently experimenting on what would be the core power source of a wind powered engine, so any data would be very useful.

Although their domains were different, Xu Yi and Great Magician Camilla were crazy about research, so they forgot everything once they started and focused completely on it.

When Xu Yi finally received preliminary data from this Miniature Storm Array, the two stopped and prepared to rest.

But when they two stopped, there was a sound that came from their stomachs.

Xu Yi and Great Magician Camilla looked at each other before breaking out in laughter.

The two had been so focused that they had forgotten to eat.

Looking out the window, they found that it was already getting dark.

Right now it was close to late September, so that means that it was around seven at night.

Not only had the two of them missed lunch, they might even miss the dinner time of many households.

“Your excellency Great Magician, lets tidy up and find a place to eat.” Xu Yi said.

Great Magician Camilla shook his head, “I dont like eating out, its better to come home. Still shouldnt have had dinner yet, I should be able to get him in time. You should just come along. I remember you said last time that Vivian should be leaving Banta City for her school event.”

“Forget about me. Since the Great Magician isnt coming, Ill just go find a casual place to get dinner.” Xu Yi shook his head and rejected him.

Great Magician Camilla looked at Xu Yi with a strange look, “Hey, kid, I suddenly thought of a problem. Why are you never willing to come to my house for dinner Youre already in a relationship with Still, isnt it normal for you to come to my house for dinner”

Xu Yi laughed, “Your excellency Great Magician, its because I have a promise with Still. She said that she owes me a handmade meal, so I want to save this for a special and meaningful time. So if I go to your house before this and accidentally bump into a meal that shes made, should I eat it or not”

Great Magician Camilla was surprised, then he couldnt help smiling, “You young people really are…..Forget it, Im too lazy to care about this. But kid, dont be in a rush to leave. Did you forget that I have two pieces of good news for you”

“Oh Thats right, what is the other piece of good news” Xu Yi asked with an expectant look, “If this news can be as good as you successfully miniaturizing the Magic Array, I might die from happiness.”

“I feel its around the same, but you can take a look.” Great Magician Camilla took the Magicians Guild periodical from his desk and threw it to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi opened it and immediately revealed a look of pleasant surprise.

“That means that the old fogies at the guild actually agreed!”

In this issue of the Magicians Guild periodical, it was mainly about the topic of magic patents.

But it was different from the past when they were discussing whether they should pass it or not. In this periodical, it was no longer discussing whether the idea of magic patents should be allowed or not, but rather they were discussing the details of magic patents.

For example, the first article was about whether patents should include all kinds of magic.

Turning the pages, he wasnt surprised to find Great Magician Eisenkels article.

It was different from the cautious tone of the other articles. Great Magician Eisenkels article showed his support for magic patents applying to all magic from the beginning, even going on to provide some detailed rules for magic patents.

It could be seen that he already expected the magic patents to be passed by the Magicians Guild, so he had already done his research.

“Based on this situation, if it is quick, magic patents will be adopted by the end of this year.” Great Magician Camilla said, “There will be an internal conference next month and all magicians of the Great Magician level have been invited. Great Magician Eisenkel and I have both been invited. Great Magician Eisenkel has already agreed and as for me…..”

Xu Yi looked at Great Magician Camilla.

Of course he hoped that Great Magician Camilla would also participate because there would be another voice at the conference that supported the magic patents.

Great Magician Camilla deliberately kept Xu Yi waiting before nodding with a smile, “Ive also decided to participate.”

Xu Yi patted his chest in an exaggerated manner, “Your excellency Great Magician, you really scared me. Its not bad now, at least there is support from you and Great Magician Eisenkel. If you could let me see the other three Great Magicians of the kingdom, I can guarantee that I could convince them.”

“Dont get your hopes up too high.” Great Magician Camilla shook his head, “Although this decision should pass, because there are many magicians who disagree with this, even if this decision passes, it might not have the effect that you want.”

“A road is taken step by step, Im not in a rush.” Xu Yi gave a shrug with a relaxed look.

“Its good that you know.”

When he left Great Magician Camillas Magic Tower, it was already dark. Seeing Great Magician Camilla reject his invitation again, Xu Yi didnt insist and bid farewell to Great Magician CAmilla, as he walked towards the liveliest night market street in Banta City.

While talking, Xu Yi thought of the good news he received today and felt quite happy.

First there was the strong abilities that Kennard had, which allowed Xu Yi to let him take care of many matters in the company, allowing Xu Yi to be much more relaxed. It allowed him to invest more time and energy into the research that he liked and cared about the most.

He could even spend more time with Still to avoid her always complaining that he didnt spend enough time with her.

Next, there were the two pieces of good news from Great Magician Camilla.

Compared to this, Xu Yi right now didnt really care about when the Magicians Guild would pass the magic patents.

This is because while unveiling new products during this time, Xu Yi found a fact. It was that compared to the Magic Arrays that acted as power supplies, the unique design of the machines was more important.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines had better quality and performance than other companies because of the various machine designs that Xu Yi made with his rich mechanical engineering knowledge.

Of course, that didnt mean that Magic Array research wasnt important.

For example, the miniaturization of the Storm Array had a very important significance.

Great Magician Camilla had not only miniaturized the Storm Array, he had also maintained most of the might of the Storm Array, making sure that the Magic Array provided enough power.

Like this, Xu Yi just needed to link this Magic Array with the outer cover of the engine that Cambys dwarves were researching and he would be able to make a magic wind powered engine.

As for the significance of developing an engine, there wasnt a need to say anything.

Once the engine was developed, it would bring out another industry that was very important and couldnt be missing from a modern industrial system.

As long as this industry was developed, it would be a matter of time before the industrial system was established on the Sines Continent.

Xu Yi looked at the patches of light left on the ground by the windows on the sides of the road and looked at the irregular patches of light on the ground before revealing a faint smile.

When this industry was developed, he would immediately set up street lamps for all the streets in Banta City, eliminating all the darkness outside the patches of light.-

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